Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I cancel or change my order?

    If canceling a membership go here: 

    To upgrade your membership go here: 

  • How to track my order?
    You will receive an email from us after you have placed the order. You’ll get confirmation in your email when you purchase and we’ll let you know when your order is on the move. You will be able to track your order through your preferred shipping partner.
  • What are my payment options?
    We accept all the popular payment methods such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amazon Pay, American Express and Google Pay.

Shipping & Delivery

  • Do you only ship to the USA?

    All of our products are digital products so there is no shipping except for the paper certificates sent when a certification course is completed. 

    For the paper certificates we ship anywhere in the world that mail is delivered.

  • Do you ship overseas?

    Yes, we ship certificates for completed training courses everywhere in the world that mail is delivered.

  • Do you offer free shipping?

    Yes, free shipping is included for certificates of completed training courses.

  • How long does the delivery take?

    Certificates are processed, signed and mailed each Friday. The delivery time is usually 2 to 3 days but can take as long as 2 to 3 weeks if shipping outside the USA.

Refund & Exchange

  • What is your Refund & Exchange Policy?
    You can ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase. Returned items must be in the exact same condition as they were received.
  • How do I track my Refund?
    To track the status of your refund, kindly refer to your confirmation email that you have received from us.
  • How long does it take to get the Refund?

    Once we receive your return, please allow us 5-10 business days for your refund to process. Refund amount will be automatically credited to the same form of payment originally used for purchase.


  • Which membership is best for business owners?

    For business owners looking to grow and scale, the Savvy Cleaner Network (Pink Package) is recommended. It includes all the training and business courses. 

  • When I join a Savvy Cleaner Membership do I get to keep the courses I take?

    You have access to all of the courses and resource materials that are included in the memberships. When you disconnect or cancel your service, you lose access to the learning library with all your courses, and all the reference materials. 

  • Do I have to go through the courses with a group?

    No. The courses are all at a go-at-your-own-pace. You can learn as fast as you like. 

  • What do I get when I join a Savvy Cleaner membership?

    You get all the courses that are "Available Now" for your membership type, along with over 200 hours of recorded cleaning training.

  • How much does the Savvy Cleaner Training memberships cost?

    The current pricing for Savvy Cleaner Training memberships can be found here: https:

  • Does Savvy Cleaner have a membership for training?

    Yes, there are currently 3 memberships at Savvy Cleaner. 

    One for employees, one for business owners, and a combo membership that includes both the employee training and the certification courses for cleaning business owners.

  • How do I update my billing information?

    Here's How to Update Your Credit Card Information:

  • 30-Day Refund Policy

    The Savvy Cleaner 30-Day Refund Policy offers a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee for 30 days after you join at no risk to you.

    If you go through the course(s) and implement the changes and find success then the Savvy Cleaner path is for you.

    If for some reason, you’re unhappy with the course(s), and they don't resonate with you, I’ll refund your money 100% in full for 30 days after your purchase.

    Sound fair?

    I don’t want there to be any barriers between you and the explosive growth you’re destined to achieve.

    Once you understand how to reach the maximum amount of people in your market, in a way that builds authority, credibility, and confidence, I know you’ll go out and contribute to the world at your highest capacity.

    - Angela Brown, CEO, Savvy Cleaner Training

  • How do I log in to my account?

    To Log In

    Go to your membership dashboard go to

    Use the email you used at signup.

    Use the password you added at signup.

    Or, you can click on the link "Lost your password" and follow the instructions to reset your password.

    Here is a short video that explains how to do this.


  • Is there a time limit for the courses?

    No. Unlike many training programs where once you start you can't stop or the course resets itself, we realize our students are busy and may be interrupted from time to time.

    No clock is ticking, and the course will wait until you have the time to complete it. 

    • All of the Savvy Cleaner courses are designed on a go-at-your-own-pace schedule.
  • How long does it take to finish the courses?

