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Savvy Cleaner Business
Training for Owners
$79.99 / Month
Monthly Membership Includes

  • Employee Training Tips
  • Courses on Walkthroughs, Bidding, Cancellations & More
  • Courses on Motivating and Managing Your Team
  • Courses on Hiring & Firing
  • Word tracks on What to Put in Hiring Ads
  • Social Media Marketing Courses
  • Courses on Lead Generation
  • Courses on Content Marketing
  • Courses on SEO, WordPress & Website Building
  • VIP Access to The Savvy Cleaner Network
  • Access to Angela Brown’s Network of Influence

NOTE: *The Savvy Cleaner Network  Facebook Group is reserved for members of our group who have not been blocked or banned from other Savvy Cleaner Facebook groups. We don’t tolerate cursing, bullying, racism or violent threats in our circle of influence for obvious reasons.

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Savvy Cleaner Business Owners

For $2.66 a day (billed monthly) you have unlimited access to all of the programs available to business owners. This includes downloads, word tracks, and business training to hire and support your staff and grow and scale your business.

NOTE: This is not the Savvy Cleaner Training and Certification program

the time is now to outsmart your competition
Time Management Button

Time Managment

Courses on scheduling, bidding, walkthroughs, cancellations & more.

mobile responsive

Team Management

Courses on managing and motivating your employees and independent contractors.

Get Maximum Productivity
Hiring Practices

Best Hiring Practices

Courses and word tracks on hiring, what to put in an ad and how to interview.

Proven Hiring Tactics
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Courses on Social Media, WordPress and online Lead Generation


Boost Your Visibility
Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Courses for boosting your online visibility and building your brand.


Become the Authority
SEO - Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Courses on SEO, WordPress, Website Building.


Get leads from Search

a savvy BUsiness Owner

  • Savvy Business Owners are leaders. You are the mentors and the employers that make the cleaning world go round.
  • As a Savvy Business Owner you are the shapers of destinies for your employees and the miracle workers for your clients.
  • Savvy Business Owner invest in themselves and in others.
  • A Savvy Business Owner is a person who is trained and certified in house cleaning to work smart, not hard.
  • A Savvy Business Owner adheres to the Savvy Cleaner Code of Ethics.
  • A Savvy Business Owner is in constant growth. Learning and challenging themselves and their team to greater achievements.

Time is Money

As a Savvy Business Owner you need to learn your business in the shortest time possible. That’s why we’ve created the easiest to consume training program on the planet for house cleaners.

All Savvy Cleaner Training programs are illustrated with images, drawings, videos, audios, and quizzes to help  you learn and absorb the content for easy application.

The training courses include:

  • An illustrated glossary of terms
  • Downloads, Word Tracks, Forms, Documents
  • Additional resource materials with member discounts

Business Mastermind – Monthly

Group Mastermind 4-07-2021 Savvy Cleaner Network
Group Mastermind 7-29-2021 with Angela BrownGroup Mastermind 7-29-2021 with Angela BrownGroup Mastermind 7-29-2021 with Angela Brown
Group Mastermind 6-30-2021 M
Group Mastermind 6-02-2021 with Angela Brown

Network With The Leaders in the Industry

Network with the top cleaning business owners in the country in a private Mastermind with Angela Brown. Spin ideas, ask questions, share best tips and practices. 

*Emails with VIP access to the zoom link are sent the day prior to the event.

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