About Savvy Cleaner – The Company

Savvy Cleaner is a series of programs that provide information and support to house cleaners worldwide.

The series of programs are:

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Savvy Cleaner Training – Training and certification for house cleaners and maids.

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HouseCleaning360 – A business directory hub that connects house cleaners with homeowners.

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Turnover Cleaning Tips – A resource hub for cleaning staff providing turnover service. (Vacation rentals, Airbnb’s, VRBO, Short-term rentals)

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My Cleaning Connection – A hub for Savvy Cleaner Approved products, uniforms, software, and equipment.

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Savvy Perks – An employee perks program available to all cleaning business owners for their cleaning staff.

About The Savvy Cleaner Team

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Angela Brown Oberer 

The House Cleaning Guru, CEO, Savvy Cleaner

You can read all about Angela Brown by clicking the link above. She is the Founder of Savvy Cleaner. When she is not consulting with clients, she’s a writer, blogger, author, u0026amp; content creator. She has final say on all products produced at Savvy Cleaner. She is in charge of social media, marketing, and media appearances.

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Patrick Oberer

Chief Financial Officer, Savvy Cleaner

Pat is Angela’s husband of 15 years. He’s in charge of advising all purchases, income, earnings, and investments. You’ll see him every once in a while when he jumps on a YouTube video or makes a guest appearance during a live training. He has a wicked sense of humor and keeps things around the office fun.

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About Tips, Tricks u0026amp; Time-Saving Hacks

(Free Weekly Newsletter for Cleaning Business Owners)

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Ask a House Cleaner

(Free Tips u0026amp; Training for House Cleaners and Maids)

We provide house cleaner training. Ask a House Cleaner is a blog that answers your professional cleaning questions. Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru is the writer of the blog and she has 25 years experience as a professional house cleaner.

Her easy to apply cleaning methods have made her one of the most sought after cleaning experts.

She is the founder of the Savvy Cleaner Training and Certification program for those who want to start a cleaning service.

Want to find more house cleaning clients? Want endless cleaning client referrals? Want to provide spectacular customer service? You have come to the right place. Woohoo!

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The House Cleaning Guru

DIY Cleaning tips for non-professionals (Free Tips)

The House Cleaning Guru is a blog and YouTube series by Angela Brown. Here she answers questions for the DIY Cleaning crowd. If you have cleaning questions and need advice – you’ve come to the right place.

Magic Marketing Mix spacer Savvy Cleaner

The Magic Marketing Mix

(Grow Your Cleaning Business Free Advertising u0026amp; Marketing Tips)

Here you will learn all about social media. We’ll show you how to build out your company website, and how to optimize it for SEO. We offer insider secrets on content marketing and social media. And we have an in-depth study of the best advertising to grow your cleaning business.

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About The Inner Circle

Private Facebook Group

Angela moderates a Private Facebook Group for professional house cleaners as a place where you can ask questions, vent, troubleshoot and network with other house cleaners – none of your friends and family will see the posts.

Come join us – if you work for a cleaning company, or you own a cleaning company, or you are thinking about starting a cleaning company. There are some super duper folks in the group we want you to meet.

What Members of the Private Facebook Group Are Saying

“Huge shoutout to this group! The moment when you look at your calendar and realize you’re busy every day for the entire week. I’m feeling like a 100 Grand Candy Bar! I’m proud of my accomplishment! Huge shout to this Facebook group and Angela Brown. There would be no successful Jennifer Hall Cleaning Services without this group’s wisdom. Thanks! And as always, make it a super clean day.”

 – Jennifer Hall, Jennifer Hall Cleaning Services

“I just want to take a moment to thank Angela Brown for all the informative posts, she hunts out for the potential growth of all our companies. Thank you, Angela!”

 – Janice Dacheux, 

“Thank you so much for this group. I have only been a member for a short period but have been learning so much.”

– Lorna Muir, Mrs. M Cleaning Serivces

“We appreciate you and how far and wide your contribution is serving. Thank You.”

 – Julie Brown, Julie Brown Organization Specialist

“Thanks, Angela!!! I get on Facebook just to look in on the group. :-)”

– Kenya Lindsay, House Cleaner

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How to Start Your Own House Cleaning Company

What People are Saying About Angela’s Book

I’m so happy I stumbled onto your book. And let me tell you I read the whole book in one night and took notes as well. I have been cleaning for 14 years now. Gone from barely keeping it alive to having 2 teams to doing it by myself now. I needed the advice I found in your book and it all made perfect sense to me. you turned on my light in my head and made me look at the fact that I work myself to death. I come home exhausted and wake up to live the next day working harder than the day before. What I’m trying to say is I have poorly run my business the wrong way from a dirty car to wearing whatever I wanted to wear within reason, hiring and firing of friends and family to losing clients because of my poor judgment. And then being so overwhelmed that I lost my quality control factor of my whole purpose of what I do for others. Thank you.  

– Jennifer Duperly, House Cleaner

This is lovely! I’m Francesca and I just started a cleaning co. in New Zeland following Angela’s step by step process from the book “How to start a cleaning business” – things have gone incredibly well in only three weeks! And I am loving having freedom to be creative with my work. My last job was in social work and I was sitting down a lot of the day in that time I gained a lot of weight. After the two cleaning jobs I’ve done so far I know I’ll lose all that weight in no time. LOL! Thanks Angela for your advice and ongoing support.  

