How Do You Word Your Satisfaction Guarantee?

You word your satisfaction guarantee in a way that reduces buyer risk but leaves you options for finding a full resolve without giving away the farm.
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“At any time during our working relationship if you find you’re not satisfied with our work, would you give us the courtesy of a call before you tell your friends on social media? 

Call us immediately after a job and we’ll do EVERYTHING in our power to resolve your concerns and make it right. Is that fair?”

Satisfaction Guarantee in GoldYou’ll usually get a yes to both of these questions. The customer wants to know that they will be taken care of. And what you’ve done is left the guarantee open to questions, revisions, a re-clean, money back, partial money back, a discount for future cleanings, or whatever needs to be done at the moment to fix the situation.

The worst guarantee is the one you can’t deliver on like to promise 100% full refund (though you may decide to give one) because then you are setting your customer up to take advantage of you if they are only partially dissatisfied. And if you have employees cleaning, you still have to pay the employee for the work that was done.

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