Here’s your chance to donate to the Savvy Cleaner Scholarship Fund. Sponsor a cleaner with the proper training and business support to grow their business.

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Each year Savvy Cleaner gives away scholarships to the Savvy Cleaner Network which includes training for house cleaners and maids, group coaching, and 24/7 network support. This trains them in personal protective equipment, chemical safety, cleaning equipment between jobs, how to clean techniques, and more. If you find value from Angela Brown or the Savvy Cleaner shows, podcasts, books, consulting, or training courses -- you can help us leave the world a cleaner place by sponsoring a cleaner.

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* All sponsorships are based on current training prices.

* 100% of the scholarship fund goes towards the education and training of cleaning business owners.

* Scholarships will be granted within the calendar year.

* All Donors will be listed in the Stories and Soundbites news media portal.

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