Supplies, Solutions & Detergents for House Cleaners

Supplies, solutions, and detergents are super important because without them you can’t clean.

  1. How to Choose a Mop
  2. How to Choose a Vacuum
  3. Wise Choices for a Stepladder
  4. How to Choose a Cleaning Caddy
  5. Solutions to Carry
  6. Homemade Solutions

Supplies, solutions, and detergents are super important because without them you can’t clean.

SCS601 Mop, Supplies Solutions, Savvy Cleaner  

How to Choose a Mop

Should you use a wet mop or a dry mop? A string mop or a microfiber mop? Or should you use a sponge mop? Do you need a self-wringing mop or will you use a mop bucket? Which is best? Which is most effective? Or should you ditch them all and opt for a steam mop? All your questions answered here with pros and cons for each of the options.  

How to choose a Vacuum

Should you use the client’s vacuum or should you take your own? Do you need one as a backup? If you buy a vacuum how much should you spend? Should you buy a canister or an upright? A bagged vacuum or a bagless? What attachments do you need? Learn how to choose the best vacuum for your situation and overall best vacuum practices.

SCS603 Stepladder, Supplies Solutions, Savvy Cleaner


Wise Choices for Stepladders

Why do you need a stepladder? Won’t the client have one? Do you need to carry one with you to every job? What if it doesn’t fit in your car?  We’ll go over step ladder choices and explain which one is best for your situation and best stepladder protocol.

SCS604 Cleaning Caddy, Supplies Solutions, Savvy Cleaner


How to Choose a Cleaning Caddy

Having the right tools for the job makes your job easy. In this session, we will cover a couple of different types of cleaning caddies and look at the pros and cons of each.  Caddies vary depending on the type of job you are doing. You need one that will work for 95% of the jobs you do. And you need one that won’t allow your supplies to drop, tip or drip on the job or while you’re driving to the job. 

SCS605 Supplies to Carry, Supplies Solutions, Savvy Cleaner


What Supplies to Carry

Should you buy cleaning supplies off the store shelves or should you buy concentrated industrial cleaning supplies or does it matter? Or should you have your clients provide their own cleaning supplies? Are there particular brands that are more toxic than others? What supplies should you use if you want to go all green? Your questions answered here.

SCS606 Homemade Solutions, Supplies Solutions, Savvy Cleaner


Homemade Solutions

Can’t you just mix up some homemade cleaning solutions and save a bunch of money not buying store brands? Are homemade solutions as effective as store brands? What if you’re not a chemist and don’t know how to mix chemicals. Are there recipes? Is it safe to mix your own cleaning supplies? Will your clients take you seriously if you show up with some off-brand detergents?  We cover all that in this lesson.

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