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105 Story Ideas

Here are 105 story ideas. Feel free to contact our media department if you want quotes, or an interview with Angela Brown, the House Cleaning Guru.

Airbnb Story Ideas

Airbnb Cleaning Story Ideas

  1. Airbnb – What to clean every day?
  2. Can a House Cleaner Charge Extra for a Cleaning Fee After your BNB Stay is Over?
  3. What Do Airbnb Hosts Do With Left Luggage?
  4. What is the Difference Airbnb Cleaning vs. Residential Cleaning?
  5. What Should a Vacation Rental Keep Under the Sink? 

Get Teenagers to Clean Up

  1. How to Get a Teen to Clean their Bathroom
  2. Genius Hack to Get Your Drama Queen Teen to Clean their Room
  3. How to Motivate Teens to Do Dishes
  4. Age Appropriate Household Chores for Kids & Teens
  5. Chores All Teens Need to Know Before Leaving Home

House Cleaning with Pets

  1. How to Get Pet Urine Out of Your Sofa
  2. 4 Top Hacks to Remove Pet Hair From Your Home
  3. Ways to Clean Dog Poop From Your Carpet
  4. Tips to Pet-Proof Your House
  5. Cleanup Tips After Cat Vomit

Cleaning Through Menopause

  1.  Suddenly Hate Cleaning? How to Manage Your Cluttered Home
  2. Cleaning Tips For When You Have No Energy
  3. Menopause & The Messy House Connection
  4. Simple Coping Tips for Cleaning When Depressed
  5. How Cleaning Can Be The Therapy You Need

Closet Decluttering Story Ideas

  1. Simple Ideas to Thin Out Your Closet
  2. 7 Minimalist Tips To Downsizing
  3. Closet Makeover With the Help of Your Teen
  4. What Your Closet Says About You
  5. Genius Closet Cleanout Hacks
Icky Tub and Shower Story Ideas

Icky Tub and Shower Story Ideas

  1. How to Clean Out Tubs with Clogged Drains
  2. How to Clean the Jets on Tubs
  3. How Do You Remove the Residue from Bath Stickers
  4. Tips to Remove Bathtub Stains
  5. How Often Should You Clean Your Tub & Shower Combo

Clutter & Decluttering

  1. Too Ashamed to Have Company Over?
  2. How to Spot a Fly By Night Cleaning Company
  3. Decluttering Tactics for Chronic Over Thinkers
  4. Do You Have Toxic Clutter In Your Basement?
  5. What’s Hiding Under Your Bathroom Sink?

Dishwashing Story Ideas

  1. Easy Steps to Clean Your Dishwasher
  2. Dishwasher Tips and Tricks
  3. Fastest Way to Empty a Dishwasher
  4. Proper Steps to Washing Dishes By Hand
  5. Dishwashing Glove Secrets

Kitchen Cleaning Story Ideas

  1. How Often Should You Clean Out Your Fridge?
  2. What is In Your Cabinet?
  3. Best System for Inventorying Food Expiration Dates
  4. 5 Best Tips for Speedy Oven Cleaning
  5. Quickest Way to Defrost a Freezer

Christmas Clutter

  1. How Many is “Too Many” Holiday Decorations?
  2. 7 Simple Tips for a Minimalist Christmas
  3. Clutter Clearing After Christmas
  4. Christmas Decoration Recycling
  5. Quick Cleaning Hacks Before The In-laws Arrive

Kitchen Appliance Story Ideas

  1. How to Clean a Toaster Oven
  2. How Often Should You Clean Your Keurig Coffee Machine
  3. How to Get the Gunk off the Bottom of Your Iron
  4. How to Clean a Garbage Disposal
  5. How to Clean out Fridge Doors

Pantry Organization Story Ideas

  1. 7 Smart Pantry Hacks for Homes with Seniors
  2. How to Clean a Pantry After Mice
  3. How to Clean Pantry Shelves
  4. Best Methods for Food Rotation in Your Pantry
  5.  Pantry Organization Hacks on a Budget

House Cleaners

  1. Independent Cleaners vs. Franchises – Which Should You Hire?
  2. House Cleaners Who Talk Too Much
  3. How to Get a Fair Price For Cleaning Service
  4. How to Let Your Cleaner Go
  5. Should You Give Your House Cleaner Belongings You No Longer Want?
Bed Making Story Ideas

Bed Making Story Ideas

  1. How to Make a Bed like a Hotel? 
  2. How Often Should You Change Your Bed Sheets?
  3. How often should you wash guest room bedding?
  4. How to Rotate or Flip a Mattress
  5. How to Remove Urine Smells From a Mattress?
Get Kids to Clean Story Ideas

Get Kids to Help with Chores

  1. Back to School Cleaning
  2. How to Make Cleaning Fun for Kids
  3. Bribes Don’t Work – The Real Way to Get Kids to Clean Their Rooms
  4. Can Young Kids Have Chores? How Young is Too Young?
  5. Daily FOD Walks for Kids
Tips for Seniors Story Ideas

Cleaning in a Home with Seniors Story Ideas

  1. How to Disinfect Your House After You’ve Been Sick
  2. Deep Cleaning Tips for Seniors Who Live Alone
  3. Mobility Hacks for Homes with the Elderly
  4. Tips to Downsize a Lifetime of Clutter
  5. House Cleaning When You Have Chronic Pain

Bathroom Cleaning Story Ideas

  1. How to Clean a Bathroom Vanity
  2. How to Clean a Clogged Toilet Filled with Poop
  3. How to Clean a Shower Floor
  4. How to Clean Toilet Bowl Rings – Three Types
  5. How to Do a Maintenance Clean on a Toilet

Laundry Hacks

  1. Laundry Hacks for Large Families
  2. Fast Laundry Tips for Families on the Go
  3. Laundry Hacks to Keep Your Clothes their Whitest
  4. Laundry Tips When You Have No More Closet Space
  5. Laundry Tips for Tiny Homes
  6.  Leaving Home
Drawer Organization Story Ideas

Drawer Organization Story Ideas

  1. How to Organize Your Clothes When You Don’t Have Any Dressers
  2. How to Keep Clothes Tidy When You Have Small Kids
  3. Drawer Organization Tips for Seniors
  4. How to Organize Your Drawers
  5. How to Keep Under the Bed Drawers Organized

Cleaning Questions

  1. How Important is House Cleaning?
  2. Is it Okay to Skip Household Chores?
  3. Why is House Cleaning So Hard?
  4. Cleaning Bottle Secrets Revealed
  5. Organic Cleaning Supplies or Store Brands?
Hoarding Help

Help for Hoarding

  1. Simple Steps to Break the Hoarding Pattern
  2. How to Recognize Hoarding Tendencies In Your Home
  3. How to Let Go of Useless Items You Don’t Want But Have
  4. Storage Unit Decluttering Tips
  5. 5 Strategies for Living With a Hoarder
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