What is a Product Review?

A product review is an exclusive Ask a House Cleaner episode (YouTube, Podcast, Article) dedicated to introducing, explaining and showcasing your product, software or cleaning equipment to a global audience.

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru will review your product, demonstrate how to use it, and give tips and pointers on how to get the most from owning it.

5 to 8 min product review

How Long is the Product Review?

Each show is (5-8 minutes approximately) Some shows may run longer if necessary. Some shows may be shorter. At Savvy Cleaner when we do a product review we like to show your product in action and give our audience the information they need to make a buying decision. 

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Who is the Target Audience for Ask a House Cleaner?

Ask a House Cleaner is targeted (but not limited) to house cleaners, cleaning business owners, Airbnb and vacation rental owners who do turnover service. (Because the show is global, there are homeowners and other home service providers who tune in daily.)

How Often Does the Show Air?Ask a House Cleaner Show Calendar

Frequency: Ask a House Cleaner is a daily show (5 x week) full of tips and strategies to improve your housecleaning and help you grow your cleaning business.

NOTE: Product reviews are on Monday only – so only 52 products reviewed each year.

What is the Reach of the Show?

At Savvy Cleaner, we simulcast the on a variety of networks and platforms to give you the biggest reach for your investment.

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Product Review on Ask a House Cleaner Show – YouTube

Every Monday on the Ask a House Cleaner Show we do one Product Review. This only allows for 52 product reviews per year so space is limited.

This is one entire show review and demonstrating your product, how it works, and how easy it is to use.

The Product Review will include an intro to the product, some fun facts either about the product, the company, the manufacturer or something similar. And then we’ll get busy showing viewers how it stacks up to the advertising claims.

All shows have a positive spin with a request for the audience to chime in and show us their before and after pics of them using your products.

BONUS: Your Product Review includes activity feed interaction from Angela Brown with viewers on YouTube answering questions, comments etc. It’s also a great place for you to chime in and answer questions and join the conversation.

No Hidden Fees. We include in the price our Creative Strategy, Graphic Licensing, Creation, Production and Delivery costs.

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Your Product Review Exclusive Ask a House Cleaner Podcast

We broadcast Ask a House Cleaner on YouTube and simulcast on iTunes, IHeart Radio, Google Play Music, Linkedin OnPublish, Soundcloud, Spotify, Stitcher, and 90+ other podcast apps.

We include links to your website or product page in the show notes. One thing that makes this product review special is the show is also a podcast. This means we have to explain your product in such a way that people listening in their cars can audibly understand and visualize what the YouTube viewers are seeing.

This show is search engine optimized meeting all the criteria for podcast “top of the charts” podcast exposure.

No Hidden Fees. We include in the price our Creative Strategy, Graphic Licensing, Creation, Production and Delivery costs.

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Exclusive Product Review Blog

* On one of our authority cleaning sites

Once the show is produced the transcription is reformatted with supporting images. We then post it as a blog and send it to 200+ news media outlets.

Search engine optimization of the blog allows us to link back to your YouTube product review and podcast. We link to your products or services in the text for backlinking purposes to your site.

Your product review remains searchable in our archives forever.

No Hidden Fees. We include in the price our Creative Strategy, Graphic Licensing, Creation, Production and Delivery costs.

*We reserve the right to determine which site your blog goes on for best user experience and maximum exposure. 

Savvy Cleaner Family of Sites

Savvy Cleaner Websites

We choose the Savvy Cleaner Site for your product review blog by the content of the show, for best SEO, user experience, and the highest visibility.

Savvy Cleaner – Training and Certification for House Cleaners and Maids

My Cleaning Connection – A hub and store for Savvy Cleaner Approved products, uniforms, software, and equipment

HouseCleaning360 – A business directory hub that connects house cleaners u0026amp; home service providers with homeowners.

