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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for Savvy Cleaner Courses are these:

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Answers to Your Questions

If you don’t see your question below, please Contact us. Answering questions is our specialty.

Pinwheels - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

What Do These Mean?

In each course, you’ll see a pinwheel. They range from easy to advanced and suggest the ease level of the course.

  • Easy – 5th grade
  • Middle – 6th grade
  • Advanced – 7th grade
FAQ - Password Reset

I Forgot My Password. How Can I Find out What It Is?

On the login screen under the password field, click on “forgot my password.” We will email you a link to the email address associated with your account. Click on the link in the email and it will take you to a screen where you can reset your password.

FAQ - Secure Website

Is Your Website Secure?

Yes. All personal data transmitted to our website uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL is a protocol that creates a secure connection between a client and the server when transferring information. SSL works by using a cryptographic system that uses two keys to encrypt data. This protects your name, address, credit card and all other personal information in transit.

To verify, look at the top of your page in the search bar. You should see a green lock next to the words Savvy Cleaner Traning, LLC [US] followed by the https:// which means the website is secure.

sectigo_trust_seal_lg_140x54Savvy Cleaner Training, LLC uses the highest level of encryption possible to protect you and provide a safer user experience.

Look for the Sectigo SSL Seal at the bottom of the site.

FAQ - Special Software

Do I Need Any Special Software to Take This Course?

Nope. You don’t need any special software to use our online house cleaning training classes. You just need a web browser and a connection to the internet.

We support Internet Explorer 7.0 and higher, Firefox 2.0 and higher, Apple Safari 3.0 and higher, Google Chrome, Opera and most other browsers. There is no software to download and nothing saved to your hard drive. Some courses use the Macromedia Flash plug-in to display videos and other animations. This product is already installed on most computers, but if it isn’t it can be downloaded and installed for free. Your browser will give you an alert with a link if you need to download this – otherwise, when you click on a course, it will simply play.

FAQ - Comparison Table

How Does Savvy Cleaner’s Training Compare to Other Courses?

Quite frankly we couldn’t find anything similar on the open market which is why we created this. Comparison with TextIt would have been way easier to partner with someone offering what we want to teach and just be an affiliate. This way we wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel.

So we don’t believe apples to apples there is anything quite like what we offer at Savvy Cleaner Training.

Since we opened our doors for online training in Jan of 2016 we’ve done 9 beta tests of our programs. We’ve rebuilt, reworked, refilmed and repackaged our entire program based on user feedback to provide a better user experience for you.

FAQ - Is this the Same Content

Are the Paid Courses the Same as the Free Content?

No. While there is a lot of Savvy Cleaner content on the open market the courses are different. If you’ve been following us on YouTube, iTunes, Facebook, Instagram, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Reddit, Quora, our blogs, websites, RSS feeds, Linkedin, webinars, iHeart Radio, Google Play, Twitter, our live seminars, public speeches, Amazon, private or group coaching you are familiar with the fundamentals we teach.

We’ve utilized all of the available channels to test our content and find out what works best in a training course. There may be some overlap, but that is true of any course. All the information you can ever hope to find exists elsewhere. Fundamentals don’t change, just the teaching styles the way the information is presented changes.

The courses we’ve put together are the best we have to offer. We’ve tested this information in a variety of settings to various age groups and education levels. We’ve also tested them to house cleaning groups and homeowner groups to make sure our content is in alignment with the expectations of the customers.

These courses are our most helpful, proven, easy-to-apply material all in one place, under one roof, with easy search capabilities and trackable learning.

FAQ - What is Trackable Learning

What is Trackable Learning?

Trackable learning allows you to save light years off the learning curve when you hire and onboard new staff. Most cleaning companies fall apart when the owner trains the first new hire. The new hire trains the next hire, and they train the next. Each trainer adding thier own spin and shortcuts. Before long the third or fourth cleaning technician is taking short cuts and not doing what the owner trained the lead. And without trackable learning you have no idea what your employees know.

With trackable learning you simply onboard each new hire with their own Savvy Cleaner account. They learn the exact same training you learned. And the exact same training as all your other hires and you can track their progress as the complete courses.

Each time an employee completes a course, they receive a notification of completion. And so do you as the boss. Now you know what they know. And there are quizes at the end of each course to verify the employee has learned and understands the lessons.

FAQ - Can Customers Track Learning

Can Customers Track Our Learning?