    Each course is organically different lengths. Some courses are as long as 178 pages, and others are as short as 40. It depends on the topic and the need to "know more."

    NOTE: We are currently updating our courses all the time so varying lengths for courses is normal.

  • Do I have to take the courses in one sitting?

    No. The lessons are set up so you can do the course in one sitting, or you can stop halfway through. 

    The lessons are smart and remember where you left off, which makes learning on the go easy. 

    Learn when you're waiting for a dentsit appointment on your phone, or if you're a passenger in a car. Learn while you're drinking your morning coffee.

    Pick up the following session wherer you left off today. 👍

  • How much time do the Savvy Cleaner courses take?

    The courses are set up so you can go at your own pace. Once registered, members have unlimited access to the courses 24/7.

    Each course is divided into sections. Each section contains lessons. Each lesson varies in length and has a suggested time for completion.

    This is based on the average reading time of a 5th-grade reading level so you can plan your learning sessions. But you can go as fast as you like.

    There are no time limits to slow you down.

    You can log in at any time, on any device, and go through any and all the courses. Use them as a reference, revisit any subject at any time, download forms, checklists, employee handbooks as you need them. Always current, always up to date.

  • Can I buy just one course?

    Yes, you can buy single courses here:

    You can join a membership that includes all the courses here: 

  • How are certificates delivered?

    You will receive certificates in the mail after you have completed the certification courses. An electronic version via email that you can use for your website or social media is sent as well.

    You can print it for your portfolio or save it to your hard drive to use on your website or social media to boost your credentials.

    The Savvy Cleaner Team processes all certificates several times a week. Certificates go to the address listed on the certificate update form.

    Members can expect certificates to be delivered 1-2 weeks in the USA and 3-4 weeks internationally after completing a certification course.


  • Can I join your Facebook group if I’m looking for a cleaner?

    Facebook charges for ads, and they are not keen on members advertising their services - or us using their free groups to promote their services. For this reason we've set up HouseCleaning360 which partners cleaning companies and homeowners.

    Go to HouseCleaning360 to find a house cleaner near you.

  • Best Facebook group for house cleaners looking for free leads

    The HouseCleaning360 Facebook group is a private, closed group for members of our referral network. If you service the home in any way – you belong here. Join the group here:

    Members include house cleaners, maids, professional organizers, landscapers, window washers, handymen/women, pressure washers, dog walkers, pet sitters, independent distributors that sell products to homeowners for the home, heating/air, roofing, deck, fence repair, etc.

    If you provide any of these services, grab a business fan page at 

    We have rotating celebrations to boost member fan pages through our various social networks and use your HC360 URL links to boost visibility.

  • Why can’t I swear or curse in the Facebook group?

    No Cussing, Cursing, Swearing Group Policy

    Our groups at one time became quite profane, with members calling each other names and telling each other where to go in a bullying way. So, we've removed those trigger words, even when they are not used in mean or hateful ways. I know it's a petty thing, I'm sorry.

    Cuss words we've banned from our group are Shit, Damn, Fuck, Hell, Bitch, Bastard, Asshole, and Cunt. Using these words in any form can get you removed from the group. They are not useful, positive, encouraging, or professional.

    We are professional groups. If you can’t follow these rules, please find another group. We are not a good fit for you.

    There are 171,476 words in the English language. We ask you to refrain from seven or eight of them for a better user experience.

  • Can I advertise my business in the Facebook groups?

    You Can Post Your Ad on Saturday

    Every Saturday in the pinned posts in all Savvy Cleaner business groups, you may sell your stuff. This is called the Super Saturday Sale.

    To learn more go here:

  • Why did I get blocked from Facebook?

    Did you block admin?

    If you can't find the group it is most likely because a rule was broken or admin was blocked.

    In the past we've had tremendous trouble with people joining the group, then blocking admin and then being mean to our members, harassing them, bullying them, and spamming them. 

