Troubleshoot Your House Cleaning Business


Troubleshoot the things that go wrong while house cleaning. Do you know how to navigate these situations with professionalism and finesse? You need to. Your reputation depends on it.

Troubleshoot Your House Cleaning Business

Troubleshoot your cleaning business when things go wrong. And they will when you’re least expecting it. And sometimes those things make you look stupid or foolish. Do you know how to navigate these situations with professionalism and finesse? It’s crucial that you do. Your reputation and ability to keep clients depend on it.

In this action packed session we’ll show you:

  1. Pollen. Three of the four seasons brings pollen. And when your client’s fling open the windows…and your job gets harder. Troubleshoot the pollen problems that accompany sticky pollen on every surface and makes you sneeze.
  2. Poison Control. In the US every year there are 2 million unintentional, fatal poisonings. No time to troubleshoot here – you need to know what to do when using chemicals around children and pets. How to prevent spills, toxicity, and ingestion. What to do, and who to call if you need help.
  3. Fire Safety. Learn the common causes of house fires and what to do in the event one starts while you are at a clients house. Learn where the fire extinguishers are and how to use them. Who to call for help and what information they need to know to rescue you.
  4. Broken Things. When you pick up, dust and clean under thousands of items a week, something is bound to break. Here is a proven professional method for dealing with broken things in clients homes.
  5. Threats & Manipulation. Some clients get what they want through clear communication. Others communicate through threats. Learn to recognize threats and how to protect your reputation, your emotional vulnerability, and your sanity.
  6. Emotional Distress. You wake up one day and you hate your job. You don’t feel like cleaning houses and you wonder why you’re in this business. Learn to recognize the signs of emotional distress, and some fail-proof ways for saving your business.

Theft Accusations

You didn’t steal the diamond ring but you are being accused of it. What do you say? What do you do? How does a bond work? How do you keep your reputation intact?

Friends or Clients?

It’s great to be friendly with clients – but have you become “too comfortable” with your clients and now they are taking advantage of you? How to create healthy boundaries in your working relationships even when your clients are your friends.

* This session is in Video format and taught by Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru 


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