Maintenance vs. Deep Cleaning

This Maintenance vs. Deep Cleaning course by Savvy Cleaner will help you explain to clients exactly what you do on each cleaning job. When house cleaners do a walkthrough they create a custom job proposal based on the customer’s priorities and needs. The walkthrough is the time to build value for the services you sell.

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Angela Brown, CEO Savvy Cleaner Training

Everyone in the company is responsible for understanding the differences between maintenance vs. deep cleaning and then delivering on the promises you make. 

This course will keep you from getting callbacks, from under, or over-delivering, and will help you command the price you’re worth.

Understand what you sell.

What is a Maintenance Clean?

What is a Maintenance Clean Maintenance vs Deep Cleaning Savvy Cleaner Training

Understanding the Maintenance Clean

If you don’t understand the maintenance clean you’ll get sucked into doing all sorts of weird “to do’s” on the client’s random checklists.

In this section we’ll cover:

  • Maintenance clean
  • Deep Clean
  • Special Projects
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How to Bid Common Areas in a Home

Maintenance vs Deep Clean Common Area Savvy Cleaner Training

Common Areas

The common areas in a home are often overlooked when bidding a job. In this section, we’ll cover the areas in a home that you get to clean that are not technically rooms. We’ll look at what in the common areas to clean on a maintenance vs. deep clean. 

Deliver On Your Promises Savvy Cleaner Training
Common Areas Front Entry
Common Areas Mudroom
Common Areas Staircases
Common Areas Landing)
Common Areas Hallways
Common Areas Laundry Room

What's Included in a Kitchen Clean?

Maintenance vs Deep Clean Kitchens Savvy Cleaner Training

Kitchen Clean

What is included in a kitchen clean? In this section, we will cover the maintenance, deep cleaning, and special projects you can upsell. The kitchen is where most house cleaners get into trouble by cleaning too much and charging too little.

Set Realistic Expectations
Kitchen - Kitchen
Kitchen Pantry
Kitchen Formal Dining Room
Kitchen Dining Room

How to Bid the Family Rooms

Maintenance vs Deep Clean Family Room Savvy Cleaner Training

Family Rooms & Sitting Rooms

Many homes have several “gathering” places. A formal room or sitting room, a family room, and often a lounge or media room. Here is what to clean in each of these rooms on a maintenance and a deep clean. This includes bedrooms converted into other types of rooms.

Keep Customers Happy Savvy Cleaner Training
Family Room
Family Room Lounge
Sitting Room Family Room

How to Bid the Bedrooms

Maintenance vs Deep Clean Bedrooms Savvy Cleaner Training


Many homes have “bedrooms” but they are not all active bedrooms with people sleeping in them at night. In this section, we will cover each type of room and what to clean on a maintenance vs. a deep clean.

Provide Systematic Cleaning Savvy Cleaner Training
Bedrooms Master Bedroom
Bedrooms Guest Room
Bedrooms Member Bedroom
Bedrooms Home Office
Bedrooms Music Room
Bedrooms Man Cave

How to Bid Bathrooms

Maintenance vs Deep Clean Bathrooms Savvy Cleaner Training


Every home has at least one bathroom and often three or four. Some are small and some are fancy and some get heavy use. Here’s how to break them down for a maintenance and a deep clean.

End Callbacks Forever Savvy Cleaner TrainingEnd Callbacks Forever Savvy Cleaner Training
Bathrooms Master Bathroom
Bathrooms Member Bathroom 2
Bathrooms Airbnb Bathroom
Bathrooms Apartment Bathroom
Bathrooms Member Bathroom
Bathrooms Guest Bathroom

How to Bid Bonus Rooms

Maintenance vs Deep Clean Bonus Rooms Savvy Cleaner Training

Bonus Rooms

Many large homes have bonus rooms or “extra” rooms that are not bedrooms. They are big open spaces like basements or attic areas that have been finished off for usable living space. Here’s what we clean in on maintenance vs. deep cleans.

Sell Value Not Price Savvy Cleaner Training
Bonus Room Game Room
Bonus Room Playroom
Bonus Room Arts and Crafts
Bonus Room Workout Room

Meet Your Instructor

Angela Brown


The House Cleaning Guru
CEO, Founder: Savvy Cleaner
Author: How to Start Your Own House Cleaning Company
Show Host: Ask a House Cleaner
Professional House Cleaner = 25 years
Experience Hours: 69,603

For more than 25 years Angela Brown owned and operated one of the largest independently owned cleaning companies in the Carolinas.

Her specialty lies in systems that let you work smart, not hard, while generating consistent bottom-line results. Her common sense approach mixed with strategy skyrockets cleaning companies past their competition even in saturated markets.  

Since 2016 she’s been training and consulting full time with clients in 31 countries and millions in revenue.

In this course you’ll discover why people pay thousands of dollars to work with her. And for a fraction of the cost you too can get results that will leave your competitors green with envy.

Disclaimer: Results vary based on willingness to learn and implement the systems.

  • No action = no results.
  • Scattered action = scattered results.
  • Massive action = massive results.

Buy With Confidence

100% Money Back Guarantee

Because I’ve made it my mission to bring this life-changing information into the cleaning world, I’m offering you my personal guarantee:

If for some reason, you’re unhappy with the course(s), and they don’t resonate with you, I’ll refund your money 100% in full for 30 days after your purchase. *Unless you’ve completed the course(s) and your certificate(s) has/have been sent.

Sound fair?

I don’t want there to be any barriers between you and the explosive growth you’re destined to achieve.

Once you understand how to reach the maximum amount of people in your market, in a way that builds authority, credibility, and confidence, I know you’ll go out and contribute to the world at your highest capacity.

– Angela Brown, CEO, Savvy Cleaner Training

End Contract if Neccesary - Preparing for the Worst Satisfaction Guarantee

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