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Savvy Perks is the answer to employee benefits for small business owners.

Savvy Perks is a press-and-go loyalty rewards program for you and your team. Give them something that they want, need and will use.

Add the number of subscriptions you need in the box below. You’ll enroll the members once you check out.

($6.99 mo/per person + a one-time joining fee per person of $39.95)

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OMG! Savvy Perks – Now At Your Fingertips

We’ve just partnered with America’s largest employee discount network. And we’ve got some killer deals and discounts for you as part of an employee benefits program.

Until now these corporate perks were only available to gigantic corporations with 10,000+ employees. 

Small companies and those working solo don’t have the buying power of the big guys. On our own, we can’t command 10% to 50% off on everyday purchases. And there is nothing like this available to small business.

But we deserve the same benefits for ourselves and our employees that major companies offer. We work just as hard. 

By guaranteeing so many memberships per month – we qualify for the enormous group savings – and you only buy the memberships you need. 

Introducing Savvy Perks.

Starting today – you and your employees get staggering deals from 250,000  stores and restaurants. Do I hear a booyah?

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Significant Benefits From Your Smartphone App

The Savvy Perks Employee Discount Program has “show-and-save” coupons that grant you ridiculous discounts right from your phone. 365 days a year – on thousands of different services.

The savings is money in your pocket.


Clothing, Shoes, Apparel

Fashion just got affordable. Designer brands at unheard-of bargain prices.

burgers and fries Perks

Fast Food & Restaurants

Eat at your favorite fast food chains and restaurants for a fraction of the cost. Smart Coupons scanned from your phone – for drive-thru speed.

Beauty Supplies Perks

Beauty Supplies

Shampoo, conditioner, hair color, grooming tools, makeup, nail polish, and more. Substantial savings scanned right from your smartphone at major national beauty supply company.

Automotive Repair Perks

Auto Repair & Oil Changes

Keep your car in top shape with regular maintenance, oil changes, tire rotation and servicing at tremendous savings.

Pet Meds, Savvy Perks

Pet Meds

Top rated online and local retailers. Why pay more for the same medications from your vet?

  • Lowest prices guaranteed
  • Huge Selection
  • Easy returns & exchanges
Fitness 2 Perks

Gyms & Fitness Centers

Reduced or non-exsistant joining fees with steep discounts on monthly fees at fitness centers nationwide. (Various offers include free classes, free equipment, free towels, free personal training and more.)

Man Massage Perks

Wellness & Spas

Gift Certificates, Gift Baskets, Nationwide networks offering 5,500 participating spas. All things Spa and Wellness. Great for incentives, gifts, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Birthday’s, Anniversaries, Bonuses, etc.

Movie Tickets Perks

Movie & Concert Tickets

Entertainment for the whole family at dramatically low prices. Now you can afford a night out with these incredible values.

Tax Preparation Perks

Tax Preparation

Celebrated discounts on in-office tax preparation and services. Easy to Use Software for tax preparation and easy-to-understand help. 

Hotel Perks

Rock Bottom Hotel Pricing

Steep discounts (30% to 50% off) on hotel rooms 365 nights a year at all participating hotels. Major hotel chains included.

Major Cruise Lines

Your holiday vacation just went from a sacrifice to a celebration. Epic savings on all the major cruise line companies. 

Various offers include steep discounts, upgrade coupons, rewards points, excursion and on-board vacation perks and more.

Cruise Ship Perks Boat
Prescription Eyewear perks

Prescription Eye Exams & Eyewear

Save a bundle on eye exams and take home prescription eyeglasses or contacts for pennies on the dollar. Fashions, comfort, and replacements at prices you can’t ignore. Savings for the entire family.

Hearing Assistance Perks

Free Hearing Screening

Full-service care, maintenance and caring programs to treat hearing loss.

King size savings (30% to 70% off) on all hearing assist devices.

Theme Parks Perks

Theme Parks

Outlandish discounts on one day, three days, week long and season passes at your favorite theme and amusement parks. 

Fun for the whole family. Various offers include parking, concessions, or bonus deals.

Water Parks Perks

Water Parks

Splash and spin in the money you’ll save on these major water parks around the country. 

Entertainment for kids and adults alike. Various offers include parking, concessions, or bonus deals.

Get Perks Now

“The same employee perks offered to banks, airlines, hospitals other major corporations you’re offering now to small mom and pop businesses?

Absolutely Brilliant!”

 – Brian Daye / Actor, Screenwriter

Pizza and Delivery Perks

Pizza & Delivery

Too tired to cook tonight? Don’t worry, you save big and have pizza delivered from all your favorite national chains and lots of local shops as well.

DVD or Game Rental Perks

DVD & Game Rental

Rent a DVD or game and get one free at kiosks all over the U.S. Rent at one location, drop off at another. Your kids are dancing with delight.

Buy One Get One Perks

Buy One Get One Free

Snacks, candy and fountain drinks at filling stations across the U.S. Buy one for now, and one for later. Road tripping just got fun. 

Fine Dining Perks

Fine Dining & Celebrations

Birthdays, Anniversaries and Graduations don’t have to cost a fortune. Now you can enjoy an abundance of savings from these coveted, luxurious restaurants.

Family Apparel Perks

Kids Clothing

Kids clothing and apparel just hit a whopping savings with national and local retailers offering their best at outlet prices.

Jet Ski Perks

Water Sports Rentals

Exciting water sports activities are now at your fingertips with oversized savings for outlandish fun. Waverunners, jet skis, kayaks, banana boat rentals and more.

Rental Car Perks

Car Rentals

Endless car rental discounts on all major brand rental companies. Rent locally or in any travel destination.

Rental Car Perks

Car Rentals

Endless car rental discounts on all major brand rental companies. Rent locally or in any travel destination.

New Car Purchase Perks Car

New Car Purchase

Employee auto buying program saves you thousands on your new car purchase. Significant savings and deep discounts on used or pre-owned vehicle purchases. 

Need a business car? Bam!

Condo and Vacation Rental Perks House

Condo & Vacation Rentals

One-stop resource for huge savings on quality vacation homes and condo rentals in the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Mexico and more. 

Properties range from studio apartments to resort condos and single-family homes, villas, and cottages. Complete with the comforts of home.

Junk Removal Perks

Junk & Hoarding Removal

Nationwide partnership with junk removal companies has never been this easy to remove unwanted items from your home or office. Create a package deal for clients to remove unwanted spring cleaning items. Clean out the garage, under the house or attic.

Moving Truck Perks

Truck Rentals

Truck rental at major companies with 2,700 friendly locations through the US. Competitive low-cost moving solutions with a bonanza of savings. 

  • Plus 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Moving boxes and supplies


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“Are you telling me that for the price of a sandwich per person, per month, they get all these perks and savings? It’s a total no-brainer.”

 – Chris Graham / Miracle Wash Mobile Detailing


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