Affiliate Partnership

Affiliate Partnership

Affiliate Partnership

Every day we get 3 to 5 requests to be affiliate partners with companies who feel they have a product or service good for our audience. It is possible we will join you but with this agreement, there is no upfront money on your part and no guaranteed placements on our part. 

*We recommend your product or service when it is organic to the conversations, social media posts, and training we are having.

*We will NOT recommend time-sensitive ads, discounts, upcoming events, or fund-raisers as most of our content is evergreen.

*We do not offer exclusivity on any affiliate partner arrangements.

Affiliate Marketing (3)
Affiliate Marketing (2)
Affiliate Marketing (1)

Our most popular campaign right now is Social Media SHORTS.

Other Campaigns we offer:

NOTE: for 2024 we are combining campaigns 13, 14 15, 16 & 17 into a combo Reels|Shorts pack called Social Media Shorts
See Campaign #23

01) Brand Ambassador / Spokesperson
02) Ghostwritten Book
03) Public Speaking / Appearance
04) Course Collaboration
05) Savvy Cleaner Partner / Resource
06) Collaborative Press Release
07) Product Review
08) DIY Product Review
09) Show Sponsor
10) Product Placement
11) Dedicated Blog
12) Resource Links
13) Facebook Posts
14) Instagram Posts
15) Twitter Posts
16) TikTok Posts
17) Linked In Posts
18) Affiliate Partnership
19) Roll the Dice
20) Content Collaboration
21) Interviews with Angela
22) Guest Expert / Correspondent
23) Social Media Shorts
24) Shoppable Short – Amazon Influencer

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