Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras go beyond common home security cameras.

These are ordinary-looking items that can record cheating spouses, teenagers, and yes, house cleaners.

The point of this page is not to scare you but to make you realize it is possible you are being watched at all times from various angles while cleaning.

Use the cameras to promote the excellent work you do, not incriminate you for sloppy work or stolen items. 

When you are done inspecting a room after cleaning it, give yourself a thumbs up. This picks up on camera for your homeowner to see that the room meets your seal of approval.

Creepy right? Lots of items that don’t need any wires to operate.

Many of these cameras are motion-activated and will come on when you enter a room.

Many of the modern hidden cameras have night vision capabilities which pick up great recordings even in dimly lit or dark rooms.

NOTE: We’ve added Amazon affiliate links not to sell you these cameras but so you can read the ratings and reviews on them or learn more about them if you choose. That said, if you do buy one, we will make a small commission. So thank you. 🙂

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