This Week 6-27-2022

New Stuff This Week 6-27-2022 Savvy Cleaner.

If a family member or a cleaning client suffers from clutter join us for a short mini-series  on Thursdays to learn how to help them let go. 

Join Angela Brown in the Clutter Corner Live

Angela Brown Takes the Clutter Corner Live

Angela Brown is taking the Clutter Corner live on Thursdays for a 12-week mini-series inside the Hoarding World group to work through why you are hanging onto items you can’t seem to let go of.

Thursdays at 2:00 pm EDT starting 6/30/2022

* This week’s topics are commemorative t-shirts, nail polish, and old textbooks.

Group Mastermind Replay Now Available

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Next Session Wed 6/29/2022 8:00 pm EDT

2022 Group Mastermind - Savvy Cleaner Training 6-15-2022

Congratulations to These Savvy Cleaners

Certification Course Explanation

The easiest training and certification program on the planet for house cleaners and maids. Memberships include courses, group coaching and network support. 


Training & Certification Courses This Week

WOOT WOOT! Check out who is plowing through their learning courses this week. Clients want to know that their house cleaners are involved in continual learning. High Five to those listed below.

00 Why Credentials Matter

Emily Bouril, Dreamy Clean LLC, Manitowoc, WI 
Russell Angus, Clyde Painting, Glasgow, UK
Debra Lovell, Cleaning Technician, Cheseapeake, VA

00 Money Mindset

Russell Angus, Clyde Painting, Glasgow, UK 
Emigdio Diaz, Cleaning Technician, Mount Holly, NC
Charlotte Laforce, Clean by Nature, Santa Rosa, CA
Becky Van Velzen, Cleaning Technician, Coopersville, MI

01 Is Cleaning Right for You?

Emily Bouril, Dreamy Clean LLC, Manitowoc, WI 
Russell Angus, Clyde Painting, Glasgow, UK
Charlotte Laforce, Clean by Nature, Santa Rosa, CA
Emigdio Diaz, Cleaning Technician, Mount Holly, NC
Gina Alcca Rivas, Cleaning Technician, Rockville, MD

02 Getting Started Basics

Emily Bouril, Dreamy Clean LLC, Manitowoc, WI 
Russell Angus, Clyde Painting, Glasgow, UK
Edna Mwamfwagasi, Owner/Cleaning Technician, Arlington, TX

03 Worksheets and Checklists

Emily Bouril, Dreamy Clean LLC, Manitowoc, WI 
Russell Angus, Clyde Painting, Glasgow, UK

04 Pricing Basics

Emily Bouril, Dreamy Clean LLC, Manitowoc, WI 
Lacey Fuhrer, Lacey’s Helping Hand LLC, Pine River, MN
Kristen Durocher, Cleaning Technician, New Bedford, MA
Russell Angus, Clyde Painting, Glasgow, UK

05 Employee Handbook

* This course helps you explain the rules of how your business operates to employees you hire. Included in this course are company policies, expectations, payroll, vacations, time off, callouts, what will get you written up or promoted.

06 How to Choose a Territory

Courtney Waters, Acute Cleaning, Middleburg, FL 

07 Chemical Safety

* In this chemical safety course by Savvy Cleaner you will learn about pH levels and pictograms as well as Safety Data Sheets and proper chemical storage.

08 Personal Protective Equipment

* This PPE course covers standard operating procedures for choosing the right protective gear for every job. Keeping your employees safe helps prevent on the job injuries and illness.

09 Eco Cleaning Supplies

Ezechiel Tshiswaka, Cleaning Technician, Pickerington, OH

10 Sponges, Cloths, and Paper Towels

* Sponges, cloths and paper towels are an essential part of every cleaning job. In this course we show you how to prevent cross-contamination, what to use, when and the proper care to keep your cloths clean, and sanitized.

11 Equipment Cleaning and Sanitization

Suzanne Madinda, Cleaning Technician, Canal Winchester, OH

12 How to Ace a Walkthrough

* In this course, you will learn how to do a walkthrough. You will learn the psychology of closing the sale so you gain the client’s trust. And you will learn to upsell maintenance, deep cleaning and special packages. Includes Word Tracks.

13 Maintenance vs. Deep Cleaning

Sarai Rodriguez, Cleaning Technician, Windsor Locks, CT

14 Upsells and Special Projects

Gabriel Pang, Cleaning Technician, Singapore 
Ashley Ross, Cleaning Technician, Hyannis, MA

15 How to Clean a Toilet

Wendy Oliver, Cleaning Technician, Huntley, IL 
Yvette Tumba, Cleaning Technician, Columbus, OH

16 Hiring Right

* This course will show you how to find the right cleaners, prepare for the interview, conduct the interview, evaluate the cleaners, and find the team superstars to skyrocket your cleaning business.

17 How to Dust Like A Pro

Aimee Shepherd, Cleaning Technician, Athens, AL

18 How to Build a

* How to Build a Website is a course that walks you step by step through WordPress, plugins, themes, uploading and resizing images, buttons, blocks, publishing blogs, and more.

Where is the Ask a House Cleaner Show Broadcast?

Huge VIP Member Discounts This Week:

Savvy Perks

Get employee pricing for you and your entire family on 700,000 services, stores, fix-it shops, restaurants, online outlets, and more. Save on stuff you already buy.

The World’s Largest Collection of Funny Cleaning Shirts and Gifts for House Cleaners and Maids.

Browse over 700 one-of-a-kind limited edition designs now.

Super Hot House Cleaner
Hey cleaners, let your other half know how lucky they are to have you with this fun hoodie they can wear whenever they’re with you.

Aye Aye Captain
Bring a little summer fun into your favorite cleaner’s life with this pirate design. You’ll have them saying “Aye aye, Captain Clean” in no time!

365 Days of Cleaning
Cleaning is an infinite job – as long as dust and dirt exist, so will cleaning. Every year comes with 365 days of cleaning, and this cute design reminds you of it. Pick up this notebook to record all your daily chores and make maintaining your space easier.

Sun’s Out, Brooms Out
This design is the perfect gift for your favorite cleaner this summer. Snag a tanktop for yourself or someone else that reads Sun’s Out, Brooms Out.

Everyone needs a cleaner-cation, especially in this beautiful sunny weather. This tote is perfect for carrying all your essentials as you plan the perfect vacation.

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