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What is your best CRM Tip? – Your Answers

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  • Use the CRM, not just for your clients, but to keep track of vendors, employees, prospects, and past customers.
  • Use your CRM to keep track of inventory. If a client has a particular product that they prefer, you can keep track of how much of that product you are using on that one account. This lets you adjust your prices if one client is costing you more than another.
  • Create a loyalty program. Every 25 cleanings give 1 free. This encourages the client to book you for another 25 cleanings. You can track all this in your program.
  • Choose a Customer Relationship Management program with SMS capabilities so you can broadcast text specials to your clients or prospects.
  • Use your CRM to manage everything from personal tasks to calendar scheduling. Sync your personal and business calendar so you don’t overbook appointments.


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    Ask a House Cleaner – CRM: What is it? 

     CRM to streamline house cleaning business, Savvy CleanerA CRM system allows you to manage your business relationships.  A CRM takes place of your memory. You don’t have to remember all the details about your clients because
    it’s all stored in your database.

    Each client has an account. In it, you list their name, their spouse’s names, their kid’s names, and pets names. You can store their home address, telephone, email address, and special requests. Keep quotes you’ve given them here. This is where you include their birthdays, anniversaries and special family holidays.

    You can track how many times a customer has canceled a cleaning. Or when they gave you a referral – and link them to the person they referred.

    If you upsell a client on a special service like spring cleaning – you can mark the dates it happened and then upsell them again the following year.

    You can schedule annual, bi-annual and quarterly projects on a recurring basis.

    When you first start your cleaning business and you have three clients – remembering this stuff is easy.

    When you have 10 or more clients, stuff starts slipping through the cracks.

    If you’ve never used a CRM and your business is growing, now is the time to put one in place. 

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    CRM + Social Media = Reputation Leverage

    CRM Reputation Leverage, Savvy CleanerA recent article by Social Media Today got me thinking about connecting my CRM with social media platforms. The first reason is that by connecting them, you can track what your customers are saying about you online. 

    If a client is complaining about you on social media channels – you can resolve the issue publicly. This lets you keep your reputation intact, while you take the problem offline and resolve it with the client face to face.

    Another reason to track this data is when client recommends you in social media outlets – it also gives you a chance to respond and reward those clients.

    You can also like, share and repost these third party testimonials.

    “Using social media for up-selling is not about the sales pitch itself. It is about taking advantage of the right opportunities at the right time.”


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    Time Saving Hack of the Week – CRM to Segment Email Lists

    CRM EMail SegmentsUse your CRM to email clients with super deals during slow times. If you have your clients email addresses, you can segment your email list with tags. 

    Tags allow you to create custom deals for part of your clients but not all. Let’s suppose some of your clients have children under the age of 10. You can create a custom tag. Let’s call it “Kids -10”. 

    Now let’s suppose that you have six cancellations in the same week. Well, that’s going to hurt your profits. So you segment your list by the people with the “Kids -10” tag.

    And you send an email only to those clients. “Hey I’ve had a few cancellations this week so I’m running a special on toy room organization. I’ll help you toss or donate outgrown toys and make room for the toys you want to keep. I only have six openings, first come, first serve.”

    You’re not looking for new clients here. You’re simply upselling to people who already know, like and trust you – who specifically need this offer. This is not an ongoing offer, it is just a way to fill in the gaps on a week when you have some free time. And by segmenting your email list, you’re not blasting (or bugging) all the clients you have who don’t have children.)

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     What’s going on with Angela? New CRM

    New CRM, Savvy CleanerEvery business needs a CRM. Mine too. We’ve been using Infusionsoft over the past year at Savvy Cleaner. It’s a robust system with lots of bells and whistles.

    Bells we weren’t ringing and whistles we didn’t know how to blow.

    I’m a firm believer that you need tools to help you automate routine tasks. Especially as a small company. But for me, it was like going to the grocery store in an RV. All I needed was a set of wheels and a small trunk to put the groceries in – yet I was paying for all this other bulky stuff I wasn’t using.

    So we switched to ConvertKit which is much more in sync with what we need. 

