Are All the Training Courses Available Immediately?

Are all the training courses available immediately so that I can complete at my own pace and get certified?  

Or, do I have to go through the learning with the group?

No, the courses were all available at one time for $6,669 but we’ve unbundled them and are releasing them one course at a time along with group learning for $1.00 a day if you’re an employee and $2.00 a day of you’re an employer.

There are no joining fees and no contracts to sign and you can jump in at any time you want to start learning.

The courses stack on top of each other so the things you learn in the next course are built on top of what you  learned in the course before.

The group coaching is delivered in the off weeks so you have time to complete the course, and try out what you’ve learned and then get your  questions answered.

Savvy Cleaner Group Coaching 21

And the good news about the group coaching is that you don’t have to make all the mistakes yourself as you go through the program. You can learn from others in our group who have questions you may not have thought of.

We found that giving everybody an entire business in a box at one time with certification was so overwhelming, and had so many questions attached that many people never finished it.

The new Savvy Cleaner 3.0 is set up with your success in mind. And as a group we can give you the attention you deserve to really grow your business.

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