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About Savvy Cleaner Training

Savvy Cleaner Training E-learningSavvy Cleaner Training is an online self-paced training and certification program. This program for house cleaners and maids is a results-based program. It’s linked to an accountability system with mandatory ongoing e-learning to keep your bi-annual certification current.

Savvy Cleaner Training started out with Angela Brown coaching another cleaning business.  Another business joined the training and then another. Once they saw results in the training, they told their cleaning friends.

It wasn’t long before a maid service hired Angela to train their employees. And soon other maid services had fallen in love with the no B.S. practical approach to common sense cleaning. 

Angela’s house cleaning training now spans three decades and thousands of cleaning companies. She’s got the tried and proven techniques to help you grow your cleaning business.

Savvy Cleaner Training + Accountability = Success

Savvy Cleaner Training Accountability in LearningIf you know Angela, she’s not a “once and done” motivator. She doesn’t fly in teach you something and then bam! She’s gone. She helps you create systems linked to accountability. 

She’s known for her results and she holds you to the same high standards as a cleaning company. If you want results, Angela is the person you call.

Before the internet, all the training took place onsite. Live and in person. Which meant you had to pay for Angela’s airfare, put her up in a hotel and pay an exorbitant fee for her training information.  

Which is why internet training is such a huge fascination for her. Online training and videos are an excellent way to reach your employees on a regular basis that remove excuses. 

If you’re too busy to train your team – don’t worry, we’ve got your back.  

Savvy Cleaner Training Will Teach You

Savvy Cleaner Training How to CleanThrough the Savvy Cleaner Training Program will learn:

  • How to Clean
  • Which Chemicals to Use on Each Surface
  • How to Pack a Cleaning Caddy
  • How to Pack a Cleaning Car
  • Customer Service
  • How to Do Daily Inventory
  • Troubleshooting Daily Job Challenges
  • How to Motivate Yourself
  • Learn How to Get Along with Coworkers
  • How to Get Referrals, Ratings u0026amp; Reviews

Savvy Cleaner Online E-Learning Will Teach You

Savvy Cleaner Training Quality AssuranceEach quarter every employee has mandatory accountability i-learning that keeps them current on: 

  • OSHA regulations
  • New cleaning products released to the market
  • Customer Service Issues
  • House Cleaning Industry Highlights u0026amp; more

E-learning includes quizzes that employees must pass to stay Savvy Cleaner certified. 

  • Certifications are renewable bi-annually.



In the spring of 2019, we’re releasing an online wall of fame with photos of all certified Savvy Cleaners. Your clients will be able to search the wall. Will you and your team be there?

Yes, Notify me for Early Bird Registration.

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