How to Clean Training for House Cleaners

How to clean is a question all house cleaners ask. Is there a “best” way to clean? A most efficient way to clean? What chemicals can you use on which type of surface? We cover all that and more.


  • Mirrors & Glass
  • Bathtubs & Showers
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Toilets


  • Carpet Stains
  • Closets
  • Attics
  • Cupboards & Cabinets
  • Garages
  • Nail Polish Spills
  • Defrosting Freezers
  • Self Cleaning Ovens
  • Coffee Stains
  • Window Screens
  • Indoor House Plants
  • Paint Spills
  • Crayon Marks
  • Windows
  • Gum Removal


  • Hardwood Floors
  • Tile & Vinyl Flooring


  • Desks & Hutches
  • Bookshelves
  • Lamps, Shades & Chandeliers
  • Computer & TV Screens
  • Home Gym Equipment
  • Pool Tables & Arcade Games
  • China Cabinets
  • Drawers
  • Oil Paintings & Frames
  • Wood Furniture
  • Wicker Furniture
  • Wrought Iron Furniture
  • Leather Furniture
  • Suede Furniture
  • Beds & Linens
  • Ceiling Fans

General Living

  • Stairs, Railings & Banisters
  • Trash & Recycling
  • Playrooms
  • Doors


  • Dishes
  • Glassware
  • Ranges & Hoods
  • Microwaves
  • Kitchen Sinks
  • Table Settings
  • Bakers Racks & End Tables
  • Dining Nooks
  • Stainless Steel


  • Wash Laundry
  • Fold Laundry
  • Ironing

How to clean is a question all house cleaners ask. Is there a “best” way to clean? A most efficient way to clean? What chemicals can you use on which type of surface? We cover all that and more.

How to Clean Bathrooms

SCHT309 Mirrors Glass, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner  

Mirrors & Glass

Mirrors need to be treated with care. Especially mirrors with decals, motivations, and those with kids pictures taped to them. Mirrors that are fading due to age need special attention. We learn in this lesson how to clean any type of mirror, in any condition and never leave a streak.

SCHT310 Bathtubs Showers, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Bathtubs & Showers

Modern houses have four, five, six bathrooms. And with such a wide variety of showers and bathtubs, being able to identify the coatings on each surface and the chemicals needed to clean them should not be left to chance.

SCHT323 Bathroom Vanities, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Bathroom Vanities

The bathroom vanity is cluttered with hairspray, toothbrushes, lotion, makeup, a vanity mirror, jewelry, liquid soap, razors, shaving cream, hair ties, clips and a bunch of other “used daily” items. Having a system for cleaning it all can streamline your process and make your job easy.

SCHT348 Toilets, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner



Most homes have 3 to 5 toilets. Which means you probably will be cleaning 12 to15 toilets every day. Here is a proven system to clean a toilet in the most sanitary, most effective and most efficient way.


How to Clean Extras (Special Upsell & Cross-Sell Projects, Not Part of Routine Cleaning)

SCHT322 Cupboards, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner  

Cupboards & Cabinets 

A client asks you if you can organize their kitchen cupboards – it will only take an hour. Before you agree to the short project or underbid the project, here are a few things to consider.

SCHT327 Defrosting Freezers, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Refrigerators & Defrosting Freezers

Cleaning refrigerators and defrosting freezers are a great upsell during slow times. Everybody needs them cleaned occasionally. Learn the best methods for cleaning and organizing refrigerators. Old freezers and food storage freezers (often found in garages) can take hours to defrost.  Learn these simple tips for turning the job into a breeze.  

SCHT328 Self Cleaning Ovens, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Self Cleaning Ovens

Do you clean self-cleaning ovens the easy way, the hard way or not at all? Wait! Before you answer the question, a couple of things you need to know about ovens overheating, chemical poisoning and ventilation.

SCHT324 Garages, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner



If you are hired to clean a garage, organize tools and sweep cobwebs away – you can with confidence after this lesson.



SCHT319 Closets, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner



Yanking everything out in one great big pile it tempting, but also overwhelming. Here is the quickest way to find a place for everything and put it all back without all the stress.

SCHT320 Attics, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner



I hope you never have to clean an attic except your own, but if you do, you’ll be dealing with heirlooms, weathered books, old records and maybe a few dead mice. Here’s what you need to know to be efficient, safe and respectful.

SCHT354 Windows, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner



It’s just glass isn’t it? Yes, and having a system to clean the glass, the window ledges, the frames and the screens will expedite the cleaning process. Here are our best time-saving tips.

