How to Set Your Rules-Regulations (Part 2)


Rules-regulations are the key to cleaning success. Show your clients how you operate, what types of jobs you do, and best practices for working together.

Rules-Regulations Create Continuity

Rules-regulations are the foundation of your business. From the very first phone call, you will establish credibility and move your prospect closer to a cleaning contract. This session builds on How to Set Your Rules & Regulations (part 1).

In this session we will cover:

  1. More Jedi Mind Tricks Through Body Language. Like it or not, every gesture or face movement you make communicates a message. Are you sending the right signals?
  2. Are You Bonded and Insured? Learn why a client asks this question and how you should answer.
  3. Are You Licensed to House Clean? Depending on how your business it set up, it may be mandatory for you to have a business license. Or you may be exempt. Learn where to go and how to find out.
  4. Are Dishes or Emptying the Dishwasher Part of Your Routine? Doesn’t matter how big or small the job, this is a conversation you need to have with your client.
  5. Do You Clean Windows? Some house cleaning companies wash windows. Do you? Should you? Before you decide, check out the crazy rant in this session – and then you’ll go “Ah ha”!
  6. Are You Going to Use My Vacuum or Do You Bring You Own? The right answer to this question depends on a variety of factors we’ll discuss. Check these out before you say yes.
  7.  Do You Bring Your Own Cleaning Supplies? Over the years, I’ve done it both ways and have come up with some pretty standard practices that work every time.

What miscellaneous projects do you do?

  1. What Type of Chemicals Do You Use? Yuppie brand name cleaning supplies? Green? Biodegradable? What’s the right answer? After this session, you’ll know.
  2. Do I pay you under the table or do you pay taxes? Home-based businesses like to take house cleaning as a tax deduction – if you’re not reporting your earnings, there will be a discrepancy that could trigger an audit for either or both of you.
  3.  I Work from the House, Will It Bother You If I’m Home the Whole Time? This is where setting boundaries is a win-win for both of you.
  4.  Do You Accept Credit Cards? Should you accept credit cards?

We cover all these and so much more. These first two sessions are critical because you’ll be repeating this information to all new accounts for many years to come. Make it easy on yourself by having prepared answers that you’ve thought about and you’ve already approved.

(All this plus tips & techniques you can start using today.)

* This session is taught by Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru


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