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People often ask if they can advertise in Savvy Cleaner Facebook Groups. Please realize that our groups are created and run to serve our paying customers. It’s confusing to our members when you try to post ads for services we don’t know about, haven’t vetted, don’t endorse, or compete directly with us. Not to mention in many cases it’s flat-out tacky.

You Can Post Your Ad on Saturday

We still want to be fair to you so every Saturday in all Savvy Cleaner business groups, (Except for Hoarding World) you may sell your stuff. This is called the Saturday Super Sale.

Your ad MUST go in the Saturday Super Sale post or it will be in violation of group rules and will be removed.

What Can You Sell?

You can sell software, apps, books, work equipment, work clothing, gizmos, gadgets, trinkets, detergents, and things you’ve invented. You can also pitch your MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) or side hustle. You can recruit, offer samples, announce training calls, recruit to other FB groups, etc.

Freebies or giveaways that promote your personal agenda such as a webinar or seminar need to be included in the Saturday Super Sale.

Ad Guidelines

You may include one link per ad. (The link can be your website, FB page, or email.) If you are selling multiple things, create multiple ads.

DON’T ask for anyone’s email, and please don’t add your email to any posts. We don’t want people harvesting a list of emails from any thread in our group.

* There is no charge or fee from Savvy Cleaner to post your ad on this spot. 

* By posting your ad you recognize that Savvy Cleaner nor its affiliates are endorsing your product or service.

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Appeal Your Status

If you’ve been removed from one of our FB groups you can appeal your status for reconsideration.

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