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Savvy Perks Facebook Group Highlights Ways to Save

Savvy Perks is a program for cleaning business owners and Airbnb hosts.

Facebook GroupsThe Savvy Perks Facebook group is a place to ask questions, share findings, post savings tips, and highlight ways to use Savvy Perks to incentivize your cleaning staff and VRBO/Airbnb partners.

Savvy Perks for Small Businesses

Savvy Perks by Savvy Cleaner LogoAs small business owners, we don’t qualify for many of the benefits programs offered to employees of major corporations – until now.

Savvy Cleaner partnered with America’s largest employee discount network to give you access to small business tools, supplies, and entertainment at embarrassingly low prices. Check out Savvy Perks here: https://savvyperks.com/

The Perks of Savvy Perks

When you join Savvy Perks your subscription (the cost of a sandwich per month) gives you access to 700,000 retailers. Buy cleaning supplies, vacuums, mops, and more at insanely low employee pricing.

Airbnbs can buy linens, blackout curtains, home furnishings, and standard amenities for a fraction of the cost of regular retailers. Join the Facebook group here: https://svy.tips/SavvyPerksFB

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