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Never Clip a Coupon Again

This app runs off GPS and finds coupons, discounts, Freebies and Employee pricing wherever you go. 

Shopping Malls, Stores, Shopping Centers, Restaurants, Diners, Fast Food, Gas Stations, Amusement Parks, Movie Theatres, Online shopping, Hotels, Cruises, Airbnb, Rental Cars, Packing, Moving, Storage, Services and more.

Get employee pricing wherever you go.

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Plus 6.99 month Oswald

Access 250,000 Stores, Services, Restaurants & More
1 time joining fee of $39.99 + 6.99/month per person or employee

GPS Tracking

Get deals wherever you go

Platform integration

Works on IOS and Android, Smartphones, Tablets & Computers

Bluetooth access

Use Wi-fi, Bluetooth or Cellular

Savvy Perks Deals on Phone 600 x 1203

Favorite Places

Mark your favorite deals for easy access

Scan and Save

No need to print or clip anything. Just present your mobile device to any cashier. Scan and save.

Silent mode

Save silently without anyone else knowing you've got Perks.

Save Hundreds of Dollars a Month
Get Employee Pricing Wherever You Go!

Without changing any buying or spending habits our average members save between $100 to $300 per week on oil changes, groceries, gas stations, drive-throughs and more.

All-Access Pass to Employee Perks

per month
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