Can You Explain What the Training Is?

Can you explain what the course is? It’s just me on my own but I want to improve my skills, etc- would one month of membership include all the training? 

We have a membership program that teaches you every aspect of setting up and running a cleaning business including training on how to clean and certification.

We start at the beginning because every course stacks on top of each other. Once you join a membership – you have access to all of the courses that came before that. And we don’t have any contracts.
So, if you want to join for a month and cram like you did back in high school for exams and knock it all out in a month then sure you can do that.

The Savvy Cleaner Memberships include courses and group coaching each month and the program is set up strategically to learn as a group for this reason – as you go through the courses with us and you hear the questions other ask, you can learn from their mistakes – instead of reinventing all the mistakes on your own. We learn vicariously through others.

Listening in on the group coaching calls also answers questions you may not have thought of on your own. So if you are serious about your business, come join us.

Here is a breakdown of the courses and what we are up to this year:

And here is the membership breakdown:

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