Best Carpet Cleaners for 2024

Best carpet cleaners for 2024 highlight what to look for when shopping for a carpet cleaning machine. Steamers vs. shampooers, upright vs handheld and more.


Training & Certification Courses This Week

WOOT WOOT! Check out who is plowing through their learning courses this week. Clients want to know that their house cleaners are involved in continual learning. High Five to those listed below.

Join Brad Jarryd, co-founder of EmpowerMen, for a conversation on helping people eliminate stress and regain control of their lives by giving them the tools to dominate their personal finances.

WHEN: March 28, 2024 2:00 pm EST
WHAT: Decluttering for Health and Wealth
WHO: Clutterbugs, Hoarders, Professional Cleaners & Organizers

The easiest training and certification program on the planet for house cleaners and maids. Memberships include courses, group coaching and network support. 

00 Why Credentials Matter

Cynthia Kpodo, Cleaning Technician, Edinburg, Texas

00 Money Mindset

Jacqueline Long, Cleaning Technician, Cambridge, Canada

01 Is Cleaning Right for You?

Kris Larson, Cleaning Technician, Alton, IL

02 Getting Started Basics

Dorismar Aguilar, Cleaning Technician, Tacoma, WA 
Lavonda Scott, Cleaning Technician, Georgetown, KY

03 Worksheets and Checklists

Holly K Dietman, Precision HD Cleaning, Watkins, MN

04 Pricing Basics

Ruby Sparks, Cleaning Technician, Portland, OR

05 Employee Handbook

Ruby Sparks, Cleaning Technician, Portland, OR

06 How to Choose a Territory

Ruby Sparks, Cleaning Technician, Portland, OR

07 Chemical Safety

* In this chemical safety course by Savvy Cleaner you will learn about pH levels and pictograms as well as Safety Data Sheets and proper chemical storage.

08 Personal Protective Equipment

* This PPE course covers standard operating procedures for choosing the right protective gear for every job. Keeping your employees safe helps prevent on the job injuries and illness.

09 Eco Cleaning Supplies

* This course covers the exact cleaning supplies professionals use along with safety data sheets and the surfaces that go with each product. You’ll also learn how much of a product to use and how to track inventory.

10 Sponges, Cloths, and Paper Towels

Holly Dietman, Precision HD Cleaning. Watkins, MN

11 Equipment Cleaning and Sanitization

Jennifer Turner, Cleaning Technician, Orchard Park, NY

13 Maintenance vs. Deep Cleaning

* This course shows you 68 videos room by room so you can see what to clean on a maintenance vs. deep clean so you can explain it to clients and create realistic expectations. Kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, home office, bonus rooms, Airbnb, family rooms, entry’s, mudrooms, laundry rooms and more.

15 How to Clean a Toilet

Amber Hurt, Cleaning Technician, Dobson, NC

16 Hiring Right

Joni Meyer, Genie In a Bucket Cleaning, LLC, Sylvania, OH 
Krista Powell, Ooh So Clean Cleaning & Organization Co., Roberts Creek, Canada

17 How to Dust Like A Pro

Amber Hurt, Cleaning Technician, Dobson, NC 
Krista Powell, Ooh So Clean Cleaning & Organization Co., Roberts Creek, Canada

18 How to Build a Website

* How to Build a Website is a course that walks you step by step through WordPress, plugins, themes, uploading and resizing images, buttons, blocks, publishing blogs, and more.

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