Vacuums for Homeowners

Here are vacuums for homeowners recommended by professional house cleaners. Since COVID-19 maids are using your vacuums to prevent cross-contamination.

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Vacuum for homeowners

Who is Responsible For Wear and Tear?

Homeowners buy the vacuums at their own expense and keep them at their homes. The vacuums belong to the homeowners who are responsible for the wear and tear on the vacuum. They are encouraged to use them between regular cleaning visits.

Who Empties the Vacuum?

Your professional house cleaner will do a thorough inspection of the vacuum before and after each use to ensure no cracks, clogs, missing wheels or attachments, and no bent plug prongs. And they will return the vacuums at the end of each cleaning in the same condition. 

House cleaners will also empty the canister before returning the vacuum to your care.

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