Theft of Content

Are you worried people will steal your content?

FAQ - Are You Worried about Theft

We Have Registered All Our Content

No. We have registered all of our content and canonical links through the search engines. When people steal our content and repost it, it flags the search engines as plagiarism and the offending parties can get their websites blacklisted by Google.

Should someone screenshot and share paid information free of charge – that is called stealing, or bootlegging. And someone who is willing to steal content, is capable of stealing from customers homes.

Stealing is not endorsed or supported by Savvy Cleaner. If it comes to our attention that someone has stolen and repurposed information from our courses they will be removed and banned from all Savvy Cleaner Networks, Facebook Groups, Programs, Email lists, Education tracts and Business Listing Sites.

We are not character police, we are here to provide you helpful information at an affordable price. So there is no need to steal.

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