Upsell – The Secret to House Cleaning Survival


Upsell during the slow months of the year. Take advance orders for odd jobs, and special projects.

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Upsell – the Art of Earning More While Doing Less.

Upsell during the slow months of the year. Take advance orders for odd jobs, and special projects. This fast paced 90 minutes of action packed upsell & repacking tips will teach you:

How to  Stack a Schedule

Hooray, you’re the boss. You get to set all the hours and take off as much time as you like…well not quite. Here is the most efficient way to block out your schedule so you have the flexibility you need while serving your clients.

Travel & Time Off

Lots of clients cancel their cleaning while they are away on holiday. These tips will show you how to keep the money flowing in with no hiccups to your schedule or pocketbook. Also covered – what to do if you need to travel or take time off.

What Is Repackaging and What Does It Have to Do with the Upsell?

All clients have “chores” that need to be done that will never fall under the category of routine cleaning. Here’s how to repackage those chores into a separate package for extra income.

House Cleaning Emergencies

What is a house cleaning emergency? Are you required to respond? Here’s what you need to know so you won’t be caught off guard when you get this call from one of your best clients.

Integrate Your Upsell

No extra time for side jobs? Not a problem, build the side jobs right into your bid. Here are some tips for creating a seamless workflow.

How to Upsell During Slow Times of Business Without Cutting Profits

Every business has it’s “slow times” house cleaning does too. Here’s how to use advance selling techniques to book those times months in advance.

What Kinds of Projects You Can You Add On?

Of course you’re multi-talented and capable of so many tasks. Here we cover a list of tasks that are worth the money, and some you should politely decline.

What Should You Charge for Extra Projects?

Every project has it’s own personality, and the prices will vary, but here are the starting points so you know if you’re even in the right ballpark.

* This session is taught by Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru & Founder of The Savvy Cleaner Training & Certification Program for House Cleaners & Maids



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