I Won a T-Shirt How Do I Claim It?

I Won a T-Shirt How Do I Claim it?

I won a t-shirt how do I claim it? This is a common question with the Funny Cleaning Shirts daily giveaway. Here’s how it works:

  1. Winners are announced daily via email. Please check your email the day after you enter to see if you won. 
  2. If you win your name will be in the middle of the email with instructions on how to claim your prize.
  3. The contest entry form DOES NOT ask for your mailing address so you will have to provide it once you win.
  4. The email with your address MUST MATCH the winning email and name. 
  5. Once we have verified you are the real winner your shirt is ordered from one of our print on demand providers based on the color and size you requested, and the location where you live.
  6. They will print your shirt and ship it to you directly. This can take up to three weeks. (It’s usually about a week but it can take longer depending on issues out of our control.)
  7. As soon as your shirt is ordered, you will be notified through the email you used to provide us with your address. You will be given an estimated arrival time so you can be on the lookout for your free shirt.

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I Won a T-Shirt How Do I Claim It? 
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I won a free shirt but haven’t heard anything back yet. 

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