Yes. The customers can track the learning of your employees as well.

Each Savvy Cleaner trained and certified employee receives a card with a scanable QR code. This is like a plastic credit card they carry in their wallet or behind their name badge. Any customer can scan an employees card to see their up to date certification and the courses that employee has completed.

Certification renews every six months and all current employees will receive bi-annual cards to carry.

Savvy Cleaner Training is an on-going process with refresher courses added to employees learning library monthly to keep you and your team current on solutions, detergents, regulation changes, new products on the market etc.

FAQ - Can I Buy Just One

Can I Just Buy One Course?

Yes. You can buy what you need. Many homeowners have purchased the “How to Clean” course without joining the inner circle and becoming a member, or becoming certified in residential cleaning.

You get to pick and choose what learning you want to focus on.

And you can buy courses as your business grows. For example, if you’re a solo cleaner, you don’t need to pay for training for your employees. But as your company grows, we have what you need.

FAQ - Can I apply one course to a certification later

Can I Apply One Course Now to Certification Later?

Yes. Any a-la-carte courses you purchase are stored in your account and you have access to them forever. If at a later date you decide you want to join the Savvy Cleaner Network and complete your certification, courses you own can be reviewed and count towards your certification process.

FAQ - Not in my budget

What if it’s not in my budget?

Of course, it’s not in your budget. Neither are children, or ex-spouses, or getting the leak in the roof fixed, or replacing the muffler that fell off the car and especially not training to solve cleaning business problems. But if you invest the money and learn how to solve the cleaning business problems now, you will have a budget for all the other unexpected stuff that comes up in your life.

NOTE: Research and development and business education are common business expenses and tax deductions.

FAQ - Invest in Yourself vs. Scholarships or Auditing

Do You Offer Scholarships or Auditing?

No. We believe our training with you starts with your investment. We don’t want you to come here free of charge or expect a free handout. Even if we were able to give it to you – it’s a bad idea. Because we are about to train you not to allow your customers free cleaning or services. We run a business, you run a business and in business the goal is to make money.

If from day one we teach you that receiving business services are “free” or a “gift” it diminishes their value. And worse, you will go out in the marketplace and duplicate that “free or gift-giving” mindset.

NOTE: There is a place for giving and we will cover that in a course. But it’s not on the initial agreement where you determine if  you and the person you’re about to enter into business with are a good fit. In every business exchange there has to be an investment from both parties involved for the transaction to be successful.

We want to set you up for success by showing you from the start how to run and operate your cleaning business. And that starts with you being willing to invest in yourself.

FAQ - Can I Sample the Courses Before I Sign Up

Can I Sample the Courses Before I Sign Up?

No. The courses in the Savvy Cleaner Learning Library are for cleaning business owners taking their businesses to the next level. It’s not fair for paying members to have thier competitors sweep in and sample the courses and then compete with them.

NOTE: Most of the time, people asking this question are really wondering if they are going to find value in the course. If you are unsure of the value we provide at Savvy Cleaner, check out the comments other cleaning business owners have sent in on the value they have received from Savvy Cleaner content.

YouTube Subscribe ButtonNOTE #2: While you can’t sample the courses, you can sample other Savvy Cleaner content. Savvy Cleaner and Angela Brown have produced a series of free YouTube videos that you can access here.

FAQ - Payment Plan

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Yes. Instead of one large lump sum of thousands of dollars, we’ve broken down the membership fee into small monthly installments so you can pay as you go. This is the same as a monthly payment plan and makes it affordable to house cleaners just starting thier business journey.

FAQ - No Good at Technology

What if I’m not good at technology?

Finally, this is the course you’ve been waiting for. Not being good at technology is what fuels Savvy Cleaner. We are house cleaners by trade – not techno nerds. Technology is hard for us too. We’ve researched over 133 learning management systems, plug ins, programs and software to find the easiest, most straight forward platform to present these insider secrets.

And we’ve hired a team of people whose job is to make this the easiest learning system on the planet for house cleaners.

FAQ - No Computer, Millennial on phone in subway

Can I take the courses if I don’t have a computer?

Yes, our programs are responsive and can be viewed on any device. Android or IOS, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. We designed the courses with your convenience in mind.

FAQ - Can I Take the Courses on My Own Schedule Man Looks at watch

Can I take the courses on my own schedule?

Yes. The courses are set up so you can go at your own pace. When you purchase a course a-la-carte you have lifetime access to it. And if you access a course through membership, you have access to the course  24/7as long as you have a current membership.

