How to Set Your Rules & Regulations (Part 1)


Answers to questions you will get on your initial phone call or on a walk-through. Establish credibility and set boundaries and expectations.

Rules, They Are a Part of Every Business.

Rules and regulations are usually created by a business owner to ensure that things run smoothly during day-to-day operations. If you don’t have rules or policies, you and your clients will suffer from lack of boundaries. In this session we’ll learn:

  1. The Difference Between Advertising & Marketing. Many established businesses don’t know the difference between advertising and marketing. They waste a lot of money in trial and error, hoping that something will work. (That’s called “Hope Marketing”) and it’s not very effective. In this session, we envelop marketing.
  2. We’ll Hone in on Push vs. Pull Marketing. Push marketing is all the marketing elements you put out into the social media space and pull marketing is how you respond once a prospect calls you to come bid a job.
  3. How to Establish Credibility & Transfer Confidence. These are some Jedi mind tricks for using vocal pitch, and facial gestures to establish clear communication and boost credibility. Confidence transferred to a client is passed along to their neighbors in the form of referrals.
  4. How to Establish Yourself as an Expert. A client hires you because you are the expert. When they call you they want you to be their next house cleaner – it’s not fun vetting 13 house cleaners before finding the right person. All you have to do is establish yourself as the expert and we’ll show you how right here.

What to Say on Initial Phone Calls & Walk-Through

History shows us that on an initial phone call or walk-through a client will ask one (or many) of 63 questions. Clear answers to those questions will clarify the way you operate your business – it will also set boundaries by which your clients operate.

How to Set Boundaries & Expectations

Clients are like children. When you set firm boundaries, they know what to expect from you. When they know what to expect from you, it’s easy to comply. Make it easy for your clients to do business with you. The structure creates reliability, looping back to credibility, confidence, and referrals.

(Tips & techniques you can start using today.)

* This session is taught by Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru & Founder of The Savvy Cleaner Training & Certification Program for House Cleaners & Maids


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