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What Are Your best Social Media Tips For Building Your Brand? – Your Answers

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#WorkSmartNotHard Quiz of Last Week:

  1. Use the same profile picture on all social media platforms to create consistency in your brand.
  2. Post regularly. This keeps you visible in the eyes of the search engines and your clients.
  3. Have a separate house cleaning business page on Facebook to keep personal and professional accounts separate.
  4. Use keywords that revolve around your business such as house cleaning, housekeeper, maid, cleaning, maid service, organization, clutter, space savers, decluttering, clean, clutter-free, shiny, polished, sparkling, home cleaning etc.
  5. Learn social media. It’s not going away. If you are a professional – you need to be on all the platforms because your clients are on various platforms.

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Ask a House Cleaner – Social Media Tips: Consistency

Social media tips and logosPaula’s family just moved to a new city which meant she needed new service providers. Electricians, Day Care, Salon, Dentist and house cleaners. 

She didn’t know any of her new neighbors yet so she couldn’t ask for referrals. So she did what any of us would do – she turned to the internet, (and particularly ratings and review sites like Angie’s List.)

Once she found a house cleaner, she went to social media to “learn more” about the woman she planned to hire.

Guess what she found on Facebook? A profile picture of a dog.

The other pictures that were visible were scantily clad braggadocios selfies of a woman in front of her bathroom mirror.

Paula moved on. Even though the house cleaner was paying for a business listing on the rating and review site, she screwed up her marketing efforts. She lost a job by not matching the brand across social media. You’re not a reckless teenager anymore. You’re a business owner – your profile picture needs to represent that. You don’t have to have a professional take the picture, but make sure you use good lighting and wear clothes.

Does your social media match the brand you are promoting?

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Social Media: Advertising vs. Marketing

Advertising vs. Marketing for House Cleaners, Savvy CleanerQuestions about advertising on social media come up in training every day. House cleaners want to know if they should be creating paid ads on Facebook, Pinterest, and on Instagram.

The short answer to the question is not when you are just starting out.

Have you built out your professional social media pages? If not, do this before you do paid advertising.

Do you have a business website? If the answer is no – then advertising now is going to be a waste of money. Sure, you can throw money at advertising and drive traffic – but to where? Where are you sending people? What will they find when they get there?

Advertising costs money. Marketing costs time. If you are just starting out, focus your time building your brand through marketing. Once your marketing can back up your advertising claims – then drop some money into social media ads – but not until.

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Time Saving Hack of the Week – Social Media Tips Include a Shopping List

You can tell a lot about a person who grocery shops with a shopping list. Words that come to mind are these:

  • Budget-conscioussocial media tips
  • Organized
  • Thought out
  • Planner
  • Strategic
  • Systematized
  • Logical
  • Structured
  • Methodical
  • Orderly
  • Sensible

So imagine if you applied shopping list like qualities to your time on social media.

Let’s suppose you have five social media platforms you frequent.  Then make a list of how you are going to build your brand on each one. Pick the keywords will you use. What message do you want to convey? What is your call to action – or what do you want people to do with the information you are sharing or posting?

Then just like shopping in a grocery store – get in, meet your goals, and get out. If you meander up and down the isles of the social media platforms you will waste lots of time and get sidetracked and your marketing efforts will suffer. 

Sure, you can spend as much time as you like goofing off on social media – but if you meet your business objectives first – at least it will be time well spent.

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 What’s going on with Angela? Congratulations!Gear Changers Poster, Savvy Cleaner with Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru

The Gear Changers Virtual Boot Camp for house cleaners wrapped up on Wednesday. We had an enthusiastic group complete a series of web-based training to grow their cleaning businesses. 

In just eight weeks, the attendees restructured their business models from the ground up. They created a business structure for scheduling appointments. And set rules and regulations to guide their employees and clients. They built websites and renovated their social media platforms. Then they blazed through the health and safety training. And they learned how to troubleshoot not-so-common, things that go wrong while house cleaning.

They learned how to deal with difficult and high-maintenance clients and a whole bunch more really cool stuff.

Now they are no longer run of the mill house cleaners – they are The Gear Changers.


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