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Funny Cleaning T-Shirts & Stuff

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Funny cleaning t-shirts, hoodies, tank-tops, and other fun stuff for the house cleaner, maid, or homemaker in your life.
Funny cleaning gifts are perfect for birthday, mother’s day, father’s day, Christmas or just to say “Thanks for cleaning.”

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Cleaning Party My House Friday – BYOB – Bring Your Own Brush

Cleaning Party My House Friday – BYOB – Bring Your Own Brush. This hilarious cleaning design by Savvy Cleaner is a conversation starter on any day.

Show your love for cleaning whether you’re a professional cleaner, maid, housekeeper, homemaker, or busy mom. Comes as a t-shirt, tank top, hoodie, slouch tee, v-neck, kids t-shirts, and a wide variety of cleaning gifts.

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Cleaning Party My House Friday - BYOB - Bring Your Own Brush

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WINNERS: T-Shirt of the Day Contest

Moods of a Broom
WINNER: Michelle Wallis

Oh, So Clean
WINNER: Lilybeth Candelaria

Straight Outta House Cleaning
WINNER: Serena Lewis

Cleaner 01
WINNER: Jennifer Benoit

Just Keep Cleaning
WINNER: Yessenia Roman

Eat, Clean, Sleep, Repeat
WINNER: Kejuana Merriweather

This is How We Roll
WINNER: Susan Ulrey

Just Clean It
WINNER: Barbara Moore

Squeaky Clean
WINNER: Sarah Tse

Cleaning 24/7
WINNER: Tara Wilson

Lucky Cleaning Shirt
WINNER: Grace Ellis

Another One Sweeps the Dust
WINNER: Rose Rogers

It’s Just One Of Those Days
WINNER: Lisa Jenkins

Luke, I Am Your Cleaner
WINNER: Devon Moore

My House is QuaranCleaned
WINNER: Ruth Morey

Cleaning Ninja
WINNER: Terry Dunn

Clean in Every Language
WINNER: Miranda Wymer

Got Dust?
WINNER: Shannon McClymonds

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