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Savvy Cleaner helps over 34,221 house cleaners around the world learn about chemical safety, PPE, and cleaning techniques.

All you need is a computer and internet to connect with any one of our proven training programs or masterclass sessions.

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Angela Brown consults with and is a regular contributor to these global media partners. We are proud to be associated with a number of international brands whose goal is to improve the cleaning industry.


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Angela Brown

CEO, Savvy Cleaner Training

Angela Brown is a cleanfluencer with 32 years of experience as a professional house cleaner. She founded Savvy Cleaner - the world-famous training and certification program for house cleaners and maids. Brown is an author, a podcaster, and the host of the daily show Ask a House Cleaner.

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by Angela Brown

Upcoming Masterclasses

Pricing Your Cleaning Services Webinar

  • Setting Pricing and Making Job Estimates
  • Factors Influencing Pricing, size, location, job, complexity
  • Tools for effective estimates: software and templates
  • Offering promotions & discounts

Accounting Basics Webinar

  • Bookkeeping strategies for small business
  • Managing Payroll
  • Tax obligations and deductions

Marketing Your Cleaning Business Webinar

  • Building Your Brand
  • Logo & Company Name
  • Uniforms & Branded Materials

Here's What Our Students Are Saying

Easy to understand Wealth of WISDOM

Kristopher Larson
March 23, 2024

Savvy Cleaner content is thorough, professional, and sequenced in in a logical format.

Cynthia Kpodo
March 18, 2024

Interesting course Have learnt how to be responsible and not to blame a client or an employee Have learnt how to show appreciation and show gratitude. As a house cleaner it will help me move my business very well…….Thank You 🤝

February 29, 2024

Under Angela's guidance, I've learned not only how to tackle cleaning jobs with precision and effectiveness but also the importance of thorough preparation and attention to detail. Beyond just the technical aspects, Angela emphasizes the significance of client relationships, teaching us that cleaning isn't just about the tasks at hand but about understanding and exceeding the expectations of those we serve. Through Savvy Cleaners, Angela Brown delivers not just a training program, but a transformative experience that equips individuals with the knowledge, confidence, and mindset needed to excel in the cleaning industry. If you're serious about mastering the cleaning business and delivering exceptional service, look no further than Savvy Cleaners with Angela Brown at the helm."

Lavonda Scott
February 12, 2024

This program has been great giving me the tools to help my business grow and for me individually as a person. I would highly recommend savvy cleaner to anyone in the cleaning industry

Jake Young
January 15, 2024

They will definitely help you learn everything you need to know and then some. Highly recommended!

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