Turnover Cleaning Tips – A resource hub for cleaning staff u0026amp; vacation rental hosts providing turnover service. (Airbnb’s, VRBO, Short-term rentals, Vacation Rentals)

Ask a House Cleaner – A search engine optimized learning library of house cleaning tips and solutions.

Savvy Perks – An employee perks program available to all cleaning business owners for their cleaning staff.

Replay – Your Product Review on the Savvy Cleaner Facebook Page

We replay your custom product review show later the same day as a native upload on our Savvy Cleaner Facebook Page. Your searchable show is displayed publicly in the searchable video archives forever. We fully SEO optimize the show. And once the show goes live Angela Brown interacts with the audience in the activity feed.

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Mix Dedicated Post u0026amp; Link to Your Product Review

Want a permanent billboard on Mix with links back to your product review? Woohoo! We do it for you. We pin this your billboard to our feed for 24 hours after publication and it lives in the searchable Mix archives forever.

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Twitter Dedicated Post u0026amp; Link to Your Product Review

We tweet your product review to all Savvy Cleaner Twitter followers with a link back to your exclusive product review.

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Pinterest Dedicated Pin u0026amp; Link to Your Product Review

Want a permanent pin on our Savvy Cleaner Approved Pinterest board? Hooray! We include it with a link back to your exclusive product review.

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Tumblr Dedicated Post u0026amp; Link to Your Product Review

Once your product review goes live we post an announcement on our Savvy Cleaner Tumblr page with links where readers can learn more. This announcement is searchable in our Tumblr archives forever.

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Blogger Dedicated Post u0026amp; Link to Your Product Review

As your product review is released, it gets a permanent post on our Savvy Cleaner Blogger page with a link back to your Exclusive Product Review.

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Linkedin Dedicated Post u0026amp; Link to Your Product Review

All our Linkedin colleagues can learn about you through your exclusive product review as we post it on our Linkedin page. We trigger this post immediately following the release of your show linking back to your products and services.

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Reddit Dedicated Post u0026amp; Link to Your Product Review

We really do want to share your product, software or equipment with the world. That’s why we post a linkable blurb on Reddit back to the YouTube show of your product review. More viewers mean more customers for you.

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Closed Captioned

Your Product Review Available in 189 Languages

Closed captions are important because they help describe every audio element that plays a role in the wider story, not only spoken words. A study on television accessibility by Ofcom finds that 80% of people who use closed captions are neither deaf nor hard of hearing.

Every episode of Ask a House Cleaner is closed captioned for better user experience.

BONUS: When your YouTube videos are closed-captioned the subtitles are available in 189 languages making your product review understandable to a global audience.


G Rated

Your Product Review Safe for All Audiences

At Savvy Cleaner all our programs, training, YouTube Show, Podcast, Blogs, and correspondence are G Rated. Our job is to remove embarrassment and doubt from our partnership. Our G Rating includes language, images, video clips, and activity threads for your marketing peace of mind.

How Do You Get Your Product Reviewed on Ask a House Cleaner?

Only Savvy Cleaner Approved or Recommended Products will be reviewed.

You can start the pre-approval process here.


Disclaimer: Please understand there are thousands of fine cleaning products on the market but not all of them meet the standards of excellence we have at Savvy Cleaner.

We are a training school for house cleaners and maids, and in all our training we use products, software and cleaning equipment. We recommend products in workshops, on our websites, in our product stores, in weekend boot camps and every day in random YouTube shows and podcasts. If we don’t believe in your product, we can’t sell or suggest it.

Products we can’t recommend are products that are not fully developed, (i.e. they are homemade, missing safety data sheets) or are misleading in their promises to consumers.


Instead of doing a product review and telling people how disappointed we are that your product “didn’t make the cut” we choose not to embarrass you publicly. If you submit your product for review, we will still send it through our rigorous testing process, and return a report to you of our findings. The report will include what tests we tried, video footage of our testing, and suggestions for improvement.

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