– Francesca Haylock, Cleaning Service Provider

 I absolutely loved Angela’s book. I sold Commercial Cleaning Services for 4 years and decided to leave and start my own company. Due to a non-compete agreement those plans had to be put on hold. So I decided to go the residential route, I am so fortunate to have found her book and her website. Her marketing strategy, attention to detail, and pricing strategy are not the traditional route recommended by other sources, but in my opinion are definitely more effective and efficient. I look forward to following her plan to the letter. 
 – Kim Kelly, House Cleaner
I’m so glad I found you! Thank you so much for your book, worksheets, and website! You’ve packed more useful information and bonuses into this free book than most people get out of paid books.
I’m eager to start my cleaning business ASAP, so this week I’ll be taking all your advice and rolling with it. I appreciate all the time and energy you put into helping others be successful with their cleaning businesses. You’ve really demystified the process from start to finish and given me the courage and confidence to get started– changing my life for the better!
– Kim O’Neal, House Cleaner

Life Saver! Before I got this book I didn’t really have much of an idea on how to start my cleaning business. After reading this book, I know exactly what to do! I love that the author (Angela Brown) has free worksheets for me that I can print off and in the end of the book a weeklong step-by-step plan.

What I love most of this book is Angela Brown’s help-everyone attitude. Throughout the book, she expresses that we are all in this together and that’s why she wants to help us! She doesn’t look at it as competition.

I would recommend this book to anyone trying to start a cleaning business.

 – Mia C. Winchester, House Cleaner
I’ve wanted to start my own cleaning business for years but just didn’t know HOW. This book was simple, easy to read, and INFORMATIVE!!! I now feel confident that I can go into business for myself!!
 – Connie Lau

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Why Training Matters

  • Know what you are doing so you don’t get sued for damaging somebody’s appliances or floors because you used the wrong detergent.
  • You don’t want to spin your wheels trying to figure out how to grow your cleaning business.
  • Don’t waste years trying to figure it out through trial and error.
  • Don’t figure it out by yourself.
  • You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
  • You don’t have to waste years in search of success.
  • We’ve paved the road. The wheel exists. It’s on a wagon. The wagon is rolling towards success. All you have to do is hop on and we’ll give you a ride.
  • We are here to make your life easy, successful and productive.
    Our motto: Work smart, not hard. Enjoy the benefits.

fast track spacer SavvyCleaner.com

The Fast Track to Success Training u0026amp; Certification Program

What People Are Saying About Savvy Cleaner Training

“My business busted at the seams: Angela’s system helped me get more clients in three months than I’ve been able to get on my own in three years. And I did it without paying a dime in advertising. I’ve been spending on average $20 per lead from HomeAdvisor.com for house cleaning leads and then there is no guarantee that the leads will convert to sales. It was costing me on average $100 per conversion.
With Angela’s system (and I followed it exactly as she instructs) in three weeks I was fully booked, and by the end of three months getting so many referrals, I had to hire two more house cleaners to help me with the extra business flooding in. The “Fast Track to Success” training program is worth EVERY PENNY I’ve ever spent in business!”

– Margaret Parnella, Sunshine Cleaners

“I applaud you for realizing you need help. Training and coaching is an investment. Angela’s 20+ years can speed up your business if you’re willing to (1) invest the money and (2) do what she recommends.”

 – Ken Carfagno, SMART Cleaning Biz

“0 to 38 in 30 days: “I’ve been in Corporate America my entire working career and was watching my youth and my dreams vanish due to the daily grind. I was intrigued by Angela Brown’s challenge that I could earn $500 a week working part time hours. I made some changes at the office and kicked back to a part-time schedule at work and gave house cleaning a try also part time, using the “Fast Track to Success” program. My first 30 days went gangbusters – I booked 38 clients (random and regular accounts) that allowed me to quit my full-time job and focus full time on my new house cleaning business. It was a challenge for a minute changing my mindset from a white collar to a blue collar job – but when I considered I was earning the same money, saving 2 hours a day commuting, no office politics, and virtually no stress, I’m proud to say: I own my own house cleaning business and I’m loving it.”  

– Michelle Wolf, Owner, Wolfs Wicked House Cleaning

“I never do trials or beta testing and I don’t pay for training: After going through Angela’s book “How to Start Your Own House Cleaning Company” and I saw the section on worksheets – I downloaded the free worksheet and edited it with my own information. I started using it on my existing house cleaning accounts. My first week of using them I made $300 in tips. I turned around and purchased the entire “Fast Track to Success” program Angela offers because I saw how much money I made from changing one little thing in my business – I can only imagine how much I will make by following the rest of the program.”

– Melonie Kent, House Cleaner

“I got in on the special deal. Angela had this Gear Changers program for House Cleaners that was these online seminars once a week and I got in on them. I didn’t know what I was gonna learn but I used the standing straight and lookin my customers in the eye and using the words that Angela uses and I closed my next three accounts.  Her ways work. Now I’m going through the Fast Track and I just read all the stuff on lawsuits and theres a lot of s#@t I never even thought of. Angela is the real deal.”

 – JaNeece Brown, House Cleaner

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If you are not ready to lead, you can still follow

Angela Brown and Savvy Cleaner are on all of the social media channels.
Find and follow for daily cleaning and business tips, motivational quotes, and other fun stuff.


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