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Testimonials and reviews flood our inboxes and social media daily at Savvy Cleaner. Our friends who clean share their experiences, and highlights with us. These testimonials and reviews help guide the topics we cover in our videos, podcasts, consulting and paid training.

Thanks so much for taking a minute to leave your testimonials and reviews for us. Together we can leave the world a cleaner place.

 – Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru

Videos are short and sweet - Savvy Cleaner Review
Pushing Through Your Fears, Savvy Cleaner Review
My husbands is a fan too, Savvy Cleaner Training Review
Your Kindness - Savvy Cleaner Review
Cant wait to start your online classes, Savvy Cleaner Consulting Testimonial
Legitimate Videos, Savvy Cleaner Training Review
I love the way you analyze things, Savvy Cleaner Consulting Testimonial
No blah, blah, blah, Savvy Cleaner Coaching Review
Watch My Interview with Angela - Savvy Cleaner Review
Inspiration to me, public speaking review
Keep making these videos, Savvy Cleaner Training Review
Angela, you are amazing, Savvy Cleaner Consulting Review
I'm learning the easy way, Savvy Cleaner Review
I've learned so much listening, Savvy Cleaner Training Review
LeeAnn Baker, Integrity Pro Cleaning Service

I left the corporate world and my Bachelors degree of 18 years to pursue my passion.. cleaning and the feeling I get from completing a job well done.

As a corporate boss, I was consistently frustrated with my employee’s lack of pride In their job and inefficient time management that they finally broke me and I resigned.

Since becoming a solo cleaner, my life stress is minimal. The only stress I have is being too detailed and a perfectionist. I’m working on that and to “work smarter not harder “ thank you so much, Angela Brown, for your expertise videos and for sharing your tried and true tips. You are my go-to cleaning guru mentor.

Cleaning is a stress releaser for me with the added bonus of leaving a homeowner /business owner proud, which makes me proud of what I do.

LeeAnn Baker, Integrity Pro Cleaning Service

Excellent Point about the Waver, Savvy Cleaner Consulting testimonial
I want to be like Angela Brown when I Grow Up, Savvy Cleaner Consulting Testimonial
This woman describes my life, Savvy Cleaner Consulting Testimonial
1K per hour to pick your brain worth every penny, Savvy Cleaner Consulting Testimonial
Thank you for the advice, Savvy Cleaner Consulting Testimonial
Facebook Group and Savvy Cleaner ReviewFacebook Group and Savvy Cleaner Review
I heard you voice - Angela Brown, Consulting Review, Savvy Cleaner
You cannot help but like common sense people, Savvy Cleaner Consulting Tesstimonial
Thank you for the advice, Savvy Cleaner Consulting Testimonial
We are blessed that someone wants to teach us, Savvy Cleaner Consulting Testimonial
did great on her presentation, public speaking Review
I'm learning so much from you, Savvy Cleaner Coaching Review
Thanks so much for the workseets, Savvy Cleaner Consulting testimonial
You're the best, Savvy Cleaner Consulting Testimonial
These videos are worth their weight, Savvy Cleaner Testimonial
Simple and Direct Approach, Savvy Cleaner Testimonial
The best mentor ever, Savvy Cleaner Testimonial
Thanks for keeping me up to date, Savvy Cleaner Training Testimonial
Spot on and very smart Savvy Cleaner Training Testimonial
Your Book is Excellent - How to Start Your Own House Cleaning Company Testimonial
She give out healthy information for all, Savvy Cleaner Testimonial
I've learned so much by listening to Angela, Savvy Cleaner Testimonial
You took my fear away, Savvy Cleaner Training ReviewYou took my fear away, Savvy Cleaner Training Review
Informative and educational - Savvy Cleaner Training Testimonial
I love Angela Brown, You Make My Day Brighter, Savvy Cleaner Testimonial
The Mrs and I are purchasing the class, Savvy Cleaner Review
I downloaded and got great results from the flyer, Savvy Cleaner Testimonial
Her years of experience shows, Savvy Cleaner Testimonial
Addicted to your videos, Savvy Cleaner testimonial
You need Angelas training, Savvy Cleaner Training Review
Calgon Lady of Cleaning, Savvy Cleaner Testimonial
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