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Upsell Tips for Your Cleaning Business – Your Answers

 Upsell as a way to earn a fistful of cash, Savvy Cleaner

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Upsell – Include Scarcity

I only have two holiday clean up spots left. Do you want to book Jan 03 or Jan 07?

Everybody’s Doing It Upsell

Everybody’s having me defrost their garage freezers next week to make room for Thanksgiving food storage. Can we add an extra hour to your routine cleaning next week to include yours?

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Tips Savvy Savvy CleanerUpsell for Your Cleaning Business Starts with Suggestion

 McDonalds Fries Upsell  

Cross-Sell vs. Upsell

Ever drive through a McDonalds to buy a sandwich and hear the phrase: “Want fries with that?” That is a cross-sell. You are already there to buy food when they ask if you want to add on to your order. It doesn’t cost any more advertising money to get you in the door – you are already there. Cross-selling is the art of making sure you  have a better experience by buying all the things that would make that sandwich a better meal.

The same rules apply to house cleaning. If your client already trusts you, and they like your service, you can add-on to the experience by offering extra services. Want closet organization with that?


 McDonalds Fries UpsellMcDonalds Fries UpsellMcDonalds Fries Upsell  

Upsell: Do You Want Small, Medium or Large?

You agree you want fries with your order, and since you’re in a buying mood, and you already have your wallet open. It’s a good idea for McDonald’s to keep selling until you stop them, or stop buying. Next, they ask you; Do you want small, medium or large? We live in an era of bulk buying. We all know that if you buy more, it costs less. So sure, let’s upgrade to the large fries.

In your house cleaning business, you can use this technique when a client wants to hire you for a one-time cleaning. But why only one time? Is their house different from the masses who need regular cleaning? No. So offer a bulk package of multiple cleanings. One time cleaning is $200 and a bi-weekly package for a year is $100 per cleaning. So they save money buying 26 cleanings. (The price used here is just an example. Yet for the same advertising or marketing cost, instead of making a $200 sale, you made a $2,600 sale.)


Upsell McDonalds_McCafe_Vanilla_Shake  

Upsell – Something Extra

You are done ordering your meal at McDonald’s when they ask you: Would you like to try one of our fabulous Vanilla Milk Shakes with your meal? It’s a suggestion that begs a yes or no answer. If you answer yes, they just doubled or tripled your meal price by upselling and cross-selling and upsizing your order.

The same rules apply to house cleaning. Would you like to book your spring cleaning now – while I still have a couple of openings?


Help Dice On Background Showing Questions  

Upsell: Will that Be All?

At the end of placing your order, the McDonald’s team member asks you: Will that be all? Or in other words; make up your own upsell. What else do you want?

As a cleaning service provider you too can ask this question. Will that be all? Or, Am I forgetting anything? Let your client tell you what they need or want to add to their order. If you can serve those requests you’ve just locked down a bunch more business.


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Ask a House Cleaner – Upsell with Peer Pressure

Customers who bought this, Savvy CleanerDid you ever buy something at Amazon? Let’s say some oven cleaner. And when you click on the “add to cart” button another add pops up that suggests this phrase: Customers who bought this also bought this. Or another version of the same idea: Frequently bought together. And they show you a picture of SOS cleaning pads also used to clean the oven. That is the use of the cross sell and the upsell. When you combine products or services that go together, you can increase your profits during the same sale, without increasing your advertising or marketing expense. You are already on that page, and you are buying something.

Savvy people want to make good use of their money.  When you show them that customers who bought this also bought this, it answers the question: Do I have everything I need to do the job right if I buy this product? The answer is no. You need this product too. If you stop to think about it, you don’t want to be half way through an oven cleaning when you realize you forgot your S.O.S. scrub pads and have to make a special trip to the store.

Peer pressure innuendo:  All the cool kids are buying these two items together – you should too.

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Social Media to Upsell

Summer is a busy time for people with vacations and travel. Typically people will cancel or postpone house cleaning while gone. But you still need money coming in. This is a great time to post to Facebook and Twitter that you will be using “vacation time” for special projects like cleaning china cabinets, organizing attics and garages. You could also defrost garage freezers, or wash ceramic rooster collections. If your clients are following you on social media – this is a free way to upsell them to a service they need that is not part of your routine cleaning.

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Time Saving Hack of the Week – Upsell in Advance

Holiday Cleanup Flyer upsell, Savvy CleanerThe house cleaning industry traditionally has a few slow months each year. People cancel more than usual, or they don’t have the money to pay for cleaning. This happens a lot right after the Christmas holidays. People are overwhelmed with family coming in, holiday decorations to put away, they are maxed out on credit cards etc. They need house cleaning more than ever, yet it is one of the biggest times for cleaning cancellations.

Knowing this, you can upsell in advance of cancellations. In October, you can include a flyer with your weekly worksheets that you leave behind with a client’s cleaning. “Booking now January Holiday Cleanup” Includes holiday decoration packing and put away. Cleaning and resetting guest rooms, washing bed linens and towels etc.” It’s easy to book in October, a cleaning you will do in January – before they spend all their money on Christmas gifts. Encourage your clients to enjoy the holidays and leave the overwhelm to you and your team.

Throughout the Year

Think of services that compliment your house cleaning, that you are willing to do. It might be different for every client tailored to specific needs. You can mention this on your house cleaning worksheets,  or in passing, as you chat with your clients.


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 What’s going on with Angela? Off the Grid Eating Cookies

Every year I take three weeks of vacation. They are usually a week at a time and scattered through the year. It’s a way to recharge my batteries, enjoy time with my family, and eat lots of cookies and ice cream. Brown Family Vacation 2016This year Mom and Dad celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and we went on a cruise together. It was the Presidential Royal Caribbean Cruise on Allure of The Seas. We stopped in the Bahamas, San Juan and St. Thomas before returning to Fort Lauderdale.

Mom and Dad are hard-working, salt-of-the-earth people who never take time, to relax. They are farmers who grow all their own food. Then they bottle the food (peaches, pears, tomato salsa, cherries, blackberry jam etc.) for the kids and grandkids. It was a real blessing and a joy, to spend such quality time with my folks. I thoroughly enjoyed their company, and even though I’m grown now, I always learn so much from them.

If you get the chance, carve some out for your family – it’s priceless.

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