Dedicated Blog

Dedicated Blog

A dedicated blog by Savvy Cleaner shows the cleaning industry how to use your product or service, fully researched and with SEO.

  • This dedicated blog can be posted on one of the Savvy Cleaner websites and link back to your site for backlink purposes, or you can have the canonical link (which means you posted the blog on your site first.)
  • Your dedicated blog is written at 5th-grade education levels for the best user experience.
  • Your dedicated blog is search engine optimized for Google.


  • Verification Programs
  • Business Listing Sites
  •  Scheduling / Tipping / Bidding / Ratings Software & Apps
  • Cleaning Coaching / Cleaning Training

Let Us Brag About You

A dedicated blog allows us to share your product or service using keywords in a compelling way to reach the greatest amount of people in your targeted audience.

Savvy Cleaner has a team of world-class copywriters and search engine specialists that can word your offer in a way that is easy to understand and makes practical sense. We understand that people buy on emotion and logic and we know how to trigger both.

Let us take our research and write a piece that will generate results now and for years to come.

 *Includes posting on one of our targeted Savvy Cleaner sites with a ‘do follow’ link to your business.

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 * Prices based on market value go up on the 1st of each month. Prices this month will be held until Dec 01, 2022

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