What is Savvy Cleaner Approved? And how do you get your product to be Savvy Cleaner Approved? I keep seeing product reviews on YouTube that claim to have the Savvy Cleaner Seal of Approval.

Savvy Cleaner Approved = Truth in Advertising

Savvy Cleaner Approved x 500The Savvy Cleaner Seal of Approval is an award. It’s given to products that Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru, and the Savvy Cleaner team, try, test and use.

The products submitted undergo rigorous testing. The test determines if your product matches the promises made in advertising. Does your product deliver on the packaging claims? Are the claims on your website and in your social media accurate?

If your product has a chemical breakdown the safety data sheets will be evaluated to see if the contents match and the warnings are easy to understand.

The Savvy Cleaner Team will assess your product labels for the best user experience. Do they include warnings? Instructions? Company contact info?

If your product meets these standards you can receive the Savvy Cleaner Seal of Approval.

Can I Use the Savvy Cleaner Seal of Approval in My Marketing?

Yes. Once approved, you will receive a certification and a high resolution .png of the Savvy Cleaner Seal of Approval. You are free to use this in your marketing, on future product packaging, on your websites, and in social media at no extra charge.

And your products will then be listed in the Savvy Cleaner Approved directory with a link back to your website or a product page.

How Do You Submit Your Products to Be Savvy Cleaner Approved?

Savvy Cleaner Approval Process 672There is an application you can fill out along with an application fee.

Once you submit your product, a Savvy Cleaner team will verify your company information. They will use and rate your product, and your advertising claims. They will verify the accuracy of your safety data sheets and website claims.

When the test is complete your product will be

  1. Savvy Cleaner Approved
  2. Savvy Cleaner Recommended or
  3. Documented for Reprocessing

Savvy Cleaner Approved vs. Savvy Cleaner Recommended

Savvy Cleaner Approved vs. Savvy Cleaner RecommendedAt Savvy Cleaner we have an online training school where we train thousands of house cleaners and maid services each year. We also have four industry-related closed Facebook Groups where we recommend products daily. A product that works well and gets the job done, may have stretched the truth in its advertising claims. (i.e. Cleans in 60 seconds – the reality is it may take three minutes plus some elbow grease.)

We may still love the product and feel it needs to be in every household and every cleaning caddy in the country. Those products we may award with a Savvy Cleaner Recommended Seal vs. the Savvy Cleaner Approved Seal.

Can You Use Savvy Cleaner Recommended in Your Advertising?

Savvy Cleaner Recommended x 500Yes. Once you receive the Savvy Cleaner Recommended Seal you are free to use it as you wish in your advertising, on your website, and in your social media. You may also use it in future packaging of your products at no extra cost.

Next, your product, equipment, service or app will be listed in our Savvy Cleaner Recommended Directory. Your product will be a go-to product in our teleseminares, training, blogs and random how to clean videos. Getting your company name and products listed is a prestigious accomplishment.

Savvy Cleaner Recommended to Savvy Cleaner Approved?

If you only receive the Savvy Cleaner Recommended can you upgrade to Savvy Cleaner Approved?

Yes. But you will have to go back through the submission process and re-apply. You will need to prove that your products reflect the recommended changes. Your website, social media and safety data sheets if necessary, will need to reflect the changes and truth in advertising.

This will start the cycle over again with a Savvy Cleaner team using, testing and evaluating your products to see if they meet the new criteria.

If I don’t Get Approved Do, I Get a Refund?

No. We use your application fee to hire a team to test your products and verify your company info. This is, in essence, you hiring a 3rd party to do a product analysis. It’s tax deductible under the categories research and development or marketing. If your product is rejected, you will receive a report of why and what corrections we recommend to improve it.

How Do You Get Your Savvy Cleaner Approved Products Reviewed on the Ask a House Cleaner Show?

Once your product has achieved Savvy Cleaner Approval status it is eligible for a product review.

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru does a dedicated product review each Monday on the Ask a House Cleaner show.

Since the product review shows are on Monday only – there are only 52 products that will be reviewed per year. It is possible there could be a long wait list.

What is Ask a House Cleaner?

Ask a House Cleaner is a daily show (5 x week) full of tips and strategies to improve your house cleaning and help you grow your cleaning business.

House cleaners who watch the show work inside dozens of people’s homes each week. And they recommend products just like yours that they’ve learned about from this show.

Ask a House Cleaner is internationally and simultaneously syndicated on YouTube. It’s also a podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, iHeart Radio, Google Play, and 90+ other podcast apps.

We transcribe and close-caption every Ask a House Cleaner episode for the best user experience. The closed captioning translates into 189 languages. This makes your product review available to a global audience.

The transcription turns into an article illustrated with graphics from the video review. It is then posted on one of the websites in the Savvy Cleaner Family. And our SEO team jazzes it up for best search engine optimization. The post also links back to your website or a product page.


What Are the Websites in the Savvy Cleaner Family?

Savvy Cleaner Logo

SAVVY CLEANER – House Cleaner Training and Certification – https://savvycleaner.com

Turnover Cleaning Tips Logo

VRBO AIRBNB CLEANING – Cleaning tips and strategies for your short-term rental – https://TurnoverCleaningTips.com

My Cleaning Connection Logo

MY CLEANING CONNECTION – Cleaning Supply Store for DIY u0026amp; Professionals – https://mycleaningconnection.com

HouseCleaning360 Logo

HOUSECLEANING360.COM – Connecting House Cleaners with Homeowners – https://housecleaning360.com

Savvy Perks- Access Perks Logo

SAVVY PERKS – Discounts, Deals and Savvings for Cleaning Business Owners – https://savvyperks.com

Ask a House Cleaner Cover Art 500 x 500

ASK A HOUSE CLEANER – An SEO Archived Series of 500+ Ask a House Cleaner shows. https://AskaHouseCleaner.com

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