Marketing Your House Cleaning Business

Marketing your business can get expensive. This course will show you exactly what to do to target your audience and get the most bang for your buck.  

  1. Do You Need a Uniform?
  2. What Does Your Image Say About You?
  3. Should You Run Flyers?
  4. What is a Worksheet and Why Do You Need One?
  5. How to Bid a Job?
  6. How Much Should You Charge?
  7. What Kind of Car Should You Drive?
  8. The Power of Punctuality
  9. Social Media to Grow Your Cleaning Business


Marketing Your House Cleaning Business Like a Pro

Marketing your business can get expensive. This course will show you exactly what to do to target your audience and get the most bang for your buck.  Don’t spend a single dollar on advertising until you complete this section. It can save you light years and a bunch of money.

SCM201 Uniforms, Marketing, Savvy Cleaner  

Marketing with Uniforms

Do you need a company uniform if you work alone? What does a uniform do for your company image? Where do you get a uniform? Is one kind of uniform better?

SCM202 Image, Marketing, Savvy Cleaner  

 Marketing Through Your Image

What does your image say about you? Your image is how people perceive you. And your image can make or break your ability to close the sale. This lesson covers how to craft the perfect image both personally and professionally so you don’t waste time and money sending the wrong message.

SCM203 Flyers, Marketing, Savvy Cleaner  

Marketing Through Flyers

Should you run flyers?Can’t you just market online?This lesson covers the tried and true methods for picking up business in the shortest amount of time. BONUS: Done for you flyer. 

 SCM204 Worksheets, Marketing, Savvy Cleaner  

 Marketing With Worksheets

Why do you need a worksheet? OMG! There are so many hacks built into the worksheet from a checklist that validates your satisfaction guarantee. Your worksheet is your business card, advertisement, billing invoice and your receipt. If you only ever use one marketing tool – make sure it’s your worksheet. BONUS: Done for you worksheet.

 SCM205 Bidding Jobs, Marketing, Savvy Cleaner  

How to Bid a Job

A prospect calls and asks you to come bid a cleaning job. Exactly what do you do? What do you say? This step-by-step lesson with built-in word tracks will show you the exact system I’ve tweaked for 25 years. It hands down works. For the last 13 years, I’ve closed EVERY SINGLE JOB I’ve bid – And you can too. 

 SCM206 What to Charge, Marketing, Savvy Cleaner  

How Much Should You Charge? 

Obviously, there are variables that come with experience and expansion. But if you’re just starting out, here’s how to determine a price that is fair for everybody and will help you close the deal. 

 SCM207 Car Image, Marketing, Savvy Cleaner  

What Kind of Car Should You Drive? 

Is one kind of car better for house cleaning than another? Does your car have to be new? this tutorial will show you what your car says about you and your business.  Simple things you can do to uplevel your company image.

 SCM208 Punctuality, Marketing, Savvy Cleaner  

 Marketing through Punctuality

You’re the boss so you get to choose which hours you work right? this lesson shows you in a couple of easy hacks how to outsmart 95% of all other house cleaners who are competing for your business.

 SCM209 Social Media Marketing, Savvy Cleaner  

 Social Media Marketing for House Cleaners

Learn how Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Periscope and now Facebook Live are changing the face of modern marketing.  How can you use it to build your business when you don’t have the time to be “social”.

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