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I left the corporate world and my Bachelors degree of 18 years to pursue my passion.. cleaning and the feeling I get from completing a job well done.

As a corporate boss, I was consistently frustrated with my employee’s lack of pride In their job and inefficient time management that they finally broke me and I resigned.

Since becoming a solo cleaner, my life stress is minimal. The only stress I have is being too detailed and a perfectionist. I’m working on that and to “work smarter not harder “ thank you so much, Angela Brown, for your expertise videos and for sharing your tried and true tips. You are my go-to cleaning guru mentor.

Cleaning is a stress releaser for me with the added bonus of leaving a homeowner – business owner proud, which makes me proud of what I do.

LeeAnn Baker, Integrity Pro Cleaning Service

Our Story

Savvy Cleaner was founded by Angela Brown in January 2016 after 25 years as a professional house cleaner. While running a company, managing employees and thousands of cleaning clients Angela created “work smart not hard” systems that produce undeniable results. The systems are foolproof ways to clean and deliver excellent service at every cleaning so you get repeat business and referrals. 

Her systems became so popular based on the results they provide, that cleaning companies worldwide paid enormous training and consulting fees to have Angela come train their cleaning teams.  Thousands of cleaning staff and 31 countries later – Angela created one more work smart not hard system – online self-paced training.

Now in it’s 7th beta test, Savvy Cleaner is about to open it’s doors to the public so you too – can work smart not hard.

  • The Savvy Cleaner training is not for everyone. It is designed for house cleaners willing to invest in themselves and willing to complete the lessons to become certified. If undeniable results, streamlined workflow and lightning fast business growth is your thing – this is for you.