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Organizational Tools – Which Are Your Favorites? Your Answers

  1. turtle on skateboard Organizational tools I like best are my cleaning caddy – which is a soft shell industrial tool bag. The handle is made of lightweight aluminum and the sides of the bag are high enough that my cleaning supplies don’t fall out. I also love the many pockets.
  2. We pre-wet a lot of the supplies on our rags to do away with spray bottle cleaning focusing on efficiency and productivity.
  3. Buying supplies online. Most vendors offer free shipping when you buy a certain dollar amount.
  4. Dollar Tree bins. They come in all sizes and shapes and are awesome for drawers, cupboards, and desks. I keep a stash of them in my car and include them in the price of the job.
  5. Lazy susans. I buy them online and resell them to my clients for their kitchen cupboards. It saves them from having to buy them elsewhere and it allows me to do my job.  #WorkSmartNotHard Quiz of Next Week & Next Weeks Newsletter Topic:

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Leave a comment at the end. I’d love to know your answers. 

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Ask a House Cleaner – Organizational Tools for the Job (Launch 27)

Launch 27 Organizational Tools for House Cleaners

Launch 27 is an online booking and scheduling software that streamlines your workflow.

Launch27 comes highly recommended by several house cleaners in our network this week.

With Launch 27 your prospects find you on the web and visit your website. Instead of not catching you, and leaving you a message, and then you playing phone tag, they can get an instant price quote for house cleaning and special projects. And they can pay for the service right online via credit card. That payment links via direct deposit to your bank account. 

You can charge by the number of rooms, number of bathrooms, special projects (windows, baseboards etc.) Hourly rate, square feet/meters etc. And the program spits out a price. Of course, once you get to the home to do a walkthrough you have the right to make adjustments if you want.

The beauty of this program is that it takes all the guesswork out of bidding a job. Before you waste time and travel expense going over there, you and the client both know how much it’s going to cost, and you both know what the job will include. 

Once the job is complete

Launch27 sends a rating and review email to your client to give you a bad, good or great rating. If you get a great rating, the ratings are forwarded to you to post on social media or your website. The bad reviews are forwarded to you so you can correct the problems and turn unhappy customers into glowing referrals.

You can pay for Launch27 by licensing the software on a monthly basis.  (Payment plans range from $59 to $299 per month.)

Or, you can buy a WordPress theme that does the same thing that you can customize.  (The theme is a one time fee of $450) 

Either option requires you to have a website.

  • You need to register a domain name. (Approx $10 year.)
  • You’ll need to host the domain name (Approx $5-10/mo.)
  • Buy the Launch 27 theme (Approx $450. This is a one time fee for the theme)
  • Or license the software (Payment Plans range from $59 to $299/mo.)

Think how much time this saves bidding jobs, meeting customers expectations and collecting your money.

Like I said, the house cleaners using it LOVE it.

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Social Media = Organizational Tools (Feedly + Buffer)

Organizational Tools using Feedly and Buffer

Your clients will search for you online. But what will they find?

If you run a cleaning service, you should have some organic traffic that links you back to cleaning. 

How do you do it if you don’t have a blog? You “share” other people’s cleaning and organization information. You can retweet it, repin it, and repost it. 

But how can you do that when you’re out cleaning all day or managing a team of cleaners? You use organizational tools like Feedly and Buffer.

Feedly gathers information from across the web via RSS feed. You simply type in your search terms “house cleaning” “home organization” or whatever. Feedly will search the internet and bring back to you all the articles on the topics you choose.

Open a blog and at the top save it to Buffer. 

Buffer opens and you can choose which account you want to use to share the blog. (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest etc.) Type in a comment about the blog and save. Share in multiple places at different times. You get to schedule the times the posts are made.  You can also shuffle the queue so that the post will land on different days so if your clients are following you in various places they don’t see the same post on three different sites the same day.

Buffer then serves your social media accounts these “shares” while you are at work. It’s like having a social media assistant working for you while you are running your business.

  • Feedly is a free and paid service.  
  • Buffer has free and paid services depending on how many social media accounts you want to connect.

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Time Saving Hack of the Week – Organizational Tools for Employees

Organizational Tools Focus at WillI didn’t see this time-saving hack coming…

but after experimenting with it for a week my vote is cast. I LOVE Focus@Will. Costs $9.95 per month (and you’ll make it back in productivity your first hour of use.)

Focus@Will is an app you can download on your phone, or use from your computer. It’s 50 channels of music and sounds that scientifically help you focus better by reprogramming your brain waves.

More than 20,000 surveyed subscribers say they increased their attention span from 20 minutes up to 2 hours or more using this.

There is a slider that allows you to choose your level of productivity. I chose 100% duh! 

Forget caffeine. When you use Focus@Will you’ll notice that your heart rate starts beating in tune with the rhythm. (I just chose an alpha drum beat and turned the volume down low.) I consciously tuned out the sound after a minute or two. And I set the timer for 100 minutes.

Bam! 100 minutes flew by and the app asked me to rate my productivity. It’s amazing how focused and  productive I was while listening.

So Focus@Will is among my new favorite organizational tools since it helps you organize your brain waves. Use it while cleaning, bookkeeping, social media updates etc. 

And they have a 15-day free trial. 

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 What’s going on with Angela? Organizational Tools at Savvy Cleaner (YEXT)

Back in the olden days (and yes, I’ve been around since then), we had yellow page phone books. That’s how our clients found us. Then came email, web pages, and later social media.

The online stuff is good but it’s useless unless prospects can find you when they are looking for you. 

They find you now by search engines fed by online business directories.

Anyway, your listing in a business directory is called a “citation”.  A citation includes your business name, address, phone, email, website, and photos of your business. You can include a short and long description of the services you offer. You can also include a coupon or special event information.

Yext Organizational Tools

There’s only one problem.

There are over 400 business directories that I’ve found online. Each one takes 20-40 minutes to enter and verify. You can add or update as many as you like a day, and slowly work your way through the list. This is free to do. Let’s say you run a special promotion – and you post it 10 of those sites — and then you manually remove the information once the promotion ends. That can take up gobs of time.

Yext is a premium listing service that will do all this work for you at $999 per year. (Talk to a rep on the phone and they will give you an annual price of $499. I couldn’t talk them any lower, but they’ll give just about anybody the $499 price.) 

Savvy Cleaner just joined Yext. Within 24 hours our citations were live on 71 search engines. Then we changed our website from HTTP to https and I updated the one listing in Yext and Bam! Within minutes all listings updated across the web. 

If your cleaning company services several zip codes or cities, this might be a good tool for you. 

The free DIY option we reserved for search engines that Yext doesn’t cover. But this annual fee replaces us from hiring someone at $15 per hour to do the manual submissions and manage special promotions or coupons. 

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Disclaimer: I don’t make any commissions from any of the products recommended here. I’m just a fan.
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