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Worksheets and Checklists

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Angela Brown
CEO, Savvy Cleaner Training

The worksheet is one of the most important tools you will use in your cleaning business. At first glance it’s a checklist of things to clean at a client’s house.

And while that is true in a sense, it’s so much more.

We’ve revised and reworked the “worksheet” for almost 30 years.

It’s a blend of psychology, behavioral economics, scarcity, diplomacy, and confidence all rolled into the easiest sales tool you’ll ever use.

But there is a catch. You have to know how to use it, and why you can’t skip a single part of it.

Lots of house cleaners get their hands on one and the first thing they do is they cut stuff out. They add stuff to make it look fuller, fancier or whatever — and with the edits they edit out most of their profits.

If you’ve got a cleaning business, stop what you are doing and take the time to learn the hidden secrets of why the worksheet works so well.

FAQ About the Worksheets

  • Can I use an electronic worksheet vs. paper?
  • Can I customize each line item for each customer?
  • Do you give the client a copy of the worksheet before they sign up with you?
  • Are you supposed to give the client a copy every time you clean or just on the walkthrough?
  • What if the client has more rooms in their house than are on the worksheet?
  • What if the client doesn’t have as many rooms as are on the worksheet?
  • Doesn’t using all this paper for worksheets waste a lot of trees?
  • Do we have to use your worksheet or can we create our own?
  • Why were the changes to the 2020 Worksheet added only now?
  • Can’t we just use a checklist app like Google Keep or Evernote instead of this?
  • Why do we need a checklist? The client can see if the house is clean or not.
  • If we use a checklist won’t it look bad if I don’t check all the stuff off?
  • If the client gives me a checklist, do I use theirs or mine?
  • What if the job is a deep clean, is there a different worksheet?

And the good news is we cover all this and more inside this course. Hip Hip Hooray!

When you’re finished, you will have unlocked the secrets to the worksheet. You will know how to use them and why.

And then you can decide if they are right for you – but you will never again wonder if they work.

The Anatomy of a Worksheet

In this course, we break down every part of the worksheet and the importance of each section.

We’ll cover:

  • What Goes in the Header
  • The #1 Thing to Never Leave Off Your Worksheet
  • How Your Company Works
  • Why Checkboxes are Important
  • Why We Put This in the Notes Section
  • What Goes in the Supplies Section
  • Clarifying Your Rules and Regulations
  • The Payment Section – What and Why
  • What Goes in the Footer

Following this simple formula, even the worst salesperson in the world can glide through a walkthrough and book the account at the end.

The Anatomy of a Worksheet, Savvy Cleaner Training, Angela Brown
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Systemize Your Cleaning with Worksheets

In training we talk a lot about having systems in place to streamline your workflow. The worksheet is one of those systems. 

In this section we’ll cover:

  • Worksheets vs. Checklists
  • The Purpose of Progress Reports
  • How Worksheets are Your Reset Button
  • Worksheets as a Marketing Tool
  • How Worksheets Protect You from Scams
  • Paper or Electronic – Which is More Effective
  • Pay for Performance Employee Tracking

Satisfaction Guarantee

Savvy Cleaners know that the quickest way to close a sale is to remove buyer risk. We do that by guaranteeing our work. But what exactly do you include in a guarantee so you don’t lose money?

In this section we’ll cover:

  • Should You Offer a Satisfaction Guarantee?
  • Standard Industry Guarantees
  • How to Explain Your Guarantee
  • The Process – When Someone Activates Your Guarantee
  • Costs to Your Business of a Guarantee
  • The Cost to Your Business Without a Guarantee

Guarantee your work with confidence by removing the risk to your clients.

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Your Rules & Regulations

During the walkthrough when you introduce your worksheet is the time you clarify with the client how you run your business.  This conversation lets the client know how far they can push you, and how much they can get away with. 

This is one part of the sales cycle you don’t want to screw up.

In this section we cover: 

  • Standard Rules and Regulations
  • What “Must Have” Rules Go on the Worksheet
  • How to Explain Miscellaneous “Add On” Projects
  • Work Hours
  • Alarm System and Keys and Lockout Fees
  • Scheduling and Cancellations
  • Sick  Policy
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • How to Explain Payment and Late Fees
  • The Biggest Secret about Your Rules

After you’ve covered the rules with your prospect, there will be no question who is in charge with how you run your cleaning business.

Why The Rules Apply to You

Lots of cleaning companies run into trouble when they don’t have clear rules in place. So, cleaning techs make up their own rules based on limited information and the resources available to them at the time.

The problem is the outcomes are all over the board and nobody from the client to the boss knows what was promised.

In this section we’ll cover:

  • Why The Rules Apply To You
  • You’re Not a Unicorn and You’re Not Special
  • Why Acting Entitled Will Get Your Fired
  • Why You Don’t Get to Change Rules Once They Are Set
  • What Accountability Has to Do with Scaling
  • What Accountability Has to Do With Referrals
  • The Cost to Your Business of Making Exceptions

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How to Get More Ratings and Reviews

A Savvy Cleaner is always looking for ways to streamline their workflow and not reinvent the wheel. 

Your worksheet leads the customer right to a review hub so they can leave a review – easy peasy.

In this section we’ll cover

  • How to Make it Easy to Leave a Review
  • Why Ratings and Reviews Matter
  • Repurposing Your Ratings and Reviews
  • Should You Pay for Reviews?
  • How to Reward the Behavior You Want Repeated
  • What if You Get a Bad Review
  • How to Use Review Software with Your Worksheet

Collecting verified and qualified reviews has never been easier.

Meet Your Instructor

Angela Brown


The House Cleaning Guru
CEO, Founder: Savvy Cleaner
Author: How to Start Your Own House Cleaning Company
Show Host: Ask a House Cleaner
Professional House Cleaner = 25 years
Experience Hours: 69,603

For more than 25 years Angela Brown owned and operated one of the largest independently owned cleaning companies in the Carolinas.

Her specialty lies in systems that let you work smart, not hard, while generating consistent bottom-line results. Her common sense approach mixed with strategy skyrockets cleaning companies past their competition even in saturated markets.  

Since 2016 she’s been training and consulting full time with clients in 31 countries and millions in revenue.

In this course you’ll discover why people pay thousands of dollars to work with her. And for a fraction of the cost you too can get results that will leave your competitors green with envy.

Disclaimer: Results vary based on willingness to learn and implement the systems.

  • No action = no results.
  • Scattered action = scattered results.
  • Massive action = massive results.

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