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Not sure if Angela Brown is the right instructor for you or if Savvy Cleaner is the right move for your training? Take a sample course or download our book for free. If you find value come join us

Here’s A Sample Course

Why Credentials Matter is a free Savvy Cleaner sample course you can take to see the type of content we provide. You can access it here:

It this course:

  • Learn about your business reputation
  • Why reputation matters
  • What are credentials?
  • How to use credentials to close more sales
  • Keys to managing your reputation
  • How to use verified credentials
  • Why verification of credentials is important

How to Start Your Own House Cleaning Company

by Angela Brown

We also have a free book you can download on Amazon and read free on any device with the free Kindle App. It’s called How to Start Your Own House Cleaning Company and you can download it here:

Ask a House Cleaner with Angela Brown

Check out the Ask a House Cleaner Show / Podcast hosted by Angela Brown and Produced by Savvy Cleaner On YouTube and your favorite podcast apps.

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