FAQ - How Long Will it Take Me to Complete the Courses

How Long Will It Take Me to Complete the Courses?

Each course is divided into sections. Each section contains lessons. Each lesson varies in length and has a suggested time for completion.

This is based on the average reading time of a 5th-grade reading level so you can plan your learning sessions. But you can go as fast as you like.

There are no time limits to slow you down.

FAQ - How Long Do I Have, middle aged woman with question

How Long Do I Have to Complete the Lessons?

Once registered for a course, you have unlimited access to the courses 24/7. You can go at your own pace. You will access your account with your email and a password. You can log in at any time, on any platform and go through any and all the courses.

  • Use them as a reference.
  • Revisit any subject at any time.
  • Download forms, checklists, employee handbooks etc. As you need them. – Always current, always up to date.
FAQ - Save My Work

Do I Need to Save My Work?

Nope. Our program does it automatically for you. As soon as you register, your information is automatically saved in your profile. Then, as you complete pages in the course, your work is also saved. This means that you can stop anytime you want and resume again later. You can even take the class from different computers! Our online house cleaning training courses are designed to make the learning experience as smooth and easy as possible.

FAQ - Don't Understand - Millennial on laptop

What if I don’t understand the courses or what I’m learning?

We’ve created the Savvy Cleaner Network for this very reason. This is a private Facebook Group where you can jump in and ask questions about the course, network with other Savvy Cleaner Trained and Certified members and get your questions answered with help from your peers.

Got a Question x 500

What Do I Do If I Have a Question About My Course?

In the sidebar of every lesson there is a red question mark. You can click on that red question mark at any time to ask questions. The questions are sent to our customer service department who are trained to help you and get back to you with answers. Because we are a global company, this option is available to you 24/7. And the answers will be resolved in the order in which they are received.

FAQ - Savvy Cleaner Certificate 500

What do I get when I’m certified?

You will receive a certification and a carry card and a permanent place on the Savvy Cleaner Certified Cleaners Wall of Fame.

Your Certificate – you can proudly hang on your wall to remind you of your dedication to your business.

The Wall of Fame – Take a picture of you with your certification to put up on the Savvy Cleaner Certified Wall of Fame with the courses listed that you’ve completed.

Your Carry Card – You will also receive a Savvy Cleaner Certification card to carry in your wallet. This plastic card has a scannable QR code that customers can scan that will take them to the Savvy Cleaner Wall of Fame to verify your certification and show them the courses you’ve completed.

FAQ - What Certificate Delivery Options Do I Have

What Certificate Delivery Options Do I Have?

Your certificate is automatically generated once you have completed the certified courses. You can save a copy as a .jpg or .png or .pdf file. You can print it for your portfolio or save it to your hard drive to use on your website or social media to boost your credentials.

FAQ - What happens if I dropout of the membership

What happens if I am certified and drop out of the membership plan?

Certification is renewed every six months.

You will remain on the Savvy Cleaner Certification wall of fame for the remainder of the six months and then your account will be erased from the system.

You will still have access to the learning library for the remainder of the month you’ve paid – since no refunds are given. When your paid time runs out, the doors to the learning library will close to you and all courses you’ve taken will be erased along with your record.

FAQ - Can I Rejoin

What if I want to rejoin?

You can rejoin at any time. If you rejoin the program and before your paid membership expires (at the end of your payment month) and before your records are erased, you can reinstate your membership without an additional surcharge. This will allow you to keep your course status in good standing.

Once your membership has expired and the learning library doors have closed, you will have to pay the rejoining fee, and start the courses over from scratch.

FAQ - Are You Worried about Theft

Are You Worried People Will Steal Your Content?

No. We have registered all of our content and canonical links through the search engines. When people steal our content and repost it, it flags the search engines as plagiarism and the offending parties can get their websites blacklisted.

Should someone screenshot and share paid information free of charge – that is called stealing, or bootlegging. And someone who is willing to steal content, is capable of stealing from customers homes. Stealing is not endorsed or supported by Savvy Cleaner. If it comes to our attention that someone has stolen and repurposed information from our courses they will be removed and banned from all Savvy Cleaner Networks, Facebook Groups, Programs, Email lists, Education tracts and Business Listing Sites.

We are not character police, we are here to provide you helpful information at an affordable price. So there is no need to steal.

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