SCHT340 Window Screens, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Window Screens

A dirty screen can make a clean window look murky. Weekly and deep cleaning methods for cleaning window screens.

SCHT341 Indoor House Plants, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Indoor House Plants

You cleaned the house and it sparkles. but the cleanliness is overshadowed by a few dying house plants. Here are a couple of secrets to revitalize your client’s house plants so the entire house looks healthy, happy and fantastically alive.

SCHT325 Nail Polish Spills, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Nail Polish Spills

Oops, nail polish spilled and your clients expect you know how to clean it up. Good news, you do. Yay. That’s why they hired you. You’re on your A game.


Coffee Stains

SCHT342 Paint Spills, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Paint Spills

Floor, furniture, and glass all look cleaner when there are no paint drips or splatters. here are some simple solutions for removing them.

SCHT306 Carpet Stains, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


 Carpet Stains

Is it your job to clean stains out of the carpets of your client’s homes? You get to decide. If you decide that yes, you will, here’s how to do it without damaging or discoloring their rugs.

SCHT350 Crayon Marks, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Crayon Marks

Usually, crayon marks from walls, stairs, wood furniture, flooring, stone fireplaces, patios, car seats and plastic furniture won’t be in your job description. But if it is, here is the quickest and easiest way to do it.


SCHT355 Gum Removal, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Gum Removal

How to Clean Floors

SCHT307 Hardwood Floors, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner  

Hardwood Floors

How many ways can you clean a hardwood floor? Trick question – and the answer lies in how many different types of hardwood floors there are, the coating on them, and the chemicals that you can and cannot use.  Here is what you need to know.

SCHT316 Tile Vinyl Flooring, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner  

Ceramic Tile & Vinyl Flooring

Should you scrub on hands and knees? Should you use a mop? A steam mop? Should you use chemicals? Will chemicals strip the vinyl? Will chemicals harm the grout in the tile? What if the grout is not sealed? All these answered in this lesson.

How to Clean Furniture

SCHT304 Desks Hutches, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner  

Desks & Hutches

From glass to wood surfaces we’ll cover what chemicals you can use safely on a variety of finishes. How to tell when to use which.

SCHT305 Bookshelves, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner



There is more to cleaning bookshelves than the dusting. There are books. This lesson covers how to properly dust books, the shelves they are on, and when it’s necessary to use chemicals – without damaging the books.

SCHT311 Computer TV Screens, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Computer & TV Screens

With all the new fangled equipment out today – knowing how to properly clean glass, anti-glare, curved and 4K TV screens are a must. This lesson covers TV and computer screens as well as laptop, notebook, tablet, cell phone and gaming devices.

SCHT308 Lamps Shades Chandeliers, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Lamps, Shades & Chandeliers

What do beads, glass gems, paper, paper mache, plastic, cloth, resin, fiberglass, stained glass, blown glass, wrought iron, tin, brass, copper, lace and string all have in common? Lamp shades and chandeliers are made of those things. And you need to know how to clean them.

SCHT335 Oil Paintings Frames, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Oil Paintings & Frames

Improper cleaning can ruin an oil painting. Here are some key things you need to know before you take any chemical or duster to your client’s fine art.

SCHT345 Ceiling Fans, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Ceiling Fans

How often should you clean a ceiling fan and what is the best way to clean one? All your questions about ceiling fans, tools, brushes, and frequency answered here.

SCHT317 China Cabinets, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


China Cabinets

When you are in a hurry and time is of the essence, switching gears to clean china cabinets and their priceless heirlooms can be a daunting task. This lesson gives you a first-rate system that keeps you from breaking items and have you finish your job on time.

SCHT336 Wood Furniture, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Wood Furniture

Over time wood furniture collects grime, fingerprints, and residue from furniture polish. Now you’ll know how to clean wood furniture the right way – no mess, no fuss.

SCHT337 Wicker Furniture, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Wicker Furniture

Regular maintenance of wicker furniture can help preserve it…and make it easier to clean next time. here is what you need to know if you’ve got real wicker vs. resin.

SCHT338 Wrought Iron Furniture, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Wrought Iron Furniture

Here is the easiest way to clean wrought iron indoor or outdoor furniture. Simple solution and supplies you will need.

SCHT339 Leather Furniture, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Leather Furniture

Different types of leather call for different types of cleaning action, solutions, and tools. Learn to identify various types of leather and how to clean them.

