Brand Deals with Savvy Cleaner

Brand deals with Savvy Cleaner can give your business just the boost it needs to be seen by professional house cleaners, maids, and DIY Cleaners at home.
Popular brand deals with Savvy Cleaner include: Dedicated Videos, Show Sponsorships, Reels, Stories, Posts, Shoutouts, Audience Engagement, Resources

What Is A Paid Sponsorship to Ask a House Cleaner?

a.k.a. mention and product placement

Paid Sponsorships Ask a House Cleaner Megaphone Mention

It’s a 30-second mention built into the top of one Ask a House Cleaner episode that touches on a product or service you offer. There is a Call to Action (CTA) and we will ask people to contact you.

Who Writes the Ad?

Paid Sponsorships Ask a House Cleaner A Pencil Writes an Ad

Angela Brown and her ad copy team – and it will be presented by Angela in a way that sounds organic to the show.

You are welcome to submit your own ad copy that may or may not be used in exact wording format.

Can I Add Keywords to the Ad?

Paid Sponsorships Ask a House Cleaner Magnifying Glass searching Keywords

Yes, keywords specific to your topic of other marketing campaigns can be included.

Who is a Good Fit as a Show Sponsor?

Paid Sponsorships Ask a House Cleaner Cleaning Supplies

The Ask a House Cleaner show targets cleaning business owners as a primary market. Airbnb Hosts who do their own cleaning or hire cleaners are a secondary market. If you have products or services that either of those audiences uses, you may be a good fit for the show.

How Do I Know if My Product or Service is a Good Fit As a Show Sponsor?

Paid Sponsorships Ask a House Cleaner Colored Question Marks

If you are unsure, fill out this form and let us help you decide. We might have other social media outlets you would be better suited for. 

Can I include my product in the Savvy Cleaner Resource section?

Paid Sponsorships Ask a House Cleaner Handshake

It is possible. Our resource section is where we send all our students to buy supplies for their businesses. Most of the partners in our resource section are Savvy Cleaner Partners who offer a discount to our members. You can pitch your collaboration deal when you’re ready.

Can Anybody be a Sponsor?

Paid Sponsorships Ask a House Cleaner Stop Sign Not for Everybody

No. Due to conflicts of interest, we won’t advertise any other cleaning coaches, consultants, or training program ads on our show, or social media. We have a coaching and training program of our own and it would be confusing to our audience to promote programs we are not affiliated with.

How Much Does it Cost to Sponsor a Show?

Paid Sponsorships Ask a House Cleaner (10)

Prices change daily based on our value in the media. Based on Social Bluebook rates your show sponsorship will fall in this range. 

How Long Are These Prices Good?

Paid Sponsorships Ask a House Cleaner Calendar with Locked in Rates

They are subject to change at any time. If you purchase a package of posts of show sponsorships you will be able to lock your rate in at current market prices for the duration of the campaign

Can I Advertise More Than One Product or Service in My 30-Second Sponsorship?

Paid Sponsorships Ask a House Cleaner Woman Advertising Too Many Products

No. It’s confusing to try to promote too many things in a 30 second window. Consider buying bulk ad space and focus one ad per product or service you sell. 

Can a Product Sponsor a Show?

Paid Sponsorships Ask a House Cleaner Retro Vacuum

Yes, as long as it pertains to the cleaning industry and is G-rated and family-friendly.

What is the Reach of The Show?


Podcast Broadcast Apps 2021

Ask a House Cleaner is a daily podcast as well as a YouTube show and is broadcast on a variety of apps like iTunes, iHeartRadio, GooglePlay, Amazon Music, Reddit, Mix, Stitcher, Soundcloud and many more.

How Long Does a Sponsorship Last?

Once a YouTube show goes live it lives forever. We guarantee that it will be listed publicly on YouTube for at least 365 days, possibly forever.

How Do I Guarantee The Show Ran My Spots?

Paid Sponsorships Ask a House Cleaner Reports

As part of your investment, you get a “reports” link. It gives you screenshots of the thumbnail of your video and podcast along with links to the actual show for easy verification. 

Example of Report

Once The Spot Has Run Can You Make Changes to The Ad?

Paid Sponsorships Ask a House Cleaner Plant Growing

No. Once it’s syndicated and the search engines have already indexed it – it’s out there. The seeds have been planted and all you need do is sit back and reap the harvest.

How Long Will It Be Before I See Results From The Ad?

Paid Sponsorships Ask a House Cleaner Tracking Results

It could be minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years. Both the Podcast and the YouTube show are evergreen content and they live forever. They are available 24/7 on the platforms, accessible to our audience at any time, for all time. You can follow the comments after a show for comments like this.

Do You Have to Tell People that The Ad is a Paid One?

Paid Sponsorships Ask a House Cleaner Justice Scale FTC Disclosure

Yes. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has mandates that require us to disclose you’ve paid for your sponsorship. We usually say something like: “This show was brought to us by (Your Company) who can help you save time in your cleaning business by…”

Can Cleaning Companies Sponsor a Show?

Paid Sponsorships Ask a House Cleaner Cleaning Company Logo

Yes. If you do turnover service you may want to sponsor a show targeted to Airbnb Hosts. 

If I Send in a Product Will it Be Shown? 

Paid Sponsorships Ask a House Cleaner Product Display

There are no guarantees. It’s important to realize that a show sponsorship is not a commercial with b-roll and various angle shots of your products. It’s a mention of your product, highlighting a feature or two and a call to action.

What is The Difference Between Sponsoring a Show and a Product Review?

Paid Sponsorships Ask a House Cleaner Sponsoring a Show vs. Product Review

Sponsoring a show gives you a 30-second mention at the top of an episode of Ask a House Cleaner. A Product Review is where the entire show is exclusively about your product or service.

I Want to Sponsor a Show. What is the Next Step?

Paid Sponsorships Ask a House Cleaner Next Steps

The Next Steps Are:

  • Create Your Ad
  • Pay For Your Ad
  • Send A Product You Want to be Held or Shown in The Ad (Optional)

Can We Put a Code in the Mention So We Can Track the Interest?

Paid Sponsorships Ask a House Cleaner Tracking Code

Yes. If you have a code or a URL that you would like to set up we will use it in the show you sponsor and in the show notes. Example:

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