What Do I Get When I Join the Membership?

What do I get when I join the membership? 

Here’s What You Get When You Join 

Depending on the membership you’ve joined you should get 1 course and 1 group training per month.

Each course at the discounted rate is $197.99 ($495 value)

Each group coaching at the discounted rate is $197.99  ($495 value)


TOTAL PRICE $395.98 ($990 value)

That course, however, is also included in one of two memberships (Employee or Employer.)
Chemical Safety, Savvy Cleaner Training Course 500 x 500
Savvy Cleaner Group Coaching 19

Savvy Cleaner Training

Savvy Cleaner Business

Savvy Cleaner Network

We have three memberships:

1: Employees (Savvy Cleaner Training & Certification) = $29.99/month

2: Employer (Savvy Cleaner Business) = $59.99/month

3: Memberships 1 & 2 (Savvy Cleaner Network) = $59.99/month

Each month 1 new course and 1 new group coaching session are released for each membership.

Instead of you paying the $395.98

you get them for the price of your membership.

Which is a 85% – 92% savings.

At the first of the year we busted up our $6,997 program and split it up into monthly installments of training, coaching and pricing to serve you better.

Here is the schedule of courses we will be unbundling this year.

You can upgrade your membership or cancel your membership at any time by going to your member dashboard and clicking on Order History.

Or you can join here.

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