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Training House Cleaning Employees with an Online ProgramTraining House Cleaning Employees Best Practices  (Your Answers)

  1. First, run through the training procedure yourself. Be clear about what’s expected of the employee in their position.
  2. Start things off slowly. When you overwhelm a new trainee, you make it harder for them to retain specific information.
  3. Give a new employee access to a website or a notebook with all your training materials included. When they are new and excited about the job -is the time they will do a deep dive into your training policies and procedures.
  4. Set realistic deadlines for the employee to complete the training especially if it is online or self-paced. Follow up to make sure they’ve completed it on time.
  5. Include quizzes to ensure the house cleaner has learned the lessons properly.
  6. Have a weekly designated contact session. Air concerns, give feedback, get feedback and keep up with communication.
  7. Don’t micro-manage. Micro-management is the biggest deterrent there is to learning and productivity. It sends the signal of a lack of confidence in the trainee’s capabilities. 

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Ask a House Cleaner – Training House Cleaning Employees Do’s & Don’ts

training program for your house cleaning employees by Angela BrownDo create a custom training program for house cleaning employees

Do have your training in an employee handbook or as part of your company website. (You can passcode protect that part so everybody can’t see it – only employees with a password.)

Do monitor the progress of your employees learning. The progress that is monitored can be monetized.

Do give praise where praise is due.

Don’t skimp. Training house cleaning employees is paramount to your company success.

Don’t get upset. Be patient. Sometimes it takes a few tries before learning a new system and getting it right. Part of your employee’s learning is making mistakes.

Don’t give all your training at once. Spread it out over a few months. If a new hire feels overwhelmed with the training it’s easy to make excuses not to show up for work. 

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Training House Cleaning Employees Using Social Media

Training House Cleaning Employees Using Social Media ©SavvyCleanerEmployee training through social media is now possible thanks to technology. The old way of training house cleaners is clunky.

When I first started my house cleaning company twenty-five years ago the only way we trained new hires was one at a time.  I had the new hire shadow me on a job and I would try to explain as I went the best way to do things. It was a challenge, to teach while on the job. We had to maintain a certain speed to finish the job on time, and still meet the client demand, and expectations. 

Explaining as you go is good, but sometimes the specifics of a job slipped through the cracks. Even with the best of intentions. We filled in the training gaps the best we could but often it came off like “oh hey, I forgot to tell you this, and now that you’ve screwed up it reminds me – that’s not how it’s done.” Clunky at best.

Once I was confident a new cleaner could work on their own – I patched them up with a few clients and sent them to work. Then I would hire the next person and repeat the training process… (Check out the new way of employee training using social media – it makes so much more sense.) 

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Training House Cleaning Employees Time Saving Hack Training House Cleaning Employees Revolving Door Business Sign

Poor training leads to poor performance. Poor performance leads to employer disappointment and employee dissatisfaction. Which leads to a revolving door with a high turnover of employees and customers. 

One of the biggest problems I’ve seen in my cleaning experience is companies growing too fast. With more jobs than one person can handle, the company owner reaches out to the nearest, most available person to hire. Often this is a relative, church friend, or neighbor. 

With limited resources, they skip the screening and training process. BAD MOVE. (Please don’t skip these steps.)

As the business grows, all sorts of small problems and disappointments crop up because the new hire was never properly trained. Before long that poorly trained employee is assigned to train the next family member or friend. And it turns into this vicious cycle of bad training and bad performance. With the bad performance, your clients leave and find a new cleaning service. And then you scramble to find new clients to keep your existing house cleaners busy.  And then you have to go find new house cleaners to support the cleaning demand.

So the time-saving hack for training your house cleaning employees is to create the training program now.

If you are just starting your cleaning business and your schedule is not slammed with business – do it now before you get busy. Don’t slop your way through the training because you don’t have a system in place to do it right.

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 What’s going on with Angela? 

Angel on book smiling next to a roseMy uncle Randol died at 63 this week of a stroke. He was the primary caregiver to his wife Janet who has been struggling for years with medical issues. I am heartbroken at his passing and so grateful I had the chance to know him. 

When I was thirteen, I spent a summer with Randol and Janet and their three toddlers in San Jose, California. Janet ran a daycare center out of her home and was eight months pregnant with twins. I went to be her “big helper” for the summer and somehow my own Mom agreed to let me go.  

It was a sacrifice for my Mom because she too was pregnant and had fifteen kids of her own at home and could have used my help as well. 

When you’re thirteen you don’t miss much. It’s a weird time because you are still a kid but you want to be an adult. And you watch everybody and you pick up cues on how to behave – for the rest of your life.

What I learned from Randol and Janet that summer was how sacred family time is when you run your own business. And how to protect that time by creating boundaries. 

Protect Your Priorities with Boundaries

Multi Tasking Business MomRandol was a partner at a successful commercial real estate firm and he put God and family above all else. He refused to take evening clients that would cut into his family time. When he came home at night he expected all the daycare kids to be gone so he could spend time with his family. 

Janet was firm about sending the kids home on time too. Parents would call with excuses about why they were going to be late picking up the kids. And Janet would listen to the excuses with empathy and a big smile on her face. “I understand you have complications today. And I need to remind you that there is a $25 surcharge for every fifteen minutes they are here past 6:00 pm.” It seemed ludicrous to me that she would charge SO MUCH for fifteen minutes of time for a parent stuck at work or in traffic.

Janet explained that if she caved into the random and frequent excuses, real or imagined, she would train her clients to take advantage of her.

She reminded her clients in a loving way that her business was open from 7:00 am until 6:00 pm. And after that, she needed to be with her family. She was great a helping people without enabling them. 

Randol was incredibly supportive of Janet’s business. And she, in turn, honored the support by holding firm to the boundaries they set.

You Can Set Boundaries Too

When you run your own business it is easy to work late or put clients first – afraid that you’ll lose business if you don’t. Randol and Janet proved to me that success comes from having boundaries, not from letting clients take advantage of you.

I’m going to miss Randol. He was a great mentor not just to me, but to many.  

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