Group Training for Employees

Savvy Cleaner offers a membership with courses for employees.

See the group pricing to train employees here:
*scroll to the bottom for group pricing

Moderate Your Group

When you join a membership for a group you become the group administrator. This allows you to monitor the progress of your students within your group.

  • Each member of your group will have their own login account that is also an electronic employee file that tracks their progress.

As each employee completes their training they will be given a completion certificate that is sent electronically so you can brag about your team on social media and add it to your website.

Signed Certificates Will Be Mailed

Hard copies of completion certificates will be mailed and usually arrive within a week’s time in the USA and 3 weeks internationally.

*Joining a membership gives you access to all the courses in the membership.

Common Ways to Ask This Question

  • Do you have courses for employees?
  • How do I train my employees?
  • Does this program give my employees their own login?
  • Do all my staff get certifications if they go through the program?
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