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Employees who love to clean are on the wish list of every cleaning service provider. But where exactly do you find employees who love to clean? We hear it all the time, “I want to grow my cleaning business with joyful employees.”

Want some cleaning advice? Today on Ask a House Cleaner Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru gives us a mantra of “Show joy. Spark joy. Bring joy.” Do this and you will have employees who love to clean.

Lead by example and attract the employees with positive energy. Maid service training teaches you to be joyful as you become a savvy cleaner.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Question: Where Do I Find Employees Who Love to Clean Houses?

 Today’s question comes from a business owner who asks this. “How do I attract employees who love to clean houses?”

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Answer: Where Do I Find Employees Who Love to Clean Houses?

That’s an excellent question! When I am not writing blogs, I’m training house cleaners how to start their own businesses. And how to hire employees who love their jobs.

So, I get asked this question a lot. And here’s the answer to that question. You have to be the kind of employer that employees want to work for.

The Dating Game

employees Who Love to Clean Houses, couple discussing work over coffee

 Let’s go back to the dating game when you were single. I’m supposing that you’re married now.

But let’s suppose that you’re single and you are looking for a boyfriend or a girlfriend. And you’re trying to find the perfect one. How do you do that?

In our minds, we kind of know what we’re looking for.

We want someone that’s athletic, beautiful, confident, and someone that believes in themselves. And we’re hoping to attract that kind of person to us.

But the reality is we usually end up settling for someone who is a whole lot like us. And the reason for that is that we attract people into our lives that are just like us. It’s called the law of attraction.

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Your Attitude

And so that goes back to the employee game if you’re getting ready to hire people, guess what? You’re going to hire people that are just like you.

And so if you hate your job, you will not attract the best employees. I have to say this. A lot of house cleaners who start their own cleaning companies have an attitude. Their attitude is that they can’t wait to hire a bunch of people so that they don’t have to go clean houses anymore. 

Okay. That could be a good business decision that you want to outsource the responsibilities. And you want to take a back seat and you want to manage the business. That’s okay but the attitude is not.

Your Attitude Transfers Over to Your Employees

employees Who Love to Clean Houses, woman business owner leading by example

You have an attitude that cleaning houses is below you and that you are above that. Guess what? This attitude transfers over to your employees. Then they are like, “Well, I go clean houses, that’s below me.”

Guess where they got that from? They got it from you. And so, as a business owner, if you want to attract good employees number one, you have to be a good employer.

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We Attract People Like Ourselves

You have to attract the kind of people that are just like you. So if you’ve got a whole bunch of bad employees, go look in the mirror it’s most likely you.

Because we attract people to us that are like us. And so, when you show up for work and you hate something, your employees hate that too. And then guess what? They take that attitude to the customers.

What happens next is that the customers fire you. Because they don’t want someone that hates house cleaning. They want someone who loves their job and is good at it and takes pride in their work.

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Show Up Everyday and Show Joy! 

And so, as an employer, your job is to show up every single day and show joy. And this is your new mantra that I’m giving you right now. Show joy.

Get up every day and go to your job because you love your job.

Then your employees will be like “I’m happy to be here too. I’m showing joy as well.”

And then you have gratitude for the customers that you have.

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Show Joy With Customers

The truth of the matter is this. We don’t always have gratitude for all out customers! 

Some of our customers are miserable people. And they’re high maintenance. And they nitpick our work and they make our lives miserable.

Like it or not, these customers pay our bills. So if you show up and you’re so grateful for the job and you show joy, happiness, and enthusiasm, this will rub off on them. 

And now your employees take on that same attitude. And when they go to the customers they take that attitude with them and the customers are like, “Wow. Did you know that my house cleaning lady loves to come clean my house? She’s good at what she does and she seems to appreciate my business.”

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Showing Joy Yields Better Results

When you show joy in your work, you receive joy from the customer. 

You get more of that coming back to you because you are attracting that into your business.

Yes, I’ve had my fair share of difficult customers over the years, but some of them are now my best customers.

Matching and Mirroring

employees who love to clean houses, business men mirror smiles

There is a technique in sales and marketing called “Matching and Mirroring.”

There can be a miserable mean person that nitpicks all your work yet you are a person of joy. And you attract happiness and peace and prosperity into your world. 

And before they know it, it’s just like hypnotism. They start being kind and they start giving you tips. And they start turning around because now you’re attracting that into your world.

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You have to create boundaries with those customers. But you can completely turn them around.

If you can turn around a difficult customer, they’re going to go tell all their friends. And the friends know those are difficult people. We know who the difficult people are.

But if the difficult people come out shining going “Oh my gosh, my house cleaner is amazing. She’s got this great attitude. She appreciates my business. She makes me feel needed and important.”

“Whoa! You found someone you like? If they pass your acid test, I have to hire this person.” This happens all the time! 

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A Cycle of Gratitude

And so, the customer then shares that with the employees. The employees bring that back to you. And it’s a revolving cycle.

It’s not we hate our jobs and we can’t wait until we get out of it and outsource it.”

But, “How grateful we are that we have these customers.”

And you attract more of that into your business.

If you are a business owner having problems attracting employees, take a look at yourself. Because it starts with you.

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It Starts With You

It is your job every day to show up and re-motivate your entire team

You have to make sure that their attitudes are in check. So that when you send them out into the workforce they’re carrying the “Show Joy” attitude with them.

They will show up to a customer’s house on time, happy, and do their work well. They will do a job that they appreciate. This will transcend so far above and beyond every other house cleaning company out there. 

It is Up To You

employees Who Love to clean houses, happy maids clean

So, it’s up to you as an employer.  How do you want to run your company?

And the answer is you have to become the employer that great, top-notch, quality employees want to work for. And this happens also in this business.

Choose to Be Amazing

Employers get a reputation for being amazing to work for who show they appreciate their help. That they give out bonuses. That they treat their employees with respect. There are people that will jump ship and come work for you.

You will not be in this weird vortex of “How do I find good help?”
Which is a concern that I deal with every single day. And there are people that cannot, no matter what, find good help.

So, you want great employees? Attract that to you by being and becoming the employer people want to work for.

Okay, that’s it for today. Until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

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