Equipment Cleaning & Sanitization

Equipment cleaning and sanitization are the new norm in a post COVID world. In this Savvy Cleaner course, we show you how to keep your cleaning tools in tip top shape.

The purpose of this course is to help you and your teams understand the options for equipment cleaning  and ways to maintain your tools, uniforms, and car between jobs.

In this course we learn how to take care of the supplies we use so we always have working equipment on the job. 

Mop with Mop Bucket and Sieve
Vacuum Attachments, Equipment and Cleaning

Who in your company is responsible for making sure the tools and attachments are returned after use? And do you have a place for them? Do you inventory them? Or are they kicking around in the bottom of your cleaning caddy only to be found when they accidentally go through the washing machine or fall out of your mop bucket on the road as you drive away from a job?

Everyone in the company is responsible for the equipment they use, the cleanliness of it, and the knowledge to prevent cross-contamination from job to job.

You Got This
Angela Brown, CEO Savvy Cleaner Training

This course helps reduce loss, theft, damage and the need to replace expensive tools that go missing on jobs. 

It will also give you and your team members the confidence in knowing how to clean your equipment and supplies and get them ready for the next job.

And when your employees know how to care for job supplies, everyone wins.

Warranties and Parts

Warranties and Parts, Equipment Cleaning & Sanitization

When you learn to inventory your stuff, keeping track of its use and repairs become routine and you always have working equipment when you need it.

In this section, we’ll cover:

  • Receipts
  • Warranty
  • Parts and Replacements
  • Instructions for Commercial Use
  • How-to Tutorials
  • Warnings & SDS
  • Inventory SOP

SOP - Standard Operating Procedures, Savvy Cleaner Training
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How to Care for Your Vacuums

Equipment Cleaning, Vacuum, Savvy Cleaner Training

Caring for vacuums in a routine and systematic way will ensure that you always have working equipment to do your job right.

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Hints and Tips
SOP - Standard Operating Procedures, Savvy Cleaner Training
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In this section we will cover:

  • Courtesy Empty at the Client’s Home
  • Curbside Empty at Your Home
  • 360 Inspection
  • Plate, Brush & Bars
  • Hose and Attachments
  • Wipe
  • Empty / Canister / Bag
  • Vacuum SOP
  • Tag Out

How to Care for Your Mops

Equipment Cleaning, Mops Savvy Cleaner Training

Caring for Mops and buckets will ensure that you always have the right tools on any job for cleaning any type of flooring.

In this section we will cover :

  • Caring for Mops
  • Why We Don’t Use String Mops Anymore
  • Buckets & Chargers
  • Steamers
  • Mop Solutions
  • Attachments
  • Handles
  • Spin Mop Heads
  • Attachments
  • Mop SOP

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SOP - Standard Operating Procedures, Savvy Cleaner Training
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Cleaning Caddies & Supplies

Caddy and Supplies, Equipment Cleaning, Savvy Cleaner Training

Caring for your caddy and supplies prevents loss, theft, carelessness and helps monitor the supplies used on each job.

Hints and Tips
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SOP - Standard Operating Procedures, Savvy Cleaner Training

In this lesson, we’ll cover the:

  • Exit Inventory
  • Engineering Controls – Inventory Control
  • Administrative Controls – Missing Equipment
  • Workplace Practices – Cloths, Bonnets, Supplies
  • Protective Protocols 
  • Curbside Inventory
  • Exit SOP

How to Care for Your Uniforms

Equipment Cleaning, Uniforms, Savvy Cleaner Training

The importance of uniforms is that a consistent look from your cleaning team promotes the consistency of your work in the mind of your clients.

In this lesson we’ll cover:

  • How to Clean Aprons
  • How to Clean Cargo Pants
  • How to Clean Uniform Tops
  • How to Spot Tread Stains on Uniforms
  • Uniforms Ruined by Bleach
  • Uniform Best Practices

Hints and Tips
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How to Care for Your Car

Equipment Cleaning and Sanitization Your Car as Your Mobile Office x 1280

Let’s look at terry cloths vs. microfiber cloths. Which is best for cleaning and in what situations? We’ll look at that and how to care for your cloths.

Hints and Tips
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In this lesson we will cover:

  • Your Car and Company Brand
  • Cleaning the Inside of Your Car
  • Cleaning the Outside of Your Car
  • Stickers, Magnets and Wraps
  • An Organized Car
  • Keeping Your Car Safe
  • Keeping Yourself Safe
  • Troubleshooting

Meet Your Instructor

Angela Brown


The House Cleaning Guru
CEO, Founder: Savvy Cleaner
Author: How to Start Your Own House Cleaning Company
Show Host: Ask a House Cleaner
Professional House Cleaner = 25 years
Experience Hours: 69,603

For more than 25 years Angela Brown owned and operated one of the largest independently owned cleaning companies in the Carolinas.

Her specialty lies in systems that let you work smart, not hard, while generating consistent bottom-line results. Her common sense approach mixed with strategy skyrockets cleaning companies past their competition even in saturated markets.  

Since 2016 she’s been training and consulting full time with clients in 31 countries and millions in revenue.

In this course you’ll discover why people pay thousands of dollars to work with her. And for a fraction of the cost you too can get results that will leave your competitors green with envy.

Disclaimer: Results vary based on willingness to learn and implement the systems.

  • No action = no results.
  • Scattered action = scattered results.
  • Massive action = massive results.

Buy With Confidence

100% Money Back Guarantee

Because I’ve made it my mission to bring this life-changing information into the cleaning world, I’m offering you my personal guarantee:

If for some reason, you’re unhappy with the course(s), and they don’t resonate with you, I’ll refund your money 100% in full for 30 days after your purchase. *Unless you’ve completed the course(s) and your certificate(s) has/have been sent.

Sound fair?

I don’t want there to be any barriers between you and the explosive growth you’re destined to achieve.

Once you understand how to reach the maximum amount of people in your market, in a way that builds authority, credibility, and confidence, I know you’ll go out and contribute to the world at your highest capacity.

– Angela Brown, CEO, Savvy Cleaner Training

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