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Confidentiality Edition

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Confidentiality: How Much Should You Tell? – Your Answers

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#WorkSmartNotHard Quiz of the Week:

How much should you share with your clients?

A. Be transparent – show them everything

B. Share with them enough to close the sale.

C. Keep them in the loop with updates and changes.

D. Keep them on a need to know basis.


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Expectations of Confidentiality

Confidentiality for doctors and mental health professional is protected by state laws. Other organizations like banks and lending companies generally agree not to reveal identifying information about their clients as well. But what about house cleaners?

You pay a person to enter your home on a regular basis to clean and organize your personal belongs but are they bound by the same expectations of not sharing your personal information with neighbors and other cleaning clients?

Where do you draw the line?


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Confidentiality – Manners

House cleaners are not bound by any laws to keep your personal information confidential.  But it should be common sense that sharing private stories and anecdotes about your other clients – even if it’s not defamatory about another client could cause a cleaning client to lose trust in you.

In a recent survey by Savvy Cleaner (a company that offers training and certification for house cleaners) 98% of customers surveyed said client confidentiality was important to them.


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Confidentiality – Golden Rule

If it’s not your story…don’t share it.


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Ask a House Cleaner – The Peer Pressure to Fit In

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“You’re not going to believe what happened while I was cleaning today at your next door neighbors house?”

“Really? What happened?”

“And just when they thought they’d hidden all of it, I opened a cabinet and you know what I found?”

“No way, they had that in their cupboards”

“I know right!”


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Confidentiality and Social Media

Confidentiality ruined by social media, Savvy CleanerIt’s easy to jump on any social media platform these days and blab to your friends and followers about your day. But when you are a house cleaner and you spend your day working in other people’s homes – tread with caution.  Here are some basics that will keep you out of trouble:

  • No cussing.
  • No dissing clients – or belittling their lifestyle on social media.
  • Don’t use names of people, families or neighborhoods.
  • Don’t post embarrassing photos of your clients homes. Exception to this rule is if you post a before and after picture of an item or room you cleaned. Get permission from your clients for these photos.
  • Remove identifying objects or blur them from your posts (family photos etc.)
  • Think before you post. You get your income from the families you work for. If you talk smack about them how does reflect on you? Could it change how other possible clients feel about you?
  • When in doubt – don’t post it.

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Time Saving Hack of the Week – Don’t Be Your Client’s Therapist

confidentiality blasted with blah, Savvy CleanerSome people who hire house cleaners work from home. And they should be working while you are there – and so should you.

If you get a Chatty Cathy who yacks while you’re cleaning, be firm and polite. Smile and say something like “When I’m chatting, I’m not working.” If they don’t get the hint, you can be more direct. “Hey, I’d love to chat, and maybe one day we can grab coffee sometime. But I want to do a great job cleaning your house, and I can’t concentrate on cleaning while we’re hanging out.”

You are not your client’s therapist. They hired you to clean their house. That’s your job and your obligation. Having boundaries in place can save you gobs of time and emotional energy.

And there’s less risk you’ll blab about their stories to someone else if you don’t listen in the first place.

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 What’s going on with Angela? Live Streaming

The Gear Changers Virtual Boot Camp for house cleaners is under way at Savvy Cleaner with two weeks to go before we wrap up for the holiday break. It’s been a bit of a challenge with the live streaming. We started out on Google Hangouts using WebinarJam as a wrapper to deliver the online training to house cleaners from around the world. Then Google Hangouts dismantled as it merged with YouTube Live and we’ve had some major glitches in software, streaming, uploading, and  processing times etc.

Most of the kinks have been worked out by the folks at YouTube and WebinarJam and training should flow more smoothly by the second week of November.

The technology changes and updates are really exciting – even though glitchy at times. We used to have to do live training by having house cleaners book airline tickets and hotel rooms, take time off work and fly across the country for the training we can now offer online while you’re at home in your pajamas eating pizza. Glitchy? Yeah, at times.

Worth it? Without a doubt. And it’s only getting better.

Thanks for your patience and support while we grow.

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