SCHT349 Suede Furniture, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Suede Furniture


SCHT346 Beds and Linens, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Beds & Linens

Your client didn’t make their bed this morning. In fact, they left clean linens for you to change. This step-by-step process will show you the most efficient way to change the linens and make the bed to give the room an overall “cleaner” look and create an inviting space.

SCHT321 Drawers, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner



We all have drawers that need a little organization. But when a client pays you to organize their drawers, you need to know exactly what to do without wasting time.

SCHT312 Weight Gym Equipment, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Home Gym Equipment

Not everybody has a weight room but lots of people have pieces of weight and gym equipment in their homes. This lesson covers the most common pieces you will find and how to clean them properly.

SCHT313 Pool Tables Arcade Games, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Pool Tables & Arcade Games

Pool tables have particular types of cloth, and cleaning it is part of your house cleaning job. Learn the various surfaces for pool tables and arcade games so you can ace the cleaning game without damaging expensive equipment.

General Living Cleaning

SCHT302 Stairs Railings, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner  

Stairs, Railings & Banisters

What? There are right and wrong ways to clean stairs and railings? Yes. This lesson will teach you the right way so you do not waste time doing it the wrong way. Because time is money when it comes to house cleaning. 

SCHT303 Trash Recycling, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Trash & Recycling

Do you know that you need a different type of insurance if you carry people’s trash off the premise rather than tossing it in their own garbage cans? We cover in this lesson everything you need to know about sorting trash, recycling, and disposal that will keep you legal, for the lowest price.

SCHT318 Playroom, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Bonus Rooms & Playrooms

It all looks like junk, and they are not your kids so you don’t know which games and toys are getting used, and which ones they have outgrown. We will show you how to organize and tidy a playroom or bonus room so quick decisions can be made from the Mom or Dad.

SCHT353 Doors, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner



The average house has 20 interior doors. Bathroom doors, bedroom doors, closet doors, pantry doors and of course the doors to the back porch, the front porch, and the garage.  Here’s a quick way to stay on top of those fancy ridges and keep your doors dust, smudge and fingerprint free.

How to Clean a Kitchen

SCHT301 Dishes, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner  


Do you know the difference between daily and weekly chores? Do your clients? Here is a conversation that you must have with your client on your initial walkthrough about expectations. If you both decide that doing dishes is part of your job here is how to get the job done efficiently.



SCHT326 Glassware, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner



You’ve been charged with the task of cleaning the glassware in the china cabinet, here is how to do it in the most efficient way without breakage.

SCHT331 Kitchen Sinks, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Kitchen Sinks


SCHT330 Microwaves, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner



Are you missing this one part of the microwave when you clean? Not only will you learn what you’re missing, but you’ll learn how to minimize disastrous cleanups.

SCHT315 Stainless Steel, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Stainless Steel

$2,500 is an average price for a stainless steel refrigerator at your big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes. This is important for you to know if you have to replace one. But please don’t put yourself in a situation where you have to. Just learn what chemicals and sponges can and cannot be used on stainless steel.

SCHT329 Ranges Hoods, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Ranges & Hoods

Have you seen the greasy gunk that settles up on the fans, the hood and the range over a stove? Know how to clean it off? This lesson will show you how everything you need to know.

SCHT351 Bakers Rack and End Tables, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Bakers Racks & End Tables

The bakers rack is a kitchen showcase. Lots of clients store gifts, dishes, trinkets, wine, wine glasses, plants and cookbooks on them. Cleaning this doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Here are the quickest methods to make your bakers racks and end tables work for you, not against you.

SCHT352 Dining Nook, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Dining Nooks

Everybody is sitting around the dinner table enjoying the dinner. And because they spend so much time there, they notice things that are easy for house cleaners to miss. Here is the dining nook from the family’s point of view. Don’t be caught off guard.

SCHT347 Table Settings, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Table Settings

Get Paid to Do Laundry


 SCHT334 Wash Laundry, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner  

Wash Laundry

Love it or hate it everyone has to do laundry. Some clients will hate it so much they will pay you to do it for them. Learn how to sort, prepare and wask the clothes. Know wich settings to use on the machine, and how to ace the job without ruining the fabrics.

 SCHT343 Fold Laundry, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner


Fold Laundry

Folding clothes to fit in a particular size drawer or shelf can be a challenge. Here are some quick tips for creating a winning display that encourages on-going organization from your clients.

 SCHT344 Ironing, How to Clean, Savvy Cleaner




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