    For these reasons, if the admin is blocked (for any reason) we will remove and block you from the group. This stops the bad behavior of those misusing the group.

    NOTE: If you feel you've been blocked accidentally, you can appeal your situation here:

Affiliate Program

  • Savvy Cleaner Uses Paid Links – Does That Mean the Reviews Are Rigged?

    Savvy Cleaner uses paid links when recommending products we personally use and love. 

    We DO NOT recommend products we don't use or love. This is because our audience trusts us to provide value, not crap. 

    Our reputation is far more important than the few cents we make on each product sold.

    We do however use affiliate links, partner discounts and brand deals whenever possible as the money earned pays the Savvy Cleaner Team who create the content, shows, podcasts, blogs, courses and run the customer support and tech teams to provide cleaners everywhere affordable and when possible, free resources to help leave the world a cleaner place. 

    You can learn more here:

  • Will Angela Brown promote me or my company on an affiliate basis?

    Every day we get 3 to 5 requests to be affiliate partners with companies who feel they have a product or service good for our audience. 

    It is possible we will join you but with this agreement, there is no upfront money on your part and no guaranteed placements on our part. 

    • We recommend your product or service when it is organic to the conversations, social media posts, and training we are having.
    • We will NOT recommend time-sensitive ads, discounts, upcoming events, or fund-raisers as most of our content is evergreen.
    • We do not offer exclusivity on any affiliate partner arrangements.
    • Affiliate partnerships are not tracked on our end through a media or coverage book.

    For more information, click the links below.

    Media Kit –

    Create a Campaign –

  • Does Savvy Cleaner have an affiliate program?

    Yes, go to and sign up for an account if you don't already have one.


  • What is included in the Savvy Cleaner Scholarship?

    Savvy Cleaner Scholarships Include:

    A one-year membership to the Savvy Cleaner Network which includes:

    Savvy Cleaner Training & Certification (All Available Odd Number Courses)

    Savvy Cleaner Business Training (All Available Even Number Courses)

    All Quarterly Refresher Courses for one year.

    VIP Access to 2 x Group Mastermind Sessions (Zoom) each month for one year

    24/7 Network Support for one year

    Membership to the Professional House Cleaners FB Group

    Membership to the exclusive Savvy Cleaner Network FB Group for one year.

    1 x year Membership to Verify My Records

    1 x Free Photo ID Badge with QR Code linked to Ratings and Review Page

About Us

Worksheets - Checklists

  • Where do I go to find the worksheet?

    To get the free checklists or worksheets go to 

    Save the file to your desktop then open it as a Word or a Google Docx and edit to make changes.

    You will also find a second button that allows you to edit the worksheets right in Canva and then save them to your desktop or print directly.

Employee Benefits, Perks, Bonuses, Incentives

  • Employee perks, bonuses and incentives

    Savvy Cleaner partnered with America's largest employee discount network to give you access to small business tools, supplies, and entertainment at embarrassingly low prices. 

    Check out Savvy Perks here:

Insurance for Cleaners

  • Why do I need proof of insurance?

    Proof of Insurance is as easy as your customer scanning a QR code.

    Many savvy homeowners are now asking for proof of insurance from the people they allow in their homes. Instead of you sorting through papers or trying to remember to get back with a client on this, show your professionalism by providing it on the spot.

    Let them scan your Verify My Records badge and see th at you have verified proof of insurance. A COI (Certificate of Insurance) can be obtained from your insurance company and will be verified by the Verify Team. Show your customers you are responsible for entering their homes with proper coverage.

Cleaning Chemicals & Chemical Safety

  • How do I learn about chemical safety for cleaning chemicals?

    Savvy Cleaner does offer a chemical safety training source that covers pH levels and pictograms as well as Safety Data Sheets and proper chemical storage.

    To learn more about this course, go here - 

House Cleaning Walkthrough

  • What is a walkthrough?

