This Week 5-30-2022

New Stuff This Week 5-30-2022 Savvy Cleaner. This next quarter we focus on getting your marketing materials all in place. Stay tuned and check your iLearning for upcoming courses on social media and marketing made easy.

In the memory of many, and in honor of all, we thank those for their service. Never forgotten, we are blessed for the sacrifice of these men and women.

Savvy Cleaner Honoring Those Who Served Memorial Day 2022

Angela Brown’s Top 5 Social Media Podcasts

  • Available on: iTunes | Google | Spotify 
  • Podcast Type: Thought Leadership; Discussions
  • Host(s): Michael Stelzner

Each segment offers a plethora of tricks to navigating the social media marketing “jungle”, with guest appearances from leading marketers in their fields.

  • Number of Episodes: 300+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every week
Social Media Marketing Podcast 2022
Social Media Marketing
  • Available on: iTunes | Google | Spotify 
  • Podcast Type: (Guest) Discussions; Interviews
  • Host(s): Katie Steckly

Join social media guru Katie Steckly in her virtual workshop, the Creator Club!

This podcast gives you a seminar-style breakdown of the most impactful strategies for growing businesses with social media.

  • Number of Episodes: 40+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every week
The Creator Club

Available on: iTunes | Google | Spotify | Stitcher

  • Podcast Type: Thought Leadership
  • Host (s): Chalene Johnson and Brock Johnson

Business growth on social media platforms.

  • Number of Episodes: 300+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every week
Build Your Tribe Podcast 2002
Build Your Tribe
    • Available on: iTunes | Google | Spotify 
    • Podcast Type: Thought Leadership
    • Host(s): Rachel Pedersen

    If you’re new to social media marketing, then you’re familiar with the feeling of frustration when you feel like you’re out of the loop on the social media secrets.

    • Number of Episodes: 100+
    • Frequency of Episodes: Every week
Social Media Secrets Podcast
Social Media Secrets
  • Available on: iTunes | Google | Spotify 
  • Podcast Type: Discussions; Interviews
  • Host(s): Tyler Anderson

 Straight to the point and informative, this social media marketing podcast lets you listen to business owners with real-world experience in digital marketing, and strategies to grow your business.

  • Number of Episodes: 265+ 
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every Week
Casual Fridays Podcast with Tyler Anderson
Casual Fridays Podcast

Group Mastermind Wednesday June 01, 2022

Savvy Cleaner Business / Network
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Savvy Business Group Mastermind 6-01-2022

Congratulations to These Savvy Cleaners

Certification Course Explanation

The easiest training and certification program on the planet for house cleaners and maids. Memberships include courses, group coaching and network support. 


Training & Certification Courses This Week

WOOT WOOT! Check out who is plowing through their learning courses this week. Clients want to know that their house cleaners are involved in continual learning. High Five to those listed below.

00 Why Credentials Matter

Robeca Mayhugh, Cleaning Technician

00 Money Mindset

Bronwyn Tuffery, Cleaning Technician, Christchurch Central, New Zealand 
Juan Palacios, Cleaning Technician, Denton, TX

02 Getting Started Basics

Ashley Ross, Cleaning Technician, Hyannis, MA

03 Worksheets and Checklists

Suzanne Madinda, Cleaning Technician, Canal Winchester, OH

04 Pricing Basics

Maria Kontos, Owner/Cleaning Technician, Waldoboro, ME

05 Employee Handbook

Maria Kontos, Owner/Cleaning Technician, Waldoboro, ME 
Yvette Tumba, Cleaning Technician, Columbus, OH

06 How to Choose a Territory

* This course shows you how to choose a geographic area to work in that is close to where you live. You’ll also learn to stack a schedule so you don’t waste time and money on vehicle expenses and the wasted time of a commute.

07 Chemical Safety

Cameron Collins, Clean Stories, Ankeny, IA 
Lisa Hudson, Lisa’s Cleaning Plus, Marietta, GA

08 Personal Protective Equipment

* This PPE course covers standard operating procedures for choosing the right protective gear for every job. Keeping your employees safe helps prevent on-the-job injuries and illness.

09 Eco Cleaning Supplies

Maria Kontos, Owner/Cleaning Technician, Waldoboro, ME

10 Sponges, Cloths, and Paper Towels

* Sponges, cloths and paper towels are an essential part of every cleaning job. In this course we show you how to prevent cross-contamination, what to use, when and the proper care to keep your cloths clean, and sanitized.

11 Equipment Cleaning and Sanitization

* This course shows you how to clean your cleaning equipment, cloths and supplies between each job. We show you how to pack a trunk of a car and how to clean the client’s vacuum onsite.

12 How to Ace a Walkthrough

Maria Kontos, Owner/Cleaning Technician, Waldoboro, ME

13 Maintenance vs. Deep Cleaning

Maria Kontos, Owner/Cleaning Technician, Waldoboro, ME

14 Upsells and Special Projects

Jonita Woolridge, Cleaning Technician, Albuquerque, NM

15 How to Clean a Toilet

Robeca Mayhugh, Cleaning Technician, Sherman, TX

16 Hiring Right

Keisha Hicklin-Williams, Maid Clean Repeat, LLC, Columbia, SC
Maria Kontos, Owner/Cleaning Technician, Waldoboro, ME

17 How to Dust Like A Pro

* This course will show you how to find the right duster for the right surface, the most efficient ways to dust, proper dusting techniques, cross-contamination awareness, proper cleaning for dusters, and disposal methods for dust duster heads.

18 How to Build a Website

Symone English, Cleaning Technician, Forest Lake, MN

Where is the Ask a House Cleaner Show Broadcast?

Huge VIP Member Discounts This Week:

Savvy Perks

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Cruise Lines: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line |
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The World’s Largest Collection of Funny Cleaning Shirts and Gifts for House Cleaners and Maids.

Browse over 700 one-of-a-kind limited edition designs now.

No Crying in Cleaning
What iconic film did this cleaning-inspired quote come from? Fight Club! There’s no crying in ✨cleaning✨

ET Clean Home
E.T. stands for extraterrestrial…or extra terrific cleaner.

Your Mission
Can you guess what movie inspired this cleaning quote? Mission Impossible!

Multitasking Ninja
They call me a cleaner because Multitasking Ninja is not an actual job title.

You’re A Cleaner Harry
Wizard or cleaner? Either way, they both make magic happen.

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