    It’s taken me a year of training to learn how Infusionsoft works and two days to learn how Convertkit works. So we are switching all our emails, databases and information over to the new system.

    We’ve been transitioning all our records this week – so far it’s a seamless move, and I couldn’t be happier.

    If you are looking for a CRM for your business – decide upfront exactly what you need. You can do this by comparing all the features on various platforms. Then buy a program SAAS (Software As A Service) that is easy for you to use.

    If it’s not easy and you’re not using it – you’re wasting your money.

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Difficult Customers? No Problem @SavvyCleaner

Difficult Customers Edition

Cleaning Tips, Tricks & Time Saving Hacks

for house cleaners, maids & janitors

by Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru

Difficult Customers, mean girl with hands in the airDifficult Customers?

#WorkSmartNotHard Quiz of the week: How do you deal with an always angry customer?

A: Set boundaries early in the relationship – if they can’t comply, end the contract. Life’s too short.

B: Be open to constructive criticism – it may help you improve your business methods. If it’s not constructive, move on.

C: Let your customers vent. Empathize. Win them back. Often they just need to be heard.

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#WorkSmartNotHard When to hire a house cleaner, Savvy Cleaner

 * You can leave your answers on Twitter by clicking the picture, or you can reply at the bottom of this post with your best cleaning answer. Tune into this newsletter next week for the best answers.

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 Difficult Customers and Tips for Survival

Difficult customers, two men in a shouting match The Huffington Post shared a very interesting article by Dr. Shannon Kolakowski called
10 Rules for Fighting. She explains if you’re going to fight with someone fight smart. Don’t waste time and emotions fighting the wrong way. Know what you’re fighting about.
What do you want the end result of the fight to be?
How many emotions are you going to spend on this fight?
Have a safety switch – like tapping out, something that triggers you’ve gone too far.
Fascinating article. Read more to learn all the rules and use them to deal with difficult customers.
Difficult customers invite you to argue, man at bullfight with flag Trent Hand shares a LifeHack on how to end any argument immediately.  With a bit of self-restraint from puking all your emotional insecurities, he spins the argument on it’s head by refusing to argue at all. Instead, he seeks to understand where the argument juice is dripping from. Imagine if you used this technique on your difficult customers?
Customer service rep dealing with difficult customers on phone Sherrie Campbell via Entrepreneur gives us 7 steps to deal with a difficult customer when they are never satisfied. It’s natural for the salesperson to lose motivation for working with this person. Sticking it out requires a strategy, self-restraint and an ability to keep power in the relationship. The sales professional must learn when to be hard and when to be soft in conflict.

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Ask a House Cleaner – Problematic Customer or Psychopath?

problematic customer or psychopath, Angela Brown, Savvy Cleaner

What is the difference between a problematic customer, a high maintenance customer and difficult customers?

A bully is a person who intimidates you through words, emotions, actions and threats. This will be our problematic customer. They will almost always use tactics like impatience, intimidation, anger, and superiority to control you.

A high maintenance customer is a person who expects a lot. I’m talking about a lot of attention, a lot of quality, a lot of savings, and a lot of services. This is not necessarily a bad thing. And as a result, if you recognize a high maintenance client early, you can create proper boundaries. In fact, these customers will be among your best.

Difficult customers are people who expect a lot but don’t have the proper skills to communicate what they need. They use various tactics to get what they want. They may be indecisive or even resort to complaining. It’s possible that they hate confrontation and will never tell you what they need. They will just expect you to read their mind and provide the service they hope for. As you can imagine, clients like this are difficult because you’re playing a never ending guessing game – with no winners.

Read more to uncover 15 triggers you’re dealing with difficult customers and tips to keep your sanity.

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Internet Marketing Tip of the Week – DIY Reputation Management

DIY reputation management The Magic Marketing Mix

Reputation management was originally a public relations term that has expanded into the online space and now is known as ORM (Online Reputation Management).

There are firms like Brand Yourself and  and that specialize in ORM who can help control what shows up about you online. If you have problematic or difficult customers and they slander you and spread gossip about you – you have to deal with it. Ignoring it isn’t an option. Too many of your prospects look you up online, and you need to be able to control what the search engines find about you. You can pay a company to do your ORM or you can do it yourself.
Read more to discover 13 DIY reputation management techniques.
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Time Saving Hack of the Week – Brand Yourself

Brand Yourself for Angela Brown ObererThe website Brand Yourself has a free tool. I found it really interesting. I created a free account and then entered my full name to see what pulled up on the internet. It showed me all of my social media accounts – people in other countries who have linked to me. Public records showed up. It pulled up my IMDB account. Autographs I’ve signed. What was most interesting is that it pulled from sources dating back ten, twenty years and showed photos of me I have forgotten about.

With each link there is a button where you can confirm; Yes, that’s me, no – that is not me, and negative. You choose which is the best representation of what you see. Of course, if there is negative data about you, you can pay to have it removed. The nice thing is they do offer a free consultation to help you figure out how to regain control of your reputation. Try it, you’ll be amazed.

WARNING: This is a rabbit hole – you will get sucked into a time vortex for an hour.

NOTE: They pull up the first ten pages of Google to help you figure out how much information is likely to be seen if anybody ever searches you. I highly recommend this free search tool.


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What’s going on with Angela? – Business Development

Cell Phone Fast Track 11 Savvy CleanerAt Savvy Cleaner we’re working with several new house cleaning start-ups.  One of the biggest questions we are asked is house cleaners wondering “Can you look at my website? “Can you check out this advertisement we’ve put together and give us your opinion?”Did I set up my Facebook page correctly?”

It’s super exciting to see such energy in building a business. It’s also forced us to look at our own business model. We’re a new startup too – about to launch our Fast Track to Success which is our training and certification program. And where do you go from there? Our next big launch, later this fall will be The Business Breakthrough – which covers the next steps of business development. Social Media Marketing, Websites and Business expansion. These programs while they will be affordable will not be cheap. So start saving your money. We’ve got thousands of hours of research and development and years of experience, boiled down to the nuts and bolts – in a step-by-step formula, designed specifically for those who want to start a cleaning service. You won’t want to miss these  courses.

You ask – We Listen

This week we had a team working on our LMS – which is the learning management system that advances house cleaners through the house cleaner training. They’ve been testing it on all types of browsers and different screen sizes. Can you imagine taking a business course on your smartphone while waiting in line at the grocery store? I’m telling you, it’s too cool.

So share with us, what topic or topics would you like us to include? We’re open for suggestions and incorporating lots of new ideas now.

Email me at AngelaBrown(at) /  Subject: Training Course Idea

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Automation for House Cleaners @SavvyCleaner

Automation Edition for House Cleaners

Automation Clock Savvy CleanerAutomation: How are you using it to make life easy?

A: Email Marketing: Software: (Aweber, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft)
B: Sorting Email via rules into junk, folders, keep and follow-up (Gmail, Outlook)
C: Social Media Posting (Buffer, HootSuite, SocialQuant, TweetJukebox)
D: Automatic coffee pot brews coffee at 6:00 am each day
E: Drive an automatic car so I don’t have to think about shifting gears.
F: Use crockpot so dinner is ready when I get home from work.
G: Amazon Prime for automatic shipping of common repeat purchases

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 * You can leave your answers on Twitter by clicking the picture, or you can reply at the bottom of this post with your best cleaning answer. Tune into this newsletter next week for the best answers.

Tips Savvy Savvy Cleaner

Automation for Daily Tasks

 bill pay automationLife Hacker recommends online banking. Online banking is usually free for most customers who have a bank account. It’s a great way to accept checks and deposit them to your account, right from your cell phone. No more trips to the bank. And paying bills is easy and hassle free too.

Google Alert Yourself

Automation with Google Alert, Angela Brown, The House Cleaning GuruAs a small business owner, your company image is part of your brand. Constant monitoring of how you show up in the search engines is crucial to your success. Go to and type in your name, and business name and create an automation alert. Every time a client mentions you on a referral website like or, it will send you an alert and show you the post.

This is a great way to track what your clients are going to find when they do a search on you. If something is amiss, you can contact the posting site and correct the information.


Plowz and Mowz offer automated lawn mowing and snow plowing care. Right from your cell phone you can submit a request, type in your address, a time you want your grass mowed, pick a mower, get a price, and pay for the service. On the day you selected, somebody comes and mows your yard and texts you a picture of the finished job. You rate the job all right from your cell phone and you don’t ever even have to be at home. Think of the possibilities while you’re away on vacation or if your regular service calls in sick.

Think about how you can create something like this for the services you offer to your clients. Make it easy for people to do business with you.

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Ask a House Cleaner – Automation for Work

Automation - work wardrobe Savvy Cleaner

One of the most helpful tips that I can recommend for house cleaners and maids is to create a uniform. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does a couple of things.

1: It creates consistency in the minds of your clients. If you show up every time looking the same, your clients will assume you offer the same quality service. It’s an unconscious branding technique.

2: It takes the guesswork out of what you are going to wear for the day. No more trying to piece together outfits each morning, and you always look professional. This alone saves so much time.

3: The cargo pockets in my pants hold my cell phone, a razor blade, a toothbrush, my client’s house key, and my Swiffer Duster. Everything I need while moving from room to room cleaning.

4: It sets the tone for my work day. When I am in my uniform and have my hair done, I am ready to work. I even wear my uniform on days when I’m cleaning my own house because it keeps me in the zone. (Otherwise, I might wander off and become distracted by other “to do” chores.)

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Internet Marketing Tip of the Week – Content Automation

automation hacks Magic Marketing MixAutomation can streamline businesses of any size. At Savvy Cleaner we are a small team who offer house cleaner training. If we are going to be efficient we have to automate as many tasks as possible. This allows us to use human time and resources to serve our clients.

Take our newsletter for example. It goes out each Saturday. It is set up through a software program called Infusionsoft. If you are receiving it… >>> read more <<<
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Time Saving Hack of the Week –

Compress Jpg Logo

At Savvy Cleaner, we take lots of photos and videos to document our cleaning processes. When we transfer the photos to the web, they are HUGE files. So big in fact that you could blow them up to be poster size. Which is awesome if you are making posters. If you’re not making posters and High Definition videos and just creating a website that you hope will load fast on a cell phone, you don’t need such big files.

The key is to have the highest quality image, compressed to the smallest file possible without losing sharpness and quality. Automation tip - new habits now - Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru

The Search Engine Optimization game also known as SEO is not forgiving to slow loading pages. So if you’re going to do the website right, you’ve got to compress your images.

I just found a new free tool called CompressJpg which allows you to batch compress your photos. Open and drag up to 20 photos at a time into the box. You can process images with the extensions .jpg, .png or .pdf  and within a few seconds, it will shrink the images to the smallest size high-quality image. (It shrunk most of my pictures between 65% – 90% in size.)

Did I mention that this is a free tool?

It’s  not saving me time now – to download all the photos from our websites, and compress them. I still have to upload them again and format them back into to the articles, lessons, and courses we’ve created. But it will save lots of time in the future by creating a new automation habit now to compress images before uploading. It will also make the buffering times of the website lighting fast – which is super important if you have lots of people visiting your site at once.

New habits now create amazing and consistent results later.

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 What’s going on with Angela? – Podcast Creation

At Savvy Cleaner we’re ramping up for our new Podcast called “My Cleaning Connection” coming later this summer.

I’ve just gone through some intensive “how to create and host a podcast” training. And I am now a member of the international Podcasters Paradise. I’ve got the recording equipment set up in the office with a boom microphone, spit filter, swing arm, mixing board and M-Audio speakers. We’re going to use the recording and editing software Adobe Audition. I’m learning now how to use it now to adjust sound quality and cut out “umms and ahs” from the conversation.

I’ve picked a couple of mentors who are hosting successful podcasts who are teaching me what to do. I plan on having show notes with links where you can find the cool stuff we’ll cover on the show. This is such a big learning curve for me. I’m so excited.

What cleaning related topics would you like to hear on My Cleaning Connection? I’d love your feedback.

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