    A walkththrough is where a cleaning company shows up at a home or business and the owner, or cleaner will “walk through” with the decision maker (homeowner, property manager), the property. The decision maker expresses their priorities during this conversation.

    The cleaner explains the cleaning chemicals used, cleaning processes, the breakdown between maintenance and deep cleaning for the cleaning job.

    After a discussion, the cleaner and the decision maker come to an agreement of what the job will include. This is called “scope of work.”

    The clenaner will give the decision maker a price of what it will cost to complete the scope of work.

    If the decision maker agrees to the price, the cleaner will book an appointment for the first (or many) cleans at the price agreed upon.

    The walkthrough is also the time the cleaner will explain their rules of operation, and satisfaction guarantee.

    To learn how to do a walkthrough go here:

Airbnb, VRBO, STR Cleaning Tips

  • Where can I get tips for cleaning my Airbnb?

    We do have a group for the people who clean their own short-term rentals, vacation rentals (VRBO), and Airbnb's or are professional cleaners for them.

    The group is a safe place to ask questions, share tips, and cleaning advice.

Commercial Cleaning

  • How do I charge for commercial cleaning jobs?

    Commercial cleaning is a bit out of our realm of expertise.

    The insurance is different, the floor vacuums and burnishers you use to clean the floors are big industrial pieces of equipment. 

    The cleaning carts with cleaning supplies are way bigger than a handheld cleaning caddy and usually stay on-site in a storage closet somewhere.

    Usually, with commercial cleaning jobs, you’re cleaning bathrooms with several toilets and sinks, windows, doors, etc. And often at night when the customers are gone.

    There is also restocking paper supplies, toilet paper, paper towels in restrooms, soap in soap dispensers, etc.

    It’s just a different ball of wax than house cleaning for these and so many more reasons.

    Should you decide you want to go this route, you may want to consider this software Clean Bid by Clean Guru.

    This software will ask you a series of questions and help you uncover the things you need to bid the job correctly.

Cleaning Credentials

  • How do customers verify I’m insured and trained?

    At Savvy Cleaner we've partnered with Verify My Records to provide each of our members a photo ID badge that scans with a QR code.

    On any job or walkthrough, a customer can scan your Photo ID badge with their smartphone and it will lead them to a verification page that shows you are insured.

    Your training through Savvy Cleaner is reported and shows up on your page, along with customer ratings and reviews.

    You can learn more about Verify My Records here. 

  • How do people verify I’m a real business?

    The first thing people will do when they hear your name or you are recommended by a friend, is they will check you out online.

    They want to remove fears of making a mistaking in hiring you. To do this, they look for your website, social media, ratings and reviews and anything else that will assure them they are not being scammed. 

    If you don't have a website, or your social media is not a good representation of you - this is a good time to take action and set all that up.

  • What are cleaning credentials?

    Credentials are the proof you show homeowners who hire you that you are qualified to clean their home.

    Common credentials for house cleaners are:

    • Training certificates from reputable training programs
    • Drivers license or Green Card
    • Certificate of Insurance (COI or proof that you are insured)
    • Photo ID
    • Ratings and Reviews from Satisfied Customers
    • Better Business Bureau Accreditation
    • Memberships (Chamber of Commerce, Cleaning Associations)
    • Before & After Cleaning Photos on Your Website
    • Your Website


  • Why do I have to fill out my instructor profile for each site?

    Keeping each site separate for SEO and targeting specific audiences can be a practical approach. Here’s why this approach makes sense:

    1. SEO and Audience Targeting:

    Maintaining separate websites for different target audiences (cleaners, Airbnb hosts, homeowners) allows you to tailor your content, keywords, and hashtags to each specific audience’s needs. This can improve SEO and help you reach the right people with the right content.

    2. Tailored Messaging:

    Each website can have messaging and content that directly speaks to the concerns and interests of the specific audience it serves. This creates a more personalized experience.

    3. Product Customization:

    Instructors can tweak their products slightly to cater to different audiences. This flexibility can lead to higher conversion rates as the products resonate more with the unique needs of each group.

    4. Unique Hashtags:

    Using slightly different hashtags on each platform can help you tap into the specific conversations and communities relevant to each audience. This can improve discoverability and engagement.

    5. AB Testing:

    Managing similar content on sites targeted to slightly different audiences allows you to test keywords, topics, and hashtags to determine which is more lucrative for you.

    6. Content Organization:

    Separating sites keeps the content focused and organized, making it easier for visitors to find what’s relevant to them.

    7. Branding and Identity:

    Each site can have its own distinct branding and identity, catering to the preferences of the respective audiences.

    While having a centralized approach has benefits, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The decision to have separate sites was determined by our resources, technical comfort level, business goals, and desired user experience. Keeping separate sites for us certainly offers clear advantages, and it’s a more straightforward approach that we can manage effectively.

Savvy Cleaner Consulting Services

  • Can I combine consulting with other Savvy Cleaner resources?

    Yes, you can integrate consulting services with other resources offered by Savvy Cleaner, such as training courses and materials, to create a comprehensive approach to improving your cleaning business. 

  • Can I combine consulting with other Savvy Cleaner resources?

    Yes, you can integrate consulting services with other resources offered by Savvy Cleaner, such as training courses and materials, to create a comprehensive approach to improving your cleaning business. 

  • Will consulting with Angela Brown guarantee success for my cleaning business?

    No. Angela Brown can troubleshoot your business and give you proven guidance but ultimately, doing the actual work and making the changes needed for success is up to you. 

  • Will consulting with Angela Brown guarantee success for my cleaning business?

    No. Angela Brown can troubleshoot your business and give you proven guidance but ultimately, doing the actual work and making the changes needed for success is up to you. 

  • What is the cost of Savvy Cleaner’s consulting services?

    Current prices for consulting services can be found here: 

  • How long does a typical consult with Angela Brown last?

    Individual sessions can be purchased in blocks of 20 min, 30 min, and 60 min sessions.

    Group coaching sessions are 2 hours long x 2ce per month.

  • Are Savvy Cleaner consulting sessions one-on-one or group-based?

    Both are available for a fee.

    Individual sessions: 

    Group consulting: (this is included in your me mberships)

  • Are Savvy Cleaner consulting sessions one-on-one or group-based?

    Both are available for a fee.

    Individual sessions: 

    Group consulting: (this is included in your me mberships)

  • What can I expect during a consulting session with Angela Brown or Savvy Cleaner?

    During a session, you can expect personalized advice, strategies, and solutions tailored to your cleaning business's unique challenges and goals. The session will be recorded for your reference and review.

  • How do I get started with Savvy Cleaner consulting?

    You can go here: and pick a package that works for you and your budget.

  • How do I get started with Savvy Cleaner consulting?

    You can go here: and pick a package that works for you and your budget.

  • How do I get started with Savvy Cleaner consulting?

    You can go here: and pick a package that works for you and your budget.

  • Is consulting with Angela Brown only for established businesses?

    No, consulting services can be beneficial for both new and established cleaning businesses looking to grow, streamline operations, or address specific challenges. That said, time with Angela Brown one-on-one with a laser focus on your business is quite expensive. 

    She is available for group consulting twice a month where in a group she will help you streamline your business. You can join a membership here: 

  • How can consulting with Angela Brown or Savvy Cleaner benefit my cleaning business?

    Consulting can improve your cleaning business’s efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Don’t reinvent the wheel and don’t learn the hard way. There are so many insights and strategies that will save you years of mistakes and expensive heartache.

  • What services does Savvy Cleaner offer?

    Savvy Cleaner offers consulting services to help cleaning business owners with various aspects of their business, including cleaning, hiring, marketing, customer service, and operations. 

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