Troubleshooting Your Cleaning Business

Troubleshooting your business can be the secret to your long-term survival in house cleaning.

  1. Pollen & Dust Control
  2. Poison Control & Safety
  3. Fire Safety
  4. Broken Things
  5. Client Exposure
  6. Workplace Harassment
  7. Threats
  8. Emotional Distress
  9. Law Suits
  10. Theft Accusations
  11. Disagreements
  12. Firing a Client for Non-Pay
  13. Friends or Clients
  14. Damage Control


Troubleshooting your cleaning business is simple when you know what to look for.

 SCTS514 Pollen & Dust Control, Troubleshooting, Savvy Cleaner  

Pollen & Dust Control

Spring is in the air and our clients have that urge to fling open the windows…and your job just got harder. Now you have to clean up the pollen that comes trough those open windows and sticks to everything. Not to mention how it wreaks havoc with your allergies. Check out these survival tips for pollen season.

 SCTS501 Poison Control, Troubleshooting, Savvy Cleaner  

Poison Control & Troubleshooting Safety

In the US every year there are 2 million unintentional, fatal poisonings. Here is what you need to know when working with chemicals around children and pets. How to prevent spills, toxicity, and ingestion. What to do, and who to call if you need help.

 SCTS502 Fire Safety, Troubleshooting, Savvy Cleaner  

Fire Safety

Learn the common causes of house fires and what to do in the event one starts while you are at a clients house. Learn where the fire extinguishers are and how to use them. Who to call for help and what information they need to know to rescue you.

 SCTS503 Broken Things, Troubleshooting, Savvy Cleaner  

Broken Things

When you pick up, dust and clean under thousands of items a week, something is bound to break. Here is a proven professional method for dealing with broken things in clients homes.

SCTS504 Client Exposure, Troubleshooting, Savvy Cleaner   

Client Exposure

You are busy cleaning a client’s house when your client turns up nude. Do you leave? Do you stay? Are you supposed to say something? Do you quit your job? Should you file a sexual harassment lawsuit? Here’s everything you need to know when things get uncomfortable.

SCTS505 Workplace Harassment, Troubleshooting, Savvy Cleaner  

Troubleshooting Workplace Harassment

Nobody likes to be harassed while working. Here is how to tell if you have a difficult, high maintenance or a problematic customer. What to do, how to manage them and when to cut them lose.

 SCTS506 Threats, Torts, Troubleshooting, Savvy Cleaner  

Troubleshooting Threats & Torts

Some clients get what they want through clear communication. Others communicate through threats. Learn to recognize threats and how to protect your reputation, your emotional distress, and some fail-proof ways for saving your business.

 SCTS507 Emotional Distress, Troubleshooting, Savvy Cleaner  

Emotional Distress

You wake up one day and you hate your job. You don’t feel like cleaning houses and you wonder why you’re in this business. Learn to recognize the signs of emotional distress, and some proven ways for saving your business and your wellbeing. 

 SCTS508 Lawsuits, Troubleshooting, Savvy Cleaner  


You’ve been hit with a lawsuit. What do you do now? Who do you call? Do you settle out of court? Do you hire an attorney? How much is that going to cost? How much time off work is it going to take to make it go away? here si what you need to know to protect yourself.

 SCTC509 Theft Accusations, Troubleshooting, Savvy Cleaner  

Theft Accusations

You didn’t steal the diamond ring but you are being accused of it. What do you say? What do you do? How does a bond work? How do you keep your reputation intact?

 SCTS511 Firing a Client, Troubleshooting, Savvy Cleaner  

Firing a Client for Non-Pay

Your client “forgot” to leave a check for your cleaning again. And you are fed up with trying to chase them down to collect the money. how to get your money every time, on time, and not turn them into a billing/collection agency. Learn when to fire the client for non-pay and how to do it.

 SCTS513 Friends or Clients, Troubleshooting, Savvy Cleaner  

Friends or Clients?

It’s great to be friendly with clients. But have you become “too comfortable” with your clients and now they are taking advantage of you? How to create healthy boundaries in your working relationships even when your clients are your friends.

 SCTS510 Hiring Friends and Family, Troubleshooting, Savvy Cleaner  

Hiring Friends and Family

Over the years I’ve seen countless cases of house cleaners hiring family or friends in a pinch. They skip the background checks. They skip the legal paperwork involved in hiring a new employee. Rules and boundaries are ignored. And the new employee(s) never do respect the boss like they would if they weren’t related. If you are going to hire family and friends, here are some ground rules to keep your business from falling apart.


 SCTS512 Damage Control, Troubleshooting, Savvy Cleaner  

Damage Control

All house cleaners, janitors, and maids need to master the art of damage control. If you are in business more than a day, you will run into situations that require your creativity, ingenuity, and humility in order